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A bit of personal work I was slowly puttering away on between commissions.

Capella wearing a traditional Polish folk dress (Łowicz region). I’ve always loved the look of these dresses, though I’ve never personally had the opportunity to wear one.

Embroidery was referenced but drawn by me. Definitely the biggest time-eater on the piece lol. At least it wasn’t all in one go and I could repeat the dress flowers.

Here comes the king!


King © CaptainVoxel



✨ ★ ✨ Late birthday gift art for @cuteosphere ✨ ★ ✨

I’ve been wanting to draw their Sweet Monsterbun, that they commissioned me to design, for a long while now. Cuteo’s art is so precious and overall a big inspiration for me. I hope you had a good birthday, Cuteo!!! 🎂


Here’s the 2017 Beatfox Species Style Guide! A big thank you to Mortis for working so hard on all of these!

Beatfoxes are a species native to the Luxon Cluster in southeastern Morbit and often appear in our works– but they are also an open species! We encourage anyone that feels inspired to create a beatfox character to do so, and to share them with us! We always love seeing the wonderful things that our friends and fans create. ♥

Also, feel free to think of this style guide as a loose overview of possibilities rather than any hard and fast rules. Cosmetic surgery and natural variations/mutations occur with great frequency on Morbit, so there are generally very few aesthetic standards to adhere to.

Transcribed text from the images and even more info are under the jump! 

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BATCH #1 from Twitter Artstyle challenge

Thank you all who participated in this so far!! Geez these were so fun to do… so expect one more batch later ;)

(Originally went with myself but I got bored quickly doing so, ended up using my characters as the perfect guinea pigs instead)