I think this privilege metaphor would work a little better if Winslow wasn’t literally someone else’s property. 

May’s upset that she has to work for a new body while Winslow just asked for one, but Winslow has been working for Hannelore for years, and apparently didn’t get paid at all for it before this. 

(Is this the only instance of an AnthroPC actually being used as a computer all comic?)

Like, okay, obviously this is a generic kind of metaphor privilege that’s not supposed to stand in for anything specific, but “My rich owner bought me a consumer good that’s apparently widely affordable in exchange for years of unpaid service” is kind of an awkward metaphor. Which is a symptom of early QC having sentient characters owned and used as property by other characters, before Jeph realized the implications of this and made them “companions” that the human characters still purchase in a store for their own purposefully vague reasons. But, like,

What if Hannelore said “no” here? Is Winslow fucked? Can he leave Hannelore and get a job himself as a giant iPod to save money for his own body? Can he sue? What are the terms of his contract with Hannelore? If Hannelore drops him and he breaks, is that a crime? Did he even sign a contract or was he just given to her? If humans don’t get any real benefit from robots, why do they buy them to begin with? If you want to get into the sociopolitical life of robots in the QC universe, I think you need to give a better explanation for why they’re not slaves then “A spider said it’s okay so shut up”.