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Seemingly, particular actions in themselves do not constitute terrorism, since far more violent and destructive actions conducted by states are not characterized as such. But even keeping to non-state actors, many violent actions, including pre-meditated murder of humans undertaken by anti-abortionists, neo-Nazis, sovereign citizens and white supremacists, are regularly not classified as terrorism, even though they clearly match common definitions. The Department of Homeland Security’s National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START 2012) lists 145 cases of politically motivated killings (some involving large numbers of victims, such as the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing by white supremacists) by US rightwing groups from 1990 to 2010 but does not categorize these as terrorism.
In striking contrast, the FBI repeatedly termed the ALF and ELF terrorists, although they have killed no one and follow guidelines against causing harm. While rightwing groups constitute greater danger, using murderous attacks to create terror, intimidate and send political messages, animal and environmental groups are considered more serious threats to the state and to corporations it serves. They threaten capitalism’s basic values, insisting that the natural world is not simply a resource to be exploited.

Can I just say the cuts to NHS funding is literally killing thousands of people.. And it’s all so unnecessary, I hate the tories so much, they are systemically wiping out disabled and working class people from the face of the UK.

The sooner they get out of government, the better. I know this isn’t a spoonie witch post but please acknowledge this post cos people in the UK are dying in droves cos of this government and the main media won’t report it cos they’re funded by the government?!

It’s all madness, food banks in the UK have been inundated because children are off from school and millions of parents literally can’t afford to feed them. There’s a story of one woman who’d lived off of sugar water for over a week so she could feed her kids. She was so weak she could hardly stand when she reached the food bank.

The NHS is one big event away from complete collapse because it’s is so underfunded and understaffed. No one in the world has such a complete social health care system as ours, yet the amount of gdp spent on the NHS is no where near as high as other countries.

There are over a 1000 empty homes in the Chelsea and Kensington area owned by property moguls and multimillionaires, yet the victims of the Grenfell tower fire are still in cheap hotels, hostels and B&Bs. It’s not fucking good enough. All the while, the government are still covering up the true extent of the fire and the amount of victims.

And Theresa may is sitting on her throne with no majority mandate to govern, with the homophobic, anti-abortionist, creationist DUP to agree to whatever fucking inhuman policy she wants to put through next.

Honestly, it’s like living in an autocratic dictatorship disguised as a western democracy.

“How would you have liked to be aborted?”

I’ve had anti-abortionists ask me this question as though it’s some ace in the hole, and honestly it’s one of the asinine fucking questions ever. Like, how would I have liked it if I had never existed? How would I have liked it if my mom and dad had never met? How would I have liked it if they hadn’t practiced birth control for four years after marriage before having me, in which case they’d probably have had two children ahead of me and decided to stop? How would I like it if my mother hadn’t had a miscarriage ahead of me, in which case I probably wouldn’t have been born? How would I have liked it if another sperm had fertilized my mother’s egg at what would have been my moment of conception? How would I have liked it if a different egg had come down the tube? Or if my parents hadn’t had sex?

I was only born due to a huge number of coincidences. That doesn’t mean that every event that created me is a moral right, or indeed that my existence is a moral right. Look, I have a good life and I’m glad to have been born, but that doesn’t mean that my existence is some ultimate good and that everything that caused me to exist is a moral obligation on anyone else. People are not obligated to enter into heterosexual relationships and have unprotected sex every time ovulation happens so that a hypothetical person can exist. And even when that series of possibilities becomes fixed into one combination of genes, no one is obligated to let someone else use their body without consent.

In fact I get actively angry at the implication that my mother should have been obligated to carry me to term even if she didn’t want me. Like, hello? I love and revere my mom, almost a decade after her passing from cancer. Why do you think I would have wanted her to be coerced into carrying an unwanted pregnancy? Maybe you’re arrogant enough to think you have a right to an unwilling person’s body, but I’m not. Don’t place me on your level of smug entitlement and misogyny, because I’m better than that and so was my mom. Who, by the way, was pro-choice so fuck off.

Lads can you believe that theresa mays forming a coalition with terrorist sympathising anti abortionist homophobes? i can. because she’s a goblin. an absolute shower of shite lads. shes absolute dredders and i wish nothing but bad things for her.

