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少女革命ウテナ画集 The hard core of UTENA, 2013
Revolutionary Girl Utena: headcanon orientations
This is a short survey to see what Revolutionary Girl Utena's fans think of the characters' orientations. I know there have been some big disputes about what's canon, but in this, I just ask for your own headcanons — what do YOU think are their sexualities?

Hi! I’ve put together a short survey to see what Revolutionary Girl Utena’s fans think of the characters’ orientations. I’d really appreciate it if RGU fans took and reblogged the survey — it’s spoiler-free! Thanks so much!


You remind me so much of myself from the past. I also used to think that perseveration had some credits, that it was the best way to change the world… but with that alone you cannot accomplish anything. Without power, you’re doomed to become dependent on others, that’s the way the world works.

Akio Ohtori

You stand here before me because of the illusion you’ve created! That’s what allows you to enter the dueling arena! Am I wrong? In the end, you and I are the same.

Mikage Souji

You remind me so much of Dios when I loved him. But you can never be my prince, because you’re a girl.

Anthy Himemiya.


I just finished Revolutionary Girl Utena (the anime, anyway) and I’m not sure if anyone else has brought this up. Likely there’s plot holes.

So pretty much since the start of the series, it’s been said that whomever is engaged to the Rose Bride is the one who will bring the world revolution.

Also since the beginning of the series, we’ve known that the way to gain the Rose Bride is to duel the current engaged of the Bride. The duel only ends if someone loses their rose.

Now, in the final duel between Utena and Akio, Anthy tries to prevent Utena from dueling. She could have easily just torn Utena’s rose from her shirt, but instead she stabs her in the back.

After this, no one goes and takes the rose from her. This should have been easy to do, given how she’s just lying there in pain. Instead, Anthy goes to being impaled by the Swords of Hate and Akio to attempting to open the Rose Gate.

Because she didn’t lose her rose, Utena was still the one engaged to the Rose Bride. She may not have won the duel yet because Akio still had his own rose, but she was still the one with the ability to revolutionize the world.

Akio, by writing the rules that way and promptly forgetting them, made it so he couldn’t achieve what he wanted.

In addition, the fact that we didn’t get to see who won the duel (we didn’t see who lost their rose first) likely helps to symbolize Anthy breaking free: no longer is she objectified as a trophy to be won and passed around.