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Forgive me father for I have sinned.
That new Sonic Forces trailer had me excited to redraw my OC from high school. I redesigned the living hell out of him though and none of you are seeing the original. His name is Drake the Hedgehog and if I remember correctly I made him Shadows “prototype?”
Idfk just call him Edgy the Hedgie.


Bonus: She also had a flying squabbit named Anna as a pet owo

I remember the days when I thought she was the most original character I could think of. Those were the good old days uwu Im looking forward to playing as her in Sonic Forces :DD

Self care is listening to the SA2:B soundtrack and designing a Sonic the Hedgehog OC. This is Splinter the Porcupine and he is a good, pure boi who likes to hang out in the chao garden. He’s not fast or very smart but porcupines are big animals so he’s strong and bulky. Also shooting spines as projectiles to fit with the whole porcupine thing.

Clash the Clydesdale

Age: 23

Ability Type: Power

Birthplace: The Special Zone

Alignment: Evil

Hailing from the Special Zone, Clash is a thug with no morals or qualms. Tall in stature and short on temper, she has little patience for those who obstruct or vex her.

Her physical strength, though not properly measured, is comparable to some of the strongest individuals in the world (not including those of mystical origins or those that have been otherwise enhanced). Though her abilities are great, her overconfidence often gets the better of her and she tends to rush into situations without thinking them through.

She also has a preoccupation with proving her physical abilities and will sometimes align herself with more ambitious individuals just for the chance to test her mettle against others who would oppose such forces.

I’ve recently come to the realization that there is a surprising lack of anthro horses in the Sonic franchise. I honestly cannot recall seeing one in any form of Sonic-related media. So, I decided to make one myself.

The decision to have her originate from the Special Zone was inspired by Fang/Nack in the games. Her tall stature and “Popeye arms” were directly inspired by Battle Kukku XV’s design.

I had difficulty deciding what color her outfit should be, but I eventually just settled on purple (my favorite color).

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What do you think of T.W. Barker's design from Sonic Boom?

I for most of the part really like his character design. I think they did a good job making him look like the suave but shady type, even if you were to take him out of his default red suit and top hat outfit.

(Tails’ face in the second screenshot, btw. I really do unintentionally find gems while getting screenshots for things.)

Like, Redd Herron, I like that Barker has a more distinct body build and template compared to the standard “assembly line” Sonic character types you see allot of, but at the same still like he fits into the universe. I also like that he’s taller than the average anthro/mobian Sonic character, since most grown dogs in real life are normally bigger than hedgehogs, badgers, echidnas, and sometimes foxes. I think he’s a pretty good example of giving a mobian/anthro Sonic character a more human like body build and without going too far with it, too.(His wardrobes consisting of suits is probably a good justification for him having more prominent shoulders, since allot of suits are sewn with certain shoulder padding in them to make them stick out more.)

The only things that really bother me about his character design has to do with how the front of his muzzle is structured. His snout/nose area looks like it’s not fully a part of the rest of his muzzle, so it, and along with his head by extension, can look awkward at certain angles. His snout also tends to look like he flattened it out more by chasing parked cars and slamming his face into the back bumper. And the bottom of his muzzle is more shaped like a human’s chin, instead of being more rounded out or curved like the the average anthro/mobian Sonic character.

And how his teeth and fangs are more detailed, instead of looking more simple in design, is kind of awkward to look at. Rouge had fangs in Sonic Adventure 2, but it was done in a way where it didn’t look awkward.(But to be fair, this sort of thing with the more detailed teeth and mouths isn’t only exclusive to Barker in Sonic Boom.)

And maybe give Barker some fur tufts, too, so the top or front of his head doesn’t look as bare.(But maybe he just combs his fur back to look more professional, or that was an intentional design choice seeing how Barker is clearly older than the average Sonic character.)

For the record, I don’t care what the Sonic Boom staff claims is official: Barker looks more like a damn wolf, than he does than just a domestic dog! At the very least, I am going with the headcanon that he’s actually a dog and wolf crossbreed.

Also, there is concept art out there showing this bastard in clown make-up and I need to see it in high definition.

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what do you think were the worst animation styles used in Sonic X?

That question kind of isn’t hard for me to answer. And I’m going to leave this disclaimer before I continue any further:

I know that this is something that could be considered objective. Heck, something can even be off-model from the official given animation model sheets, but still look good.

But there’s being off-model, and then there’s being off-model and being drawn really badly- like the staff didn’t know the basics of how you should and should not draw even the most cartoony character designs. People who think Steven Universe is bad with it’s inconsistent animation styles have it pretty good. At least that show has a cartoony and very simple style to give it more leeway with off-model animation, and the staff admitted they aren’t really focused on keeping character heights and scaling consistent anyway.

I’m going to go by which animation director was behind the episode that had ‘said animation styles in them. Because even if they weren’t %100 responsible for how ‘said styles ended up looking in ‘said episodes, there’s still a connection, and I need something to use for reference/convenience for this. Also, I’m only listing animation directors who worked on more than one episode, due to the many animators who worked on Sonic X’s first season alone.

Last but not least- I do genuinely like Sonic X.(I even unironically Chris as a character.) So no one please take this as some kind of hate post directed towards it in general. But despite me unironically liking the show, I won’t deny that it looked butt ugly at times(almost as bad as Sonic Underground’s awful animation quality). And I’ll show you why, now:

Ki Duk Park

I think the best way for me to describe this style, is that it looks like the type of cheap bootleg art you would see on knock-off products from China, South Korea, Mexico, etc; Bad, but normally funny in how bad it is.

The anthro Sonic characters’ proportions are… something, that’s for sure. And as someone else put it to me, their heads look like inflated balloons to where you swore they would pop once you poke them with a pin.

Then there’s lovely animation errors like this.

A rule of thumb I have when it comes to determining which animation director worked on which episode is looking at how the human characters who aren’t Eggman are drawn, due to their more realistic character designs(which is harder to keep consistent in style). This is where I think it’s the most prevalent.

The proportions and anatomy on the human characters are pretty bad, as you can see. Their faces are drawn so weird, I just don’t exactly know how to describe it. But I can definitively say their eyes look dead or soulless allot of times.

Keiichiro Kawaguchi, Kim Sang Yeob

Everyone either looks clunky or jagged as hell, or stiff as a board. The limbs on the anthro Sonic characters are thinner than they already were, and their bodies look like like they’re trying to morph into Slenderman.

Just look at it!

Of course, we can’t forget, Trollface Sam.

Shinichiro Minami

In my opinion, this is the worst animation style that was used in Sonic X!

The characters look grotesque! Everyone looks mutant like or chunky. Like Sonic and his friends discovered all of the junk food that Earth had to offer, but they didn’t heed Chris’ warning about consuming too much of it.(And please do not get the wrong idea that I’m “fat shaming”, or something like that. Sonic characters would actually look cute with more meat on the bones, in my opinion. Problem here is that they’re being drawn by bad artists/animators here- thin or fat, they still look terrible..)

Some of my favorites from this guy are, Cellulite Sonic.

Fatty Rose

Mutant Teddy Bear Tails

Chris’ puberty spike

Rouge Vs. Trekkies

I’ve noticed with this style how there’s these colored lines in the character’s irises. Like they were attempting to make the characters look more “kawaii desu”, but failed miserably at it.