Let no one tell you that your jack-o’-lantern must be elaborate in order to be awesome. The teeny-tiny face carved on this pumpkin by Redditor LisaShuBop demonstrates just how awesome a minimally carved pumpkin can be. Even the pumpkin itself is happy about its new look!

[via Geekologie]

Okay, before you ask, yes, I drew Jack as a weasel. Why? Well, back on Instagram, I wanted to draw the YouTubers as animals and I asked for some suggestions. One of the comments said that Jack should be a weasel :0

Then, when @wiishu made a text post saying something like “If Jack was a weasel, I would definitely be a lynx.” Which in all honesty, got me inspired to draw out the concept a bit more.
But, considering that Jack is more like a squirrel as @luximus claimed once, I guess I’ll do my own concept of him as a squirrel next time.

Aaand, I’ll tell you this, this was drawn waaaay back in December of last year.

Hope you like it!

Instagram: lexie_starbeam

Deviantart: Lexie-Starbeam