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Okay but is nymph Nursey a Dryad (tree nymph), an Anthousa (flower nymph) or an Hamadryad (specifically linked to a type of plant)? There's also many categories of Earth nymphs he could fit in: Alseides (groves), Auloniades (valley pastures, glens), Leimakides (meadows) and Napaeae (dells). I'm sorry I'm just so curious about the details ahhh!

ahhh i would say he is a dryad but specifically a flowering tree (maybe a guayacan?) he’s got barky shoulders that flower in the spring!!

ps if u want to ask me about omgcp stuff you can also reach me at @zim-tits!

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Janky commanders? Anthousa, Setessan Hero; Ayumi, the Last Visitor; Morinfen; He Who Hungers. Take your pick :p

I’m bored, so I’m going to go ahead and tackle all of these at once.

Anthousa, Setessan Hero

Okay, any deck based around Heroic is going to want some ways to trigger the ability repeatedly. To find those cards, I did a search on green instants, sorceries, and auras that were able to return to your hand after you cast them. While Fortitude, Aspect of Mongoose, and Rancor fit the bill, we can’t really control when they return to our hand, so they don’t make the cut. That leaves us with two cards: Elvish Fury and Whip Silk.

Obviously, that’s not quite enough to build a deck around, so I decided to widen the net a little and searched for auras, instants, and sorceries that targeted creatures and replaced themselves with cards. From that list, here’s what makes the cut:

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Our Mascot Is Getting A Name!

Hello all! Opening day has been really fun so far, and thank you all for that. But our cute little mascot doesn’t have a name yet! So I’m about to fix that.

Before I reveal the chosen name, I’d like to remind you all that our amazingly adorable fairy was created by @toxixpumpkin, so please please go give her art a look and tell her thank you! <3

And now, I’d like to introduce, our newly named mascot…


I loved Anon’s suggestion so much that I had to go with it. So thank you, whoever you are!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! <3