anti ad

new word: не

definition: You must remember that anti-marijuana ad where the reaper dancing to it that it was strong enough to get rid of this force.

when will people realize that just because a character looking or acting sexual is justified in canon doesn’t mean that that justification isn’t bullshit. like it or not, characters don’t have agency. writers determine what they do, how they act, who they are, and, unfortunately, a lot of the time those writers are straight white guys. just because there’s an explanation in canonical material for why widowmaker wears a skin-tight suit in overwatch, or why cortana is basically naked in halo, or why the asari in mass effect are the textbook definition of blue skinned, big-breasted all-female alien beauties, (to say nothing of the fact that the way that they reproduce, as far as i can tell, has jack shit to do with needing breasts), doesn’t mean that that explanation wasn’t created by dudebros who wanted to appeal to the straight male audience.

I would like to point out that sheith shippers (or anyone who ships him with any of the paladins tbh) might still call Shiro ‘Space Dad’ but he’s not their literal fucking dad and that the paladins are actually not children. He is the ‘dad friend’. The friend who makes sure everyone else is safe and mediates and protects and makes bad jokes and does other dad-type things. In my group of friends we have a ‘mom friend’ who is literally the same age as us. Space Dad does not mean literal dad, it doesn’t mean he’s their father or their father figure. He’s the dad friend. It’s an actual thing.

I just remembered when an anti added ‘Johnlock will never happen. John and Mary are happily married. Get over it’ on one of my posts. lmao see you in January Susan 💅


Canadian judge rules anti-abortion group’s ads risk “psychological harm” to women

  • A Canadian judge has ruled that an anti-abortion group cannot run its advertisements on the sides of city buses.
  • The judge cited the ads’ graphic imagery and message as a risk of doing psychological damage to women, the Canadian Press reported.
  • The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform originally proposed an ad that depicted a gestating fetus with the words “Growing… Growing… Gone,” to run in the Alberta city of Grande Prairie.
  • “Abortion kills children,” the ad read. “End the killing.” Read more