anthro insects


hw sketches and concepts for my buggy characters Vincent and Maggie!

Vincent is a newly-adult-ed dragonfly who wants to go fast… Maggie eats shit and regularly participates in dangerous adventures for fun. has memory and wing issues from slamming her head into stuff even with her helmet. they’re best buds (FAST AND DANGER (RESPECTIVELY))

they’re visiting a bug city in an abandoned shack full of boxes and jars turned storefronts, residences and other places! they’re likely visiting a specific restaurant (run by Arnold) that exchanges bodies for supplies, and then prepares the bodies for supply-paying predators who cant or don’t want to hunt their food. at least for a fancy night-out.

Vincent isn’t comfortable eating anything with a face, and Maggie’s standards and findings aren’t very Fresh, so this is one of the better options for him. 

u can find more reeeeaaaallllly old pics of them and other bugs here


Here are all of them! Whole team together! ( so sorry for uploading first two again)  I felt that I needed to do the rest. 

Animating. This is a good way to improve you mood. No I’m happy. Kind of. I could do better.

I wish I could animate the whole story. But it’s impossible with my skill and low amount of free time. I wish to have funds to do this and hire other people to work on this project ;w;

So from top: Rubus, Carduus, Tilia, Himembra, Asculus

Types of Bug Folk in Escart (to be added to)

Ant folk: generally have strong build, angular body shapes, sharp teeth, longish twiggy antennae, dark sharply styled hair, large eyes, grey to brown skin, sometimes very reddish brown, rarely blueish grey. Usually lower class, builders, miners and engineers. Ants love to keep busy and have large families with an average of 4 children and up. Ants are nearly always born in pairs. Andy was not. It is thought of as very unusual to have an odd number of children in your family.
Ants are sociable and love to touch eachother as a means of communication. In a town nearly everyone will know eachother if they are ants. Ants get along very well with Aphid folk and sometimes bond with (marry) them. Some even manage to have children, Anphits, which usually are more antish in apearance.

Aphid folk: bright green or dark grey skin (pigment deformities have magenta skin), usually blonde, round noses, plump bodies, most of their body mass being around the core and bottom. Large twin butt spikes, one above each cheek on the rump. Super long and very whispy wirey antennae with no visible joint. Friendly people who are lower to middle class, most commonly farmers, bakers, chefs, anything to do with food really. Get on very well with ants. Ants love sweets and Aphids are happy to provide them with gourmet treats. If you are an aphid in a group of ants, they will have your back. Aphids are generally weaker than ants and usually shorter.

Beetle folk: range from medium height to tall. Barrel chested males and hourglass firgured females. Males are usually top heavy. Most commonly have dark grey to black skin but there is a great variety of colours and patterns. Hair could be any colour. Beetles include ladybugs who are small to goliath beetles who are huge.
Stag beetles are generally from poorer communities and stick to their own, they have large mandibles that jut from either side of their bottom jaw so usually they have very strong lower jaws and necks. Some stag beetles like to sharpen their teeth to be intimidating.
Rhino beetles are generally from wealthy communities and take great pride in their apearance, adorning themselves in beatiful colourful fabrics and precious stones and gold. Male rhino beetles grow hard horns from the bridge of their nose that comes to cover their entire nose as they grow older. They are very proud of their horns and size reflects stamina and self care. A male will have a hornicure every week to ensure the kerotin on their horns grows straight and is free from any imperfections. Some female rhino beetles grow very small horns and take good care of those too. Horns are super hard and used to be used to toss opponents, such is the strength of a rhino beetle. Most beetles have relitively small antennae, two segments or fully segmented, sometimes just tiny nubs (like Ben). Some other beetles are long segmented antennae.

Crabs: crab folk have a set of two pairs of big chunky arms that are plated and hardened. Their backs are also covered in hardened skin. Males have claws that hood over one pair of their hands. They look clumsy but the crabs are used to working with such cumbersome looking limbs.
Crab folk live on the coasts and are fishermen. They can breathe on land and in the water. They very rarely travel inland as they would miss the ocean too greatly. Some are sent inland to sell fresh fish. They return home very quickly. They dont tend to use boats unless hauling in a huge catch (some fish grow to be whale sized). Lobster folk are very similar to crab folk but they are lankier and vary alittle in the face, having long pointed noses covered in ridges. Lobsterfolk need to spend more time in the water. Hermit crab folk carry large seasnail shells ( seasnails did not evolve much compared to land snails, they looks relitively the same as our worlds a
Seasnails) they have found and store their things in them, wearing them on their backs like a back pack and wandering up and down the coastline.

Damselflies and Dragonflies: very brightly coloured skin, either red, blue, green or yellow. Sometimes brown. Colour dulls with old age. Usually have black shiny limbs. Black eyelids and large eyes. Have pointed teeth, long tails with black pinchers at the end. Damselflies are very tall and very very thin, they colours are usually brighter than dragonflies. Dragonflies are shorter with stronger chests. Both can fly but it is no longer customary to do so, so many folk have their wings rolled and stored in hard but intricately decorated pods on their backs. Both dragon and damselflies like to dress in rich bright colours, are usually middle to high class and are a bit snooty. They don’t like work and spend a lot of time lounging around water and nearly every dragon or damselfly has a pool. Poorer communites have one huge pool they share. Babies (nymphs) must spend a lot of time in the water as they grow. Nymphs are completely black.
Damselflies and Dragonflies have medium length single sectioned antennae. All damselflies have black shiney hair.

To be continued..