anthropologists are alcoholics

Calling all Anthro Foxes!

So, I started collecting ideas for an anthropology/archaeology drinking game to play while watching horrible old video ethnographies. I have a good list so far, but I think it can be, like, 60000% better.

Now, disclaimer, I don’t suggest actually playing this for real, because your liver might cut its way out of your body and jump ship. But you could pick and choose a few to go with whatever stuffy 1980s ethnography you have to watch for class with your lab partners. Or make it a party with your university’s Anthropology Society (OBEY DRINKING AGE LAWS IN YOUR COUNTRY PLEASE).

Or, you know, if you’re pathetic like me you can just do it alone in your room, while silently crying about the looming debt, narrow job prospects, and exorbitantly expensive field schools that are all in your future.

Okay, back on track. Here’s the list so far:

Take one sip:

  • every time you see an archaeologist/anthropologist with a beard
  • every time you hear a new accent
  • every time an archaeologist/anthropologist wears really inappropriate clothing for the weather/country/life in general (bad fashion choices count too)
  • every time alcohol/drinking/pubs/bars is/are mentioned
  • every time someone either makes up a word, or uses a word that is absurdly specific to their particular project
  • every time a white anthropologist/archaeologists attempts to say a word in a different language and butchers it
  • every time you feel skeptical of a translation of something an indigenous person said
  • every time someone discusses Lewis Binford picking a fight with another anthropologist
  • *NEW* every time someone calls Franz Boas the “Father of American Anthropology”

Take one shot:

  • every time someone says “primitive” or uses similarly ethnocentric language
  • every time an indigenous person or local guide/helper makes an awesomely snarky comment about white people/white anthropologists/white archaeologists
  • every time an indigenous group is described as “unchanging”, “proud”, having a “simple way of life”, or something else equally as insulting and incorrect.
  • every time someone with more letters in the acronyms AFTER their name than letters actually IN their name speaks/appears

Chug your drink:

  • every time you see White Saviour Complex rearing its ugly head

So, any more ideas?

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