This one took me a bit I still can’t draw very fast but I’m definitely getting a little better eyes are the thing that I always screw up but I think I did a decent job with nicks eyes, I’ve also never drawn anything at that angle either so I think it turned out ok considering it was my first try I wanted a background for this but have only drawn a background once before and not very good at it still so kind just rushed and didn’t spend any time on it I just wanted to post something before I start working tomorrow because I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to draw but I’m gonna try to post at least once or twice a week with new stuff since I made it to 25 followers! Doesn’t seem like much but it is to me considering I didn’t think I would get past 10 :P and I love them all!

I am cutting my prices in HALF for you (NOT on nsfw or references, though, that stays) because I am a broke college student in need of some funds for medical and home needs. 



Here are some examples of my work:

I draw anime/cartoon characters, furries, other creatures, and sonic (though idk who has sonic characters to draw anymore, I thought I would throw that in there.)


Upon vote I am doing a guide on how to anthropamorphise a gun properly, at first this was going to be more of an angry rant but now I realize I get to educate people and tell them how to do things the correct way and I like that. Don’t expect too many swears. This will also go over some other topics about mistakes people make and will be a general education that can be applied to many things. This will not be a Diatribe about my personal preferences and their superiority to others and it is intended to serve more as a public resource for whoever. 

To understand how to make something good first I feel like we need to understand what makes something bad.  For example this picture.

why did it fail to illicit a positive emotional response from so many people? Well for that we need to talk about. 

A short summary of that this means is basically that as an object gains more and more human like features it will become more empathetic but only up too a certain point. An Empathetic response will only return once this object is indistinguishable from a human being. The uncanny valley makes us feel strongly because as an object gains overtly human qualities it is perceived as a perversion of the human form into something improper. This makes us feel as if our morality is threatened and is also the reason why body horror is an effective horror genre for so many people. 

Here the Firearm in question, the MP-40 demonstrates how the Uncanny valley comes about.

As you can see societal and cultural implications notwithstanding a cartoon gun with eyes is much more appealing than a regular one, some may even go as far as to say it is cute. 

So why did the Anthropomorphism in question fall into the uncanny valley? How can this be avoided? 

Human beings are very good at recognizing human features in general but some more than others believe it or not! These human features all have a degree to which they illicit feelings of the uncanny valley and I will go over them here.

We are very good at seeing and discerning the shape of human eyes as well as the shape of the human head. This is why many snipers often have suits that break up the human silhouette.

This image here was made to gain an empathetic response from you, but tell me what do you really feel? 

Its not quite natural is it? Many people agree that on their own cats can be cute but as you can see even a small change can tilt that balance right into the uncanny valley. 

The eyes on the anthropamorphism of the MP-40 are much too human. In addition they seem to permeate through the solid and smooth metal of the guns barrel. It is a materiel that does not lend itself to housing organics, further accenting how unnatural the whole thing is.

Next up we have. 

This one isn’t seen often thankfully but it is for certain one of the most disturbing ones. Many people find human like teeth on other animals unnatural and frightening.

I feel like the image does speak for itself, but to clarify human teeth on nonhuman things especially on non organics can be disturbing. Something like the terminator is more frightening than actually disturbing simply because it only has human like teeth and no other organic gum or lip structure accompanying it .

Now moving on we have. 

Smooth human hands only work well on human beings, human hands on animals are very disturbing. Hands without breaks or joints to allow or imply movement make the metal hands of this gun not only implausible but unnatural. Something like a glove texture could very well convey its mechanical nature and help take the edge off. 

In fact while many often do not notice, gloves can dehumanize the wearer severely. Often times why many villains in popular media wear gloves and masks. It is much easier to root against someone whos face you cannot see. This is why unnamed antagonists in games will wear full masks and combat suits. 

This is done so they are easier to execute without feelings of remorse. This does tie in to anthropomorphism and the uncanny valley somewhat as it takes human features away from people to dehumanize them. This is why real life propaganda will make the “enemy” appear faceless or grotesquely twisted. 

Now its time to move on and talk about tips on how to avoid the uncanny valley and general design tips when working with firearms. 

Lets take for example the P90 as it is an iconic gun featured prominently in popular media.

