There is just one twitter desktop app that I like to use and it’s called MetroTwit (the Win7 version, not the 8). Unfortunately it doesn’t work in Linux (but for that OS there’s Turpial - not perfect, but a neat app), but hey - nothing is perfect, right?

Besides being light and sleek, MetroTwit lets me customize the hell of it. Among other features, I can have as many “tabs” as I want (though since my screen is small and I don’t like to scroll to the sides I only use  4), that can be anything, from Mentions, DMs, Timeline, to lists, search results, hashtags, an account, etc… On top of it all we’ve got these geeky details like the ones I’ve printscreened. These messages appear while MetroTwit is fetching results. They’re so funny (and there’s more than those, two, btw) I giggle every time, like a kid.

Note: I am NOT affiliated with MetroTwit or any of its partners in any way. And no one has paid me anything to make this post. I wrote it because I spent days trying pretty much every desktop twitter app I could find and this is the only one that suited me. Since it made and makes me so happy I decided to share the info with you here. If you’re unhappy with the one you’re currently using, give this one a try. Let me know how it went for ya afterwards, mkay? ^-^