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The Google Search History of South Park Citizens

Posting this on a Friday night because I can’t decide if it’s funny or really stupid.

What do people in South Park search for on Google?

(eta: if anyone else has Google search ideas for the SP characters, please join in)

Eric Cartman

how to unfatten your ass
wrap yourself in garbage bags overnight weight loss
liposuction how much it costs
breast reduction
male breast reduction price
how to fake like you have breast cancer
insurance scams breast cancer male
voodoo for weight loss

justin timberlake nudes
justin timberlake divorce
justin timberlake gay
justin timberlake body pillow

chipotle anal bleeding
is chipotle from the devil
satanic magic chipotle
chipotle addictive secret additives
traces of crack in chipotle burritos
satan owns chipotle
chipotle coupons free

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