Yes when anthropamorphising a gun you are working from muzzle to stock but there are many common mistakes that I wish to address. The first….

The muzzle break/compensator is the “head” of the gun

The muzzle on nearly every gun does not have enough volume or shape to work with to produce any adequate or interesting head shape. There are exceptions like the muzzle break of the Barret .50 cal as it has enough of a shape and volume to serve as a head but again it is the exception not the rule. 

So what should the head be then? well on the P90 I recommend this part. 

The handguard/rail/frontendsight should provide adequate form to work with. If the barrel is too long then unfortunately it must be shortened to not look out of place or unweildly. Now Im a big fan of practical things and that is why I think the firing mechanism/receiver must be compartmentalized to fit in the back of the head of this “gun”  that way it is clear it can still fire and still perform its original function in spirit of the original base. For the p90 the clip may seem too long to compartmentalize but maybe we can simply change it to look different.

If it was a flexible feeding belt it could easily attach to the head without restricting movement, the unique nature of its side stacking bullets and transparency also preserved. Now on to the topic of..

The “face” of the gun

It is almost certainly going to have to end up with a toothy maw and mechanical analogs of reptilian eyes, anything else would betray its nature as a weapon and would also not look very good. Things like lips, noses, hair, eyebrows, and other human facial features should be avoided. This may seem like a personal preference but more often than not if included these features not handled with extreme care and cleverness can plunge it right back down into the uncanny valley so I recommend to avoid them. Sympathy can be garnered through expressive eyes and toothy expressions. 

Extra tips: The ammunition of the gun could reflect the shape and size of the teeth on the gun, the size of the clip reflecting the amount. However this is can be substituted for whatever is found to look the best. 

The mouth of the gun should be below the barrel and preferably below or at the bottom of the handguard. For the p90 we happen to have a spot that works well 

right there, that lip can act as an interesting jaw shape and serve to make the gun easy to recognize. Eyes should be above the mouth and integrated into the structure of the gun. This is up more to the artist or creator on how to do as it is mostly a matter of preference. 

Briefly we will go over the neck as its is only important to show to what degree it is a machine. Synthetic musculature and tubing could portray it as being an evolution or combination of both hard and soft robotics. Hydraulic elevators and joints can cement it as purely mechanical on the other hand. Next up…

The “body” of the gun 

This will have nothing to do with the shape or form as that is exclusively up to the artists discretion instead it has more to do with retaining iconic features of the gun without muddying or interfering with the design. 

The P90 is relatively smooth along its body but has many notworthy ridges and screws, these could be applied through clever greebling to both give the gun its mechanical appearance and recognizable design. As I have stated before humans will easily recognize iconic patterns so as long as these are included most will easily be able to tell what gun it is from the body alone. 

I feel the arms of the gun should gain inspiration from the hand/triggerguard, of course this is another thing that is up to the artists discretion as the difference it makes is not that big. So for example the P90 would have large hands perhaps like machine analogs of thick work gloves or large machine claws. Moving on we have….

the “legs” of the gun 

Again their shape and size is up to the artist but just like with the body greebling from the stock and butt of the gun is recommended. If it does not have a stock or has something like a skeleton stock then greebling can be taken from the body. 

The main thing to consider whether you want it to to be digitgrade or plantigrade as this can influence how close they get to uncanny valley, giving them human feet is a good way to go there and is also terrible. 

Digitigrades are animals that walk on their toes and that design might be better suited for the gun if you want to avoid any uncannyness but keep in mind something like a heel can archive the same effect. 

Well now we are pretty much done and anything past this point is up the the individual to decide for themselves and this will just be my own very limited knowledge you can take as suggestion.


All I can suggest is looking at the weapons performance, depictions in media, popularity, parameters and then interpreting the guns personality from that. Anyone with cursory knowledge of firearms and the drive for this would do much better than me. 

