anthropologie top

Quick lil haul! Glad I’m finally getting shit again cuz I’ve been in a rut. Spent like 5 min in each store cuz it was too easy to detag and conceal on floor.

Anthropologie peach floral kimono- $118
Anthropologie blue floral top- $168
Urban Outfitters burgandy dress- $80
Victoria’s Secret panties (2)- $26

Total- $392


siffweek: day two: favorite quote/interview → maggie for regardmag.
“ I’m a very casual person. So my favorite clothes are my A/G jeans, T-shirts or colorful top from Anthropologie, Free People or vintage stuff. In New York City, where I split my time, I love to wear boots and oversized sweaters. You get the idea. For special events I am a fan of Valentino and Jason Woo. ”