anthropocene man

Very inspiring and scary stuff - Johan Rockstrom talking at the WWF’s Inaugural living planet lecture as part of the new Living Planet Report, after an introduction by Sir David Attenborough. We are likely entering a new geological epoch called the Anthropocene- the first man made epoch… and it isn’t looking good. The epoch we are in now (Holocene) has lasted 10,000 years. We are about to transition into the Anthropocene epoch in just 50 years time. This is because the planet has become grossly overpopulated from 1990 onwards, and we have started to exhaust Earth’s resources as a result. The natural world has remarkable resilience but it is not enough. To save diminishing wildlife and ecosystems (and ultimately ourselves) we have no choice but to come together in a “Planetary stewardship” and introduce a carbon law. @wwf #LivingPlanetReport