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“I hope that we as a community remember to always continue to fight for what’s right and fight for each other and also fight for your enemy ‘cause your enemy’s not gonna always be your enemy… your enemy will one day be your friend.”

He Cares

Pairing: Anthony X Reader
Word Count: 918
Warnings: None

You closed your apartment door behind you with a slouch. The bag you had was slung on your couch as you headed to your restroom. Tears stung against your eyes, begging to release and become the hot mess you needed to be.

Quickly you wiped off the slight makeup you decided to put on today. Inhale. Look in the mirror. Exhale. 

You shook your head and moved to your bed. Spreading yourself above the sheets as the thoughts began flooding your mind. Today you woke up as any other day, happy and expecting. One slip and the whole world you knew suddenly started to burn.

And did anyone bother to turn or care why you were so out of character? No. No one cared. Well your family would care, but they’re obligated to.

Then they came. Wet hot tears began streaming down your cheekbones. Your body curled into a ball as they continued to pour.

True sadness is when you don’t know why. When the tiniest things break you apart until they hit your  Achilles heel and everything comes crashing down.

A good 30 minutes passed. Still they fell and ran over. Your eyes were now red and puffy, your breath never filling to its full capacity, tremors racking your body. Then came a knock. Four to be exact, from your front door.

“Y/N? It’s Anthony!” His voice rang out.

You completely forgot he was coming over today. Muffling your sobs you sat in silence, hoping he would leave you to wallow in your unknown stressed-sad-anger-disappointment crying fest.

“I know you’re here because your car’s outside,” he said still outside your door. “Y/N?” 

“I’m here! J-just don’t-t,” you couldn’t finish or else he would hear your crying.

“Don’t what? Y/N? I’m gonna be honest I’m a bit worried and if you don’t open this door I’ll open it myself!” Anthony told you. 

A beat.

Surely enough Anthony used the spare key you gave him and opened the door. You sprung up and slammed yourself against your bedroom door and dropped down against it.

“Y/N!” He clearly saw what had just happened and quickly rushed to the door. “Let me in,” he said, softer this time.

Nothing came from your mouth out of soreness in your throat. Then Anthony turned the handle and pushed slowly against the door. Since he was clearly stronger than you and because of your unstable situation, he was able to open it just enough to slip in next to you.

“Hey… hey.. shh…” he soothed. His strong arms encased you’re shaking frame and carried you bridal style back to your bed. He sat next to you, arms around you once again, and drew you close to his chest.

Anthony stroked your hair and held your waist tightly. “What’s wrong?”

“I-I don’t know… it’s j-just been a real-ly stressful month,” you managed to get out. 

“Okay.” He said as you rested your head on his chest and listened to his slow heartbeat. “Just relax, deep breaths. I can’t stand to see you cry.”

You closed your eyes tight and gripped the sides of his shirt, clinging to him. He continued the soothing motion till the tears stopped falling and only slight tremors racked your frame.

Anthony adjusted his grip to where he was sitting a little straighter with you in his arms. “How about we get some food?”

A small smile came to your face and you looked up at him. “You know me so well…” 

You followed Anthony into the living room as he called the nearest pizza place. He ordered one large pizza with your favorite toppings as you bundled yourself up on the couch. He came next to you after he had hung up. 

“Should be here in a bit. Anything you wanna watch?” You leaned into him which led to him scooting closer and wrapping his arms around you again. 

“The office always makes you laugh, what about that?” Anthony asked as he scrolled through Netflix. You nodded into his chest and he selected the first season, first episode. 

Anthony cared. You thought to yourself. 

After the first episode hit its middle mark you were feeling as though the clouds were clearing. The doorbell rang and Anthony stood to answer it. He returned with the pizza and two drinks. “Ladies first,” he said opening the box.

You dove in feeling famished after working an appetite from the tears shed. Anthony laughed slightly and followed suit.

Eventually the pizza was gone and you rested your head on his shoulder as the show continued in the background of your mind. Your eyes fluttered shut, your stomach was full and you were exhausted. Slowly, you began to slip into the comfortable numbness of sleep until…

The man next to you moved slightly and placed a small kiss on your hairline. Your once sad eyes shot open with curiosity and joy. Moving your head up quickly you planted one on his cheek and returned to his shoulder.

Anthony jumped slightly and you could feel his eyes scanning you over. “I-I didn’t know you were still awake!”

“I am.” 




You angled your head again and your nose brushed his. He was already looking down and you could count his freckles from how close you were. He moved first.

His lips collided with yours and broke apart too soon for your liking. “Tastes like pizza,” you smiled. He gave a small laugh before going in again with you prepared this time.


anonymous asked:

Ian's Twitter bio is now "2nd cutest Smoshydonuts boy". Could he be implying that he thinks Anthony is the 1s?t 😂😏

Logically, there’s a good chance that he could be referring to anybody on the squad, but no one who follows this blog wants that! 

He’s DEFINITELY referring to Anthony! Ian just low-key called Anthony cute and I’M SCREAMING!


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