anthro cars


Price list:


Half body $5

Full body $10

+$5 for each character.


Half body $15

Full body $20

+ $10 for each character.


Half body $25

Full body $30

+$15 for each character.


Flat color $5

Detailed starts at $40

Full-on colored illustration with detailed background. Price starts at $40 and is negotiated depending on the background’s complexity

I will draw:

- Oc’s



-Fantasy creatures


-NSFW-ish things but no explicit

I won’t draw:

-Oc’s as pairings of some character(s)





-Some pairings


- clear refs of character(s) are required

- USD only

- Paypal only

-You pay half of the price after sketch is approved, then the rest after the work is finished

Depends on the type of commission and ranges from 1 day to 1-2 weeks (complete illustration with bg).


Tag yourself “Kiwi’s Gijinka forms of anthro cars” edition. 

I think i can see the other side. This image has 103 layers for some reason and its 2 am what happened. 


Hey! I have decided to open up commissions! I haven’t had much luck on the job hunt and with ample amounts of time on my hands, I figured I have time to do some commissions~

Please email me at if you’re interested!


  • No NSFW / explicit / gore / body horror
  • No animals / anthros / heavy mechanics (motorcycles, cars, gundams/jaegers, etc. If it’s a small thing, check with me first and I might be able to make it work)
  • No original characters at this time, sorry!
  • I reserve the right to alter prices at any time
  • I reserve the right to post the commission whenever I please, as does the commissioner, unless specifically requested
  • If you want something that isn’t shown above, please check with me and we can discuss it

(examples of my art can be found here)