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Bonus: She also had a flying squabbit named Anna as a pet owo

I remember the days when I thought she was the most original character I could think of. Those were the good old days uwu Im looking forward to playing as her in Sonic Forces :DD


Im am opening commissions for the first time~!  ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

You can contact me at, or message me on Tumblr and feel free to ask any questions!

Some info ♡

  • Paypal only please!  don’t pay until I say
  • If traditional please let me know if you want me to send it in the mail or not. 
  • Also I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason.
  • Please send me a reference of your character if possible! If not, I’m alright with a written description.
  • I’d also would like a general idea of what you want (face expression, certain pose, holding something, etc.)

Will DRAW:

  • oc’s
  • characters from different fandoms
  • ships/couples 
  • animals/furry/monsters
  • Customs
  • etc


  • porn/fetishes
  • complicated designs
  • heavy gore
  • hate art
  • mecha  (depends how hard but ill try!)

You can check out more of my work here!!!

Slots open:

  1. (taken)
  2. (taken)
  3. (taken)
  4. (open)
  5. (open)

reblogs are appreciated (♡˙︶˙♡)

Forgive me father for I have sinned.
That new Sonic Forces trailer had me excited to redraw my OC from high school. I redesigned the living hell out of him though and none of you are seeing the original. His name is Drake the Hedgehog and if I remember correctly I made him Shadows “prototype?”
Idfk just call him Edgy the Hedgie.


Planning on only doing this for about a week so hit me up!!


  • Furry/Anthro
  • Sonic-style
  • Original Characters
  • NSFW(depends on what it involves, but I’m cool with a lot of stuff, so hit me up!)


  • Pedophelic content
  • Nonconsensual content

Email me at if you’re interested, or have questions!!

anonymous asked:

If you were to turn some of you skeles into anthro/sonic characters what animals would they be? (No pics needed)

I never really thought about it. O3O Off the top of my head I’d say…:
(Imma list all the characters, so I don’t miss any out)

AG - Fox
Project - Dog
Smile - Rabbit
Fang - Snake
Puppet - (Toy) Lamb
Grayscale - Cat
Vaster - Bat
Vampyrus - Snake
Slasher - Echidna
Buttercup - Seedrian/Rabbit
Zero - Unknown, since he likes to cover his entire body.
Felix - Cat
Meade - Fox
Berri - Bat
Segoe - Wolf

Edit: “Keep Reading” thing seems to be messing up for some people. So I took it off, hope this helps~

Open For Commissions

I’ve been debating with myself about whether or not to open commissions, since I did do it a long time ago with mixed results and what not but I’ve decided to test it out over here on Tumblr just to see how it goes!

Here are some examples of the different things I have done, and if you are curious to see more then you can always check out my Facebook page and scroll through my Tumblr.

Things I am happy to draw:

-Anthro/Furry characters (Sonic, Fursonas, Pokemon, Digimon etc)

-Human characters/OCs (Chibi or Full Versions)

-Adoptables (Designing characters for you whether they be Gemsonas, Fursonas, MLP Fan Characters etc)

Things I WON’T draw:

-NSFW material (I won’t draw porn, I’m fine with shipping pics but nothing 18+)

-Overly complicated characters (Unless you are fine with me simplifying them a bit)

In terms of prices, it’s looking something like this:

Sketches: $5 (up to two characters, plus $5 for each extra character)

Line Arts: $10 (up to two characters, plus $5 for each extra character)

Coloured, No Background: $15 (up to two characters, plus $5 for each extra character)

Coloured, with Background: $20 (up to two characters, plus $5 for each extra character)

Designing Adoptables: Starting Price $15, can negotiate if wanting multiple adoptables or character sheets.

If you are potentially interested then feel free to either inbox me here on Tumblr or send a message to my artist email -

Sharing this post would also help me out a lot as well, so please reblog to help me out!

Thanks so much, love Scribble Sketch Scoo.

anonymous asked:

what kind of characterization do you want to see more Sonic characters?

For things like their mannerisms and habits being more like that of the very animals that they’re supposed to  based off of, instead of them just basically purely behaving like humans in fursuits.

And this is something I think would not only benefit the standard anthro Sonic characters, but also I think it would make for some interesting interactions with the human Sonic characters in the franchise, no matter what continuity. It gives more to play off of.

anonymous asked:

((squid, new art style? fluffy looks lankier))

((Yes, actually! I’ve been drawing more in full-on anthro style sonic characters lately (or at least something closer to that) and trying to do the official sonic style I used to use for Fighter’s blog got really hard for me to do, almost to the point where it was a chore. So I decided to change it a little, and I’m now doing something between anthro and official proportions. And thanks for noticing too! 8D ))

One of Dave the Intern’s parents was a human. This is why his anatomy, proportions, and facial profile have a more human resemblence than whatever he’s supposed to be, and why he’s taller compared to other anthro Sonic characters. Dave doesn’t want others knowing about his half human roots, as such a thing is considered taboo in a lot of cultures, even if the village he lives in has no problem with it. This is also more of the real reason why he admired Eggman at first.

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Freebie Stream this Saturday

I’ve been inspired by a favorite artist of mine to host a freebie stream every other Saturday at 8am EST. A freebie stream is when I make a raffle during the stream and select a random person there, and they will get a free full body flat color picture from me, and it will be worked on during the stream

There are some rules for the streams:

-10 people must be attending the stream for the raffle to happen (not including me)

You must be following me on DeviantART, Picarto, Furaffinity, or Tumblr (my art blog one)

-Only one character per person

I will draw:





-Sonic characters



If this goes well, I will be doing this every other Saturday. Spreading the word will be very wonderful