so here’s a list of guidelines for anyone who wants to pay for one of these pieces of shit

  • Headshots/selfie-length distance (No#1): £5 ($8) and +£1/$1 per extra character
  • Torso shots (No#2): £6 ($9) and +£1/$1 per extra character
  • Full body (No#3, kinda No#5, No#6, No#7): £7 ($11) and +£1/$1 per extra character

Do’s & Don’ts

  • swearing and shit is fine, regardless of context. no slurs tho m8. (No#4)
  • won’t do porn solely on the basis of i can’t draw porn (suggestive themes, maybe, u see that sexy frieza no#3 and sexy vampire in no#7 ;D)
  • fuck YES i will draw furries/anthros (No#2, No#5, Winnie in No#7)
  • fuck YES i will draw ocs (No#2)
  • fuck YES i will draw ur otp Doing Something (No#5, No#6)
  • aliens, animals and dinosaurs - yes, i have examples here but those are things im getting used to drawing, so i mean. i need practise. so sure why not! (No#3, No#4)
  • no mecha. oh goddddd no mecha. like dont get me wrong i fuckin love the transformers but i cant even draw a fucking CAR never mind an entIRE ROBOT
  • im doing simple backgrounds, im afraid, havent quite mastered the art of the sweet bgs.


  • ok so straight up imma say that I Can’t Use Paypal - im not old enough
  • what i have instead is Google Wallet, which is really straight forward to use, free sign up and its fucking Google what else do you want
  • you’d be using your gmail to access it. but lets me real, who doesn’t have a gmail at this point.
  • my gmail email is !
  • if you want to ask me how much for a commission in a different currency that’s not GBP or USD, hit me up in my inbox! (preferably not on anon but wygd)

Final notes?

  • For the full body shots, my lil special offer is that you’d get 5 characters for £10 ! (or, in dollars, $14) yay
  • for ocs, always provide plenty of references. if u dont have refs of like Everything then i might have to improvise and u know. i want it to look how u want it to look o:
  • i can do ur art w a simple background, transparent background or one of each for no extra charge!
  • i will want to post the art on my tumblr and deviantart, if thats okay. i will leave a link to ur tumblr (or whatever other site you want linked) in the description. and if i’ve drawn your OC and you want a big semi-transparent COPYRIGHT thing on top of it then thats 100% okay!!
  • art trades would be p nice too ngl

ALSO here’s my deviantART for updated examples of my work!


♡ $5 Couple Valentine Themed Commissions ♡

!! Email or Message me for details !!

Hello Everyone!,
I decided to open up some Valentine Commissions for the holiday season.
Wanted to draw some sweet/happy things to try and distract myself / cheer myself up so Opening up themed Commissions.

♡ P r i c e s ♡

Two-Character Sketch Commissions with Simple Background - $5
Single Sketch Commissions with Simple Background - $3

♡ t h e m e s ♡

1) Chocolates
2) Roses / Gifts
3) Romantic Dinner
4) Cuddles
5) Fairy Tale
6) Red String of Fate
7) Pick your own theme!

♡ f o r u m ♡
Type: Valentine Themed
Number of Characters: Single or Couple
Pose Preference:
Background Preference:
Extra Info:

s l o t s

1) Nekophoenix - Paid / Waiting on Info

Email -

Thanks so much for the interest ♡♡♡


I seem to not have a set reference sheet style.

Also I feckin finally finished this. Still have a fuckton of more character left :’)

So Sylvi is a character I adopted from @thefallenarbiter a long time ago.
ANd it’s JUST NOW that I make some form of reference sheet.

Stuff that’s not on the sheet:
- feral form is about the size of a really big dog. Like, Irish Wolfhound or Great Dane sized.
- Anthro form is 5’ 5" tall.
- Sylvi is a hella fun to be around.
- She sings club music for a living, especially electro swing. Loves Caravan Palace, and does covers of their songs often alongside her own written pieces.
- Did I mention she loves electro swing?
- Also likes to dance to electro swing, though she’s kinda clumsy at times. Practice makes perfect, though.
- Roommates with Slug (another character of mine). They’re pretty much like siblings (though not related by blood at all).

  • Sketch - $5
  • Lineart - $8
  • Flat Color - $15
  • Full Color - $20

  • Props/Extra Characters - +$5
  • NSFW - +$5 please direct any interest to my nsfw blog
  • Anthro - +$5

  • Simple Background - FREE
  • Complex Background - +$5

If interested, send an email to:

Please include the following information:

Commission Type (sketch, lineart, flat color, simple bg, nsfw, etc.)
Reference (very required, much need; insert any and all references you have available)

Commission Rules

  • When emailing me, remember to put something in the subject about the commission request!
  • If I don’t reply within the next few days, feel free to poke me with an ask here. Please don’t spam.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission request if it’s not within my comfort level.
  • Payment will be divided into two parts, with the first half of the payment up front and the remainder once the piece is finished.
  • Please do not send the payment until I give you the okay.
  • I will not begin drawing until the first payment is received.

Available SFW Slots - [status: 3 slots open]

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Closed
  5. Closed

I have an addiction to the bases by PrePAWSterous Over on FurAffinity and DeviantArt
like omg they are soooooooo flipping cute <3 so I made some adopts here for them flat priced but here are they buying options <3

Adopt - $3
Adopt + Anthro Version - $5
Adopts + Anthro Version on base Ref sheet - $10

Comment to claim <3
Note: The Tiny adopts are plushies but that does not mean the character has to be a plush!!! I just thought the plus patter was to die for <3

Adopt Rules
♥ Payment due within 24 hrs of winning/claiming adopt.
♥ All sales are final there will be no refunds of any kind.
♥ You are able to change anything about the adopt EXCEPT the general design, minor changes are ok but major ones are not. If you want something changed ask me.
♥ You must credit me for the design whenever you upload the original adopt or art of the character the first time. After that you can still credit me if you like but its up to you.
♥ When bidding/claiming please do not be rude to others interested or to other bidders that will get you barred from buying from me.  
♥ If you are unable to pay within the timeframe given you will loose your chance and the adopt will either go to the previous bidder to you or will reopen at the base bidding/buying price.
♥ If you have questions please ask before you purchase the adopts do not claim and then back out because you were unsure of something.
♥ No hiding bids/claims if you are unsure do not make the comment if you are caught you will be barred from buying from me in the future.

Designs by me kiyakittensaito