Face Reading (Physiognomy): Smiles and Teeth

The art of determining character or personal qualities from the features or form of the body, especially the face. 


  • A. Natural Smile (lips relaxed, full smile, teeth, but no gums showing): You are comfortable with your sensuality, neither flaunting nor hiding it. You also feel comfortable with your own sexuality.
  • B. Gums Showing (gums show in a full smile): This indicates that you believe you are desirable for what you can give and do. You may be inappropriate in how much you give, finding it difficult to accept that you are lovable for just being yourself. You try to earn love through what you give and do for others. You may be one of those people who wants to give everyone a Christmas present whether you receive one in return or not. 
  • C. Stretched Tight Smile (upper lip tight across teeth): This “overly sincere” smile is a mask that hides the owner’s true agenda with an attempt to communicate an unfelt sincerity or caring. It is a deception flashed to make an impression.
  • D. Pursed/Kissy Lips (lips are naturally close together when smiling): You are communicating that you want to maintain your distance. Your smile says, “I’m being polite, don’t rush me. It takes time to get to know me, but don’t stop trying”
  • E. Crooked Smile (one side higher than the other): You have a practiced performance smile that is designed to make a good impression but doesn’t reflect your true feelings. You may just be “smiling for the camera.”
  • F. Even Teeth (all teeth are same length): You have a logical approach and learn life’s lessons quickly. You make decisions with poise and self-confidence. (America’s obsession with straight teeth pays off)
  • G. Gap Between Front Teeth (space b/t teeth): You are willing to take risks even when you are not sure of the outcome. In fact, given a choice between playing it safe or going for it, you will choose to go for it. The larger the gap, the stronger the trait. Your friends may see you as something of a daredevil because you make intuitive decisions in the moment and don’t hide from danger. (Well, this explains my adventurous teacher who is almost always in a cast.)
  • H. Big Front Teeth (much larger than other teeth): Once you finally make your mind, that’s it! You can be stubborn as a mule and someone has to show you that you are wrong before you will change your mind. You have the ability to hang on to your position when faced with opposition.
  • Small Even Teeth (no image): Simply indicates a quick learner, -or- a person who may shy away from leadership positions.
  • I. Crooked Teeth (especially bottom teeth): You see both sides of every issue. While you might be good at debate, you hate to be wrong, so you will often double check your facts before proceeding. Your challenge is that you hold yourself to impossibly high standards, weighing every decision. (I know a family who’s four kids are all involved in Speech and Debate… and their bottom teeth are very crooked)
  • J. Buck Teeth (front teeth protrude/stick out): You have had to overcome the shyness you felt as a child when you would lean over backwards to please and try to get along with others. Your challenge is that you have had to struggle to become more outgoing. 

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Some Types of Divination

DIVINATION - The practice or ability of telling the future, past, or present of One’s life by using various natural or psychological techniques

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  • AMNIOMANY: Divination by using a Cauldron 
  • ANTHROPOSCOPY: Divination by reading Facial Features 
  • ARITHMANCY: Divination by reading Numbers 
  • ASTROLOGY: Divination by interpreting the Plants and Stars 
  • BOTANOMANCY: Divination by studying Herbs 
  • CAPNOMANCY: Divination by interpreting Smoke 
  • CARTOMANCY: Divination by reading Cards 
  • CATOPTROMANCY: Divination by gazing into a Mirror 
  • CHIROMANCY: Divination by reading Hands 
  • DOWSING: Divination by using Forked Stick or Wires 
  • GENETHLIALOGY: Divination by interpreting the placements of the Stars at One’s Birth 
  • GEOMANCY: Divination by intrepreting dots on Dirt Particles, or Marks on the Earth 
  • HALOMANCY: Divination by using Salt 
  • HOROSCOPY: Divination by interpreting One’s Horoscope 
  • HYDROMANCY: Divination by using Water 
  • LAMPADOMANCY: Divination by interpreting a Candle’s Flame 
  • LITHOMANCY: Divination by interpreting Stones 
  • NUMEROLOGY: Divination by interpreting Names and Numbers 
  • ONEIROMANCY: Divination by interpreting Dreams 
  • ONOMANCY: Divination by using the Letters of One’s Name 
  • PALMISTRY: Divination by interpreting the Lines and Aspects of One’s Hand(s) 
  • PESSOMANCY: Divination by interpreting Pebbles 
  • PHYSIOGNOMY: Divination by interpreting One’s Face 
  • PYROMANCY: Divination by using Fire 
  • RHABDOMANCY: Divination using a Divining Rod or Wand 
  • SCRYING: Divination by using a Crystal Ball 
  • THEOMANCY: Divination by using Oracles

I hope this helped in some way! I will put another guide up about Divination a little later! :D

Let me know if there are other things that you’d like me to post “Little Witchy Guides” on.

Brightest Blessings my Witchy Darlings! )0(

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noun | an·thro·pos·co·py
divination through the observation of facial features

The first time he met her, she had this look on her face.

Brows drawn down in confusion, and lips tucked at one side in uncertainty, and eyes fixed on him in curiosity and nose wrinkled just a little in what he’d later, one day, brand her ‘thinking face’. And there was something else too, in the lines of all her features or maybe the negative spaces in between them, a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

She’d stared at him because he was a face she recognised, twisted just a little out of joint. She’d stared at him because there was a scar where no scar ought to be, an earcuff where none was expected. Because it was a t-shirt instead of a tie. Because she could see the tattoos on his arms and his smile was a little more free and because he took out his shots mid-conversation and stuck himself, old habit that he doesn’t even think about much these days.

He’d stared because there was something written in that face, in the clever eyes and the long line of nose, the curve of jaw and the full sweep of lips, and he was sure he could almost read it.

The first time he met her, he saw this future:

                                    A smile, and a question to which the answer is yes.