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how can u be so ignorant to hate on women and not want them to be able to do what they want w their bodies. anti abortionists are so unbelievably hateful and the worst part is they don't notice it. ALSO, you must be living under a rock to support police, they kill innocent people everyday. but it makes sense that you don't care if it doesnt affect you. You're a very corrupt and selfish person, i hope you work on that soon, we don't need more people like you.

Congrats you took everything I said out of context!!!! I am not anti-abortion omg I just think you should pay for it on your own ok. Next, SUPPORT POLICE? Police are for the betterment of our communities but I’m not erasing the poor decisions some individuals have made. Take this statistic with you last year 15,696 people were murdered by other civilians… Police killings last year was around 960… what do you think the bigger problem is?


I have come to the conclusion that either you all believe that fetuses are human beings and you are all just sitting at home apathetic to the infanticide, or you don’t actually believe it and your entire argument is really about controlling what women can do with their bodies. I don’t know which is worse, you are all either apathetic assholes or hypocritical. Personally, I think its the later but a strong case could be made for both. 


She could have been a doctor

She could have been a teacher

She could have been the world’s best lawyer

She could have been a star on the silver screen

She could have been anything she wanted

Hold up……

Are you on the same page as me?

If you are thinking about an aborted zygote, let me stop you right there.

I am talking about women.

I am talking about the woman

Who had to drop out of school 

Forced to be a mother before she is ready

While her (now ex) boyfriend continues on

Bar hopping to find the next hot hookup.

I am talking about the woman

Who will no longer be able to study to her fullest

Because she is being forced to keep a responsibility

That she cannot afford.

I am talking about the woman

Who has to carry her rapist’s burden

For nine long months, or else she faces jail.

I am talking about the woman

Who has to hold a child she brought in

Staring into the spitting image of the baby’s father,

The man who raped her on that dark night.

I am talking about the woman 

Who has to face slut shaming

Being called a whore

Having to throw her whole life down the drain

For something she did not plan for.

Damn right I’m pro-choice.

I will stand until my last breath for my sisters

So they have the right to choose what THEY feel right

For their life

For their wellbeing

For their own BODY.

You may claim to be “pro-life”


Do you care about the life of a woman who has to carry on a pregnancy?

Do you care about the life of a child who has been brought into an unhealthy environment?

Do you care about the life of the baby AFTER it is born?

I see anti-abortionists yell at the top of their lungs about murder,

Yet when there are children in orphanages, or in foster homes,

Being pushed from here to there,

They are silent.

Life does not end at birth. It begins.

That hypocricy shows they are not only anti-choice, but in essence anti-life.

It is a woman’s right to choose.

Politics has no place in the uteri of the nations.

Pro-life guys get a hard time, but there are good reasons to be pro-life. For example, you might fear women or hate women or be dumb as a rock. The thing about anti-abortionists is that they’re generally a fairly compelling argument for abortion.
—  Frankie Boyle, “Scotland’s Jesus”

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I'm sorry but I don't know what the hanger symbol means. Could you please explain it?

Ask referring to the above picture, from this post.

The coathanger image refers to a method of abortion. It’s commonly colloquially called a ‘coathanger abortion’, and I think you can probably guess how it works. It’s an incredibly dangerous procedure that has been frequently used throughout history to terminate pregnancies when access to medical abortions is restricted or unavailable.

The image is a plea for abortion legislation to allow safe abortions so that women can safely end a pregnancy without having to resort to such awful methods, because these types of coathanger abortions are prevalent mostly in countries where abortion is either illegal or restricted. When a woman becomes pregnant and doesn’t want or can’t keep the baby, that desperation can drive them to dangerous measures.

Put it this way. My grandmother was a midwife / nurse from the 1940s right through to the 1980s. Abortion was legalised in medical circumstances in the UK in 1967. Throughout her career up to this point, she saw a number of women undergo abortions, despite them being illegal at the time. Methods she saw women attempt included sitting in baths of almost boiling water, taking small doses of poison, throwing themselves down flights of stairs, and paying backstreet doctors to use knitting needles or coathangers to perform rudimentary surgical procedures, usually in their living rooms without anaesthetic. She saw dozens and dozens of cases like this, because there was no legal or safe way for a woman to terminate her pregnancy, and they saw no other option but to risk their own health - and often their life - to try and do it themselves. It’s worth noting that my grandmother worked in a very poor area, where many women didn’t have access to contraception - the pill wasn’t widely available until the 1960s - and couldn’t afford to support another child.

