Happy comicbooks Wednesday! I share with you a little proyect I have with my pal @danieruhuli, the anthropomorphization of our favorites comics publishing houses (and seals)! Hope you like it, and please make me know if you want us to design another one of your liking!

A beautiful intimate scene, under the shower, commissioned by Gators97.
Observing the way Iji designed Judy and Nick intertwined helped me a lot to reinforce the sensual aspect of this drawing. I take this opportunity to pay tribute to the master:
The other particular point was to find a way to show the wet effect on the coat of Judy and Nick. But finally, after several unsuccessful attempts, I found an effective strategy, which I will certainly reuse in the future.

For people who are not afraid to see more erotic illustrations, I also drew an explicit version of this drawing (nothing pornographic, but NSFW nevertheless). Here is a link for those who would like to see her:

Have a nice day

Zieg ’

And this is the art i was talking about in my recent profile’s note !
I can’t help but smile when i watch this… I’m metling when i imagine Nick and Judy having their own kits…
I know, i’m weak… But i need this, trust me !

I hope you will like it :)

Have a nice day,


A commission drawn for @blackwing2230 as an illustration for his upcoming fanfiction :)

Judy have something very important to announce to Nick on this date… I think you all can imagine what it can be. 

I was so happy to have the opportunity to draw such an important and sweet moment between those two. So thank you, @blackwing2230 . It was a real pleasure working with you !

Have a nice day,


A commission drawn for the amazing colorist Otakurec37 who did me the honor to ask for a colorized version of one of his ideas, a crossover between Zootopia and The Beauty and the Beast.
He send me really specific references to illustrate what he had in mind, so he linked me thoses pictures :

And i’m really happy with the final result. I find the piece soft and cute. Well, i still have a lot of work to do on colorisation because I’m sure I can do much better. But I applied myself to the maximum.

I felt a little better today, and so I could start catching up my delay on commissions. I still have a lot of work, but I do it with great pleasure.

Have a nice day,


Hello everybody !
This little art was commissioned by the incredible Drummermax64 who asked me to draw Nick and Judy as children (the fox in his scout ranger uniform, the bunny in her bunny cop disguise) walking paw in paw in the meadows…
I find the idea pretty cute, and stat wondering what could have happened if those two have met as children… Yeah, i ship them even at child’s age. I’m incorrigible.

Have a great day