guyghoul  asked:

How do you decide which forms to pick/keep?

it’s fairly hard, since there’s a lot of things I like, there’s an urge to be everything but clearly I can’t do that. i could keep it all to just one that can be any size, but i want to stay within the realm of reality, and, unless it’s a transformation, keep them at a constant size and shape (aside from the crocodile, who can get, uh, fatter). not everybody wants to talk face-to-face with a +8ft, morbidly wide crocodile.

i’ve tried to keep it down to 2 or 3 characters, each one representing a different aspect, and when and if one character will not work then I’ll use another. the crocodile is the one that mostly represents me, but in the case that I might want something more peary, cartoony or simple I might use the dragon, and then at times I feel more for thin things or anthromorphics, and the raptor is for that. they’re all lizards, which is my big thing. the moth and the rhino are more like secondary characters if anything, popping up from time to time.

really it’s about what you want, your own facets represented, what your interests are. and when it comes to the art, you make use of those. throw a few to the wall and see what sticks, extend them to their limits, maybe alter them to your tastes as you experiment. for a while i had many pokemon, but my experiences and feelings towards them changed and i worked around it, and i think i feel much better now about all of it.

then there’s smaller bits that might be considered “forms”, like the xenomorphs or the broderickzilla. stuff i’m interested in at times, that i happen to draw, but don’t intend on actually using as characters. they’re just for fun.


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