After the Abortion Act was passed in 1967, legalising abortion on medical grounds (including the mental health of the mother, meaning that if doctors determined the woman was likely to suffer psychologically from having the child, she would be permitted an abortion), the number of cases of illegal abortions dropped substantially. Of course, my grandmother still had to treat women who’d undergone illegal and dangerous abortions; abortions were still very controversial and not easily accessible if you didn’t have medical grounds.

She told me that, in her belief, the total number of actual abortions didn’t actually increase after abortion became legal. What did increase was the number of safe, legal abortions that didn’t pose a health risk to the mother. The number stayed relatively stable; what swayed was the ratio of dangerous abortions to safe ones.

This is why I have no empathy for pro-life campaigners who protest with the intention to ban abortion. We have irrefutable evidence throughout history that banning abortion doesn’t work. Banning abortions doesn’t eradicate them; it just makes them illegal, and forces pregnant women who want to end their pregnancy to seek alternative and often dangerous methods to do so.

Looking back through history, there’s an obvious difference between the brutality of abortion procedures available in areas and periods where abortion was legal or illegal. For example, abortion was acceptable in Ancient Greece. Philosophers and scientists theorised that, as the foetus grew inside the mother and depended on her, it was more like a plant than a human. Accordingly, they allowed abortion up to between 40 and 90 days, depending on which historical record you read. Doctors researched safe ways of inducing abortion, leading to several medically approved methods, most of which were still relatively unsafe but did not immediately jeopardise the life of the mother. The methods they used ranged from orally ingesting a herbal mixture of rue and dill, prescribed by a doctor, to fasting. However, abortion was illegal in Assyrian law (unless ordered by the husband) - subsequently, no safe methods were ever sought, and methods of abortion generally included bloodletting, burning the abdomen with boiling water or heated materials, and partaking in extremely strenuous labour. 

When an anti-abortionist protests against the legality of abortion, they are not protesting in order to stop abortion itself. They are protesting against the availability of safe abortions, and that’s an entirely different thing. They’re condemning desperate women to risk their health and their lives in order to end a pregnancy that they cannot, for a number of reasons, continue. I don’t think it would be inaccurate to say that the majority of women would much prefer a medically approved abortion to a risky backstreet procedure, but I also don’t think it would be inaccurate to say that some women are so desperate to terminate their pregnancy that they feel they have no other choice but to opt for the latter.

Anti-abortionists call themselves pro-life, but what they really are is anti-choice; they don’t save lives by restricting abortions. They just end different ones.

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You know statistics show that women who abort become depressed afterwards. Even doctors who abort babies are proven to be in a unstable mental condition. You know aborting babies isn't something someone can really feel passionate about, it can't be someone's 'dream job'. Do these words and statistics mean anything to you? Or do you wish to continue to bathe in your pool of ignorance?

I know the anti-abortion crowd have a bunch of distorted or misinterpreted studies for the basis of their fake statistics, something that finds no support under rigorous scientific methodology. From the linked APA page:

The best scientific evidence published indicates that among adult [AFAB people] who have an unplanned pregnancy the relative risk of mental health problems is no greater if they have a single elective first-trimester abortion than if they deliver that pregnancy. The evidence regarding the relative mental health risks associated with multiple abortions is more equivocal. Positive associations observed between multiple abortions and poorer mental health may be linked to co-occurring risks that predispose [an AFAB person] to both multiple unwanted pregnancies and mental health problems.

Also I’m seriously going to need a source for abortion providers being mentally unstable, because I looked and couldn’t find anything of the sort. If true, though, could it have anything to do with the relentless harassment and threats they face from anti-abortion assholes, hmm?

Providing necessary and, in some parts of the world, stigmatized services so that people can safely exercise their reproductive choices can’t be anyone’s dream job? Maybe not to you, anon, but as with so much else you speak for yourself and not for everyone.

And honey, the only pool of ignorance I bathe in is made of the tears of know-nothing anti-abortionists like you. Ahhh.