Making the gun “sexy” 

They requested specifically this one but I dont know much about that besides what everyone else already knows, guns body type based on its own size, length, thickness, etc. I dont know what fucking xenophiles like so I can only say what I know about guns/biology and how that could apply to something being more or less “sexy” 

-Guns with skeleton stocks feature them as handlebars on their back or hips: The function they serve is self evident and its also clever

-Maintenance of the gun: cleaning, reloading, or modifying would probably be intimate 

-Erogenous zones: Putting your fingers where bullets go into guns and come out of guns is a bad idea in real life, the clever joke is that its a good idea in this context

-Gun slings: In real life they help carry the gun and prevent it from escaping you, sort of like a dog leash but for a firearm. In this context its function is probably a lot more intense. 

-Gun Locks: These prevent anyone from firing or reloading the gun in some cases. Their function remains identical but the implications could be different. 

-Tactical vests: Worn over or built into plate carriers these help soldiers carry more ammo or even other guns. Not really “sexy” but its probably something a gun would wear. 

-A long tongue: imagine intestines flopping out of a gored animal for an accurate visual analog. 

And thats about it, im sure a million other motherfuckers already have better ideas than me but in closing here I am proving to never challenge me because I know pretty much the best opinions objective truths about anything and everything so never say I dont. 

If this guide helped you you can send me a letter or call me on my home phone the number is 72.

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce we are having open auditions for our True Tail pilot!

You can try out for Viktor, Doh-Li, Melody, as well our newest character Harper. These will be PAID roles. Recording sessions for these characters will be paid at $75/hr, with a one hour minimum.

Please read and follow the technical requirements linked in our audition packet here:

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Wanted to do a picture to congratulate @soranoiro for getting to 777 followers! I’m a couple days late but I had a lot of other stuff to deal with like my phone not working and going to a job interview but finally finished it. I definitely still need a lot more work with hands and everything but I tried my best and hopefully my next one will be even better but for now Congratulations soranoiro I hope to be as good an artist as you one day :)


The latest just sketch I tried doing it took me a lot longer than I would like but I’m still having a hard time with eyes and stuff but I’m learning as fast as I can I’ve been at this for about 2 and a half months not drawing everyday like I should though but I do it for fun. wanted to show my progress from the first time I ever even tried to put pencil to paper and draw I know it’s terrible lol and I almost didn’t wanna show it but I wanted to let people know you can get better if you keep at it I mean I’m not a very talented person and I still have a long way to go but I was surprised looking back at my first stuff how much better it is. The support I have gotten from @soranoiro @seasaltlime @askalin @wanderingdoodles even if it was just one conversation has meant a lot to me and kept me trying so thank you wonderful people and this amazing fanbase!

Hey Guys!

How are you all liking the artwork? We plan on releasing a lot more art in the next few weeks along with many other fun True Tail things.

However, now that we are getting close to the end of the day we want to answer a few of your questions. We know this is a drastic change from our original concept and that a few of you are not happy with our choice. However, we hope that you will give us a chance to prove that everything you loved in the old True Tail is still there: the fighting, the adventure, and yes, Brutus and Kanikus. That being said, we might have given you the wrong impression that we are making some light hearted “we go to school” show. We can promise that is not the case at all. Though we are taking the “serious-or-should-we-say-too-mature” aspects out of the show, we are still going to be serious storytellers. This project is very important to Zach and myself and we are not going to let any company turn it into something it should not. This brings me to your second question. Though we got some great advice from pitching True Tail we have in no way been picked up. Thus, we are doing this all on our own. It is a huge undertaking and we are going to try our best to bring our vision to you.

I hope this answers your questions and concerns and that you will continue to join us on this crazy adventure.

Much Love!

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“ugh” Price snorted, glancing down in disgust at the rusting mass of leaking robotics on the floor, then up to Allis “Please get this hunk of shit out of my shop.”

“PFFFFT HAHAHAH your shop??” Allis snorted

Ever since she was small, Allis would drag old robots into her fathers shop like they were lost puppies. Price, a childhood friend and cooworker would always grill her about it, saying she would never do anything with them and that they just cluttered their slowly shrinking workspace.

Hey Guys!

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and interest in our new True Tail. We noticed that some of you are wondering where Brutus and Kanikus are? Don’t worry they are just hiding for right now. There are a few images that are darkened out on our website, which we are saving for later. I am sure you guys can spot them in this image, but can you guess who the other’s might be?

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