taking 5 experimental commissions

taking 5 slots for some experimental commissions
theyll be waist ups fully colored

$20 per character

- open
- open
- open
- open
- open

note/email me if interested

my email is

I don’t know how this will look from uploading from my mobile, but this is an Anthro sketch of Penny I have been working on… And by working on I mean it took maybe an hour of me going “eeeehhh” and dicking around on tumblr. So yeah, Penny as an Anthro! Mostly because my friend stonelink204 is always drawing Mica so I thought I would give a shot at anthro again after like 5 years of not continually drawing them.

I have 1 yo-sd, and 5 tiny anthros. I feel like I have all the anthros because they were small, cute, and affordable. I’m torn between a feeling of having too many but I still want them all. I know people have larger collections… How do you cope?


New Verse: Anthro

Shadow stands at 5’ 10" with a more human-esqe body type. He still is employed as a GUN agent, but what differs slightly more than the main verse here is his personality. Shadow is typically less ‘on edge’ and investigatory, and tends to be sarcastic at times when it’s not really best to be. Perhaps Rouge’s flirtatious nature has rubbed off, or maybe something else; but he can match the batgirl’s flirting skill. This has only been witnessed on rare occasion. 

Attire wise, when not wearing his usual GUN uniform, he occasionally will wear a pair of high top sneakers that have coloration mimicking his famous jet-shoes. Fitted jeans or black leather pants cover his lower half, while up top is a grey tee-shirt. In colder weather (or just if he feels like it) you may find him donning a black bomber jacket.

Appearance (Design reference used with permission by the amazing nanabriere! )

** All threads and information pertaining to this verse will be under the tag ‘v;anthro’.


I’m taking $5 dollar and $10 headshots on my FA and they both include couples headshots. I’ve done A LOT more than this but here’s just a few.

Spaghetti - Me

Fruti/Dawn and Erik -

Sailor Kitty -

Miran Wolf -

Here’s my commission list for now. I’m taking other things as well. -

Have a rad day. ♥