[Image description: Oprah relaxes in a bubble bath with a glass of champagne]


If you don’t believe in the sanctity of life or in the right to life (I mean, c'mon people, it’s in the fucking Declaration of Independence, for Chuck’s sake), I don’t want to be anywhere near you. Like I don’t even want to be on the same planet as you because that there is verging on psychopathic mass murderer talk.

On social justice warriors

These people display the same personality traits that breed fascists and religious fanatics. Under different circumstances they could just as easily have become born again christian anti-abortionists, westboro, neo-nazis or any other kind of fanatic. It has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with exclusivity and defining themselves as belonging to a group. Just look at how obsessed they are with who is and who isn’t in their little clan, who is a “real” LGTB proponent and who isn’t, the whole gayer-than-thou lingo.

These people are not against persecution, they thrive in it. It’s the perfect moral high ground from which to feed their narcissism and need to express superiority over others. Notice how they always take stances against things which are unequivocally and ubiquitously considered evil, like rape, or pedophilia. No one in their right mind is for those things, yet they never cease railing against it, because it’s so immune to attack. All they need to do to gain moral leverage is to define you as being less militant than they, and then equate that to condoning those things.

The majority of these people show disturbing signs of narcissistic personality disorder- anything said is reinterpreted as accusation and attack on them, those accusations are instantly reflected back at the accuser, they are incapable of assuming responsibility for their own actions or their situation, they see themselves as morally perfect, they constantly redefine and invent dismissive language and rhetoric to suit their agenda, and they always underline how they are being unjustly persecuted.

Sorry for the length of this, but these people really rustle my jimmies. They stifle free thought by constantly demanding censorship, promoting groupthink and a hivemind mentality, and submission to authority.

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According to the FBI, there have been 129 confirmed white Christian terrorists in the last 20 years. That includes Timothy McVae, the uni-bomber, the Atlanta Olympics bomber and dozens of family planning centers and abortion clinics. Muslims? 19. Which would make white people the most likely demographic to commit a terrorist attack. So watch your mouth before you call me a terrorist or I’ll knock your fucking teeth out

I don’t recall calling you a terrorist.

There have been 22,206 Islamist terrorist attacks in the world in the last twelve years. I get the feeling you were only talking about terrorist attacks in America for some reason, but forgot to specify that (perhaps because you are American?).

Christian anti-abortionists have killed a grand total of 8 people in America. 8. What was the death toll on 9/11? 3,000 wasn’t it?

Now, assuming I’m right and you’re only talking about America for some reason, let’s look at the statistics. Assuming your figures are accurate and complete (I’d like to see a source), this would mean that Muslims represent 13% of terrorists in the US. And yet Muslims are only 1% of the population of the US. 1% of the population representing 13% of terrorists is a huge over-representation. So you’ve shot yourself in the foot even with your own bullshit figures, because you don’t understand statistics. There are more Christians in America than Muslims. You need to look at proportions of the general population, not just raw figures.

But I don’t think your figures are accurate anyway. You claim there have only been 19 Muslim terrorists (in America) in the last twenty years. That’s impossible. There were 19 Muslim terrorists involved in September 11 alone. We then need to add all the other Muslim terrorists involved in all the other Muslim terrorist attacks in America in the last 20 years, for example:

I’m not interested in adding up how many individual Muslim terrorists were involved in all these (pro-tip: it’s more than 19), you can do that yourself if you want. While you’re at it, add up your Muslim tears.

“If you’re so pro-life, why aren’t you talking about the homeless people that are killed all the year? Or the death count of abused trans people” Or victims of police brutality? Why are you only talking about abortion? You’re not pro-life at all, you’re pro-fetus.“

Life is life. That’s one of the main cries of the anti-abortion community. And because life is life, that means that pro-life people are against unnecessary homeless and trans deaths, as well as deaths caused by police brutality. Don’t assume that an anti-abortionist doesn’t care about other cruel deaths. People aren’t pro-life because they’re against abortion, they’re against abortion because they are pro-life.

This is kinda late to the subject but like, I don’t understand how an anti-abortionists (aka pro-life people) can justify shooting up an abortion clinic??? Like, if pro-life people think those fetuses count as life that shouldn’t be killed, do the people inside (doctors, nurses, patients, children) not count? This confuses the hell out of me!