I’m in a tight spot right now and I need a bit of cash as classes start on Monday and I have about $5 dollars in my wallet.

   - NSFW (porn, nudity)

   - OC’s, humanoids, animals, most fandoms, backgrounds


  - Simple color/shape/transparent backgrounds are free! 

  - More complex backgrounds should be discussed with me (more examples here). 

  - Landscapes, on their own, should also be discussed, but the pricing remains pretty similar. The one below (which would be considered shaded), would be priced around the $5-$10 range, but it would depend on the complexity and subject. 


I also offer bracelets! (more examples here). They’re 2-10 dollars + shipping, depending on the complexity of the pattern, etc. 

Prints are available (look through my work on my blog or deviantArt), as well as prints of pieces commissioned. 

Traditional pieces, such as pencil sketches or watercolours are available. Pencil sketches (b&w) are between $2-$5ish depending on complexity and size, and watercolours are between $5-$20ish, also depending on complexity and size, plus shipping, if you want it physically.

If you’re interested you can either message me or email me at

I accept payment through paypal, but other methods of payment can be discussed.

The process will go: I will draw the sketch, show you, and, if you’re satisfied with the “so far”, go ahead and pay and I’ll send you the finished version.

Thank you so much!


I’m in need of some money currently, my paypal is so stark empty haha!
If any of you’d like to help me out with buying a commission, I’d be so grateful!
I can do anything, anthros, ponies, chibis!
I’ve also gotten more experience with humans~

Commissions - Base Prices £5 - £23

So, Im an artist who needs work badly. I am unable to get a day job due to my depression, anxiety, and lack of professional and educational references, as well as the sudden stop to my education.

I need money for food, bills, rent, and clothing that actually fits me, as well as art supplies so I can create more art.… <——– there’s the link to my full commission details, but I’m going to lay it out simply here:

I WILL draw:

-ships (a persons ideal pairings from tv, movies, games or books) and headcanons, as well as other fandom content

-OC’s (Original Characters)

-anthropomorphic characters (aka furries)

-mild/softcore nsfw

-mild gore

-minor mech enhancements (i.e. a mech arm or leg)

I WON’T draw:



-racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise bigoted content

-detailed mech

All prices are in Great British Pounds (GBP).

Depending on the detail of the piece, and the level of shading, the base cost of a single character commission ranges from £5 (chibi, flat shaded) to £23 (3 pokemon fusion, fully shaded).

There are additional things that will bump up the price, such as small accessories (+£2), large accessories (+£6), simple background (+£5), and a more complex background (+£15).

If you commission multiple characters (for example a chibi version of you and your favourite pokemon, flat coloured) you get 15% off the total price! So in the example, that commission would cost £16.15 instead of £19!

These commissions will be digital unless otherwise agreed upon.

External image

External image

External image

External image

Name: Macy Dash
Gender: Genderfluid
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 15 (Birthday: 10/23/1999)
 (FicKin w/ Wirt (OTGW) 
Personality: Usually happy around friends, depressed easily, emotional, scared, scared easily, goofy, grumpy, gamer, easily attaches to things or people,Careful,shy.
(Anthro! Height: 5'2/)
Species:Cat (Ragdoll)
Theme Song(s): Spectrum(Boyinaband,Cryaotic,TheRPGMinx.) , Sacred Beast (Tally Hall), or Full Disclosure (Steven Universe)
Story: (Working on it)
Favorite Color:Green