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“I hope that we as a community remember to always continue to fight for what’s right and fight for each other and also fight for your enemy ‘cause your enemy’s not gonna always be your enemy… your enemy will one day be your friend.”


Whose Line Is It Anyway? Season 11 Intros, [Part A]

Note (Anthony x Reader) Platonic

Word Count: 1,020

A/N: Just remember you asked for this. Have fun!

Anthony got home from the show half dead from exhaustion. He grabbed an apple from the counter, taking a few bites of it as he puttered around his apartment. Jasmine was coming over the next day, so he cleaned up a little while he ate. After he finished, he went into his bedroom to go to bed, ready to pass out. He noticed his bed was made, which was odd because he never made his bed. That’s when he saw the neatly folded card, a polaroid picture, and a spare key to his apartment that had a small pink flower painted on it.

Dear Anthony,

The key was easily identifiable. Anthony had given it to his sister, just in case. He would sometimes come home from a rehearsal or a show and find her lounging on his couch watching a movie just for a change of scenery. She was sporadic, and Jasmine always joked that (y/n) would be the crazy, fun aunt to his children. Anthony could easily picture it too, his and Jasmine’s curly haired kids running to see what unique little trinkets she had found in the antiques store on the corner.

I hope your show went well. It probably did, considering you always do phenomenal when you’re onstage. You’re such a joy to watch.

(y/n) was writing like she was 80 years old, Anthony thought to himself. He knew she was doing it on purpose as well. He let out a breathy laugh, smiling to himself as an image of (y/n) popped into his head.

“Aw, this is too nice of a compliment. I need something to balance it out,” she chewed on the end of her pen, a habit she had developed when she was a child learning how to write.

“‘You’re such a joy to watch’ wow that sounds like something Granny would say. He’ll like that, he’ll think it’s funny.” She wasn’t wrong.

Before I continue, I advise you to sit down. I made your bed for you so that your room looked a little cleaner. Do you seriously bring Jasmine in here when it looks like this? I hope not.

Anthony heeded her instructions, sinking onto the duvet. He rolled his eyes at her comment about Jasmine. Of course he cleaned his room before Jas came over, had their mother taught them anything?

I was cleaning out my closet at Mom and Dad’s today and I found that Polaroid of us. I thought you should have it.

Ant took the photograph in his hand, gazing lovingly at the photo. His dad had taken it on accident the day the family had dropped Anthony off at college. (y/n) and Anthony were standing next to a lamppost as they said goodbye. (y/n) had been taking Polaroids all day to keep her wandering mind entertained. She was quite a good photographer, Anthony remembered fondly. When it came time to say goodbye for the final time, she had handed her camera to their father. He had accidentally taken the photo just as (y/n) was standing on her tiptoes, kissing Anthony on the cheek. Looking at the photo, time seemed frozen.

As I was going through boxes of junk, I also found my world map. Do you remember it?

Of course Anthony remembered her world map, he had been the one to give it to her for her birthday. She was six years old at the time, and fawned over the possibilities that came with traveling. She had taken a red marker to it every time she saw pictures online or on TV of places she wanted to go, drawing a neat circle around each city name.

I realized that I had never gotten to travel like I wanted to. There’s a whole world out there, and I’m here working at Rite-Aid.

As it turned out, life started happening for (y/n). Anthony had gotten his job at Hamilton and while he was rigorously at rehearsals, their mother got sick for a brief time. Since their dad had to keep working, (y/n) started working the night shift at a local Rite-Aid and took care of their mom during the day. Anthony tried to visit as much as he could, but not enough to relieve (y/n) of her sleep deprivation.

Now that Mom’s better and your schedule’s settled down I’ve realized something, Ant.

Anthony was worried about what the next sentence would say.

I want to travel. I want to see the world and take pictures of them. I want to be spontaneous and courageous and everything I couldn’t be in New York. I want to live.

This didn’t come as a surprise to him, though he was quite confused. To him, New York was where the possibilities were. Everything he needed was in this beautiful city, how could anyone walk away from that?

I don’t know where I’m going, I’ll figure it out when I get there. I have my backpack and my camera and my life’s savings. Don’t worry about me, because I know you will.

(y/n) was right, he would worry about her. He had Jasmine and the cast to take care of him when he was at a low, but his sister had nobody but him. She had always been an outcast, slightly aloof, always looking towards the future. As her older brother, he had to protect her. That’s why he had given her a locket for her sixteenth birthday, more for his peace of mind than hers. He never wanted her to feel like he wasn’t there for her.

I’m sorry New York wasn’t for me. I wish I loved it like you do. But I don’t, so I’m not coming back.

Anthony’s heart broke at those words. If he had known (y/n) didn’t like New York he would have done something about it.

Please don’t wait for me to come home, Ant. Be happy in New York with Jasmine. Tell your kids about their aunt who’s wandering the world. Don’t be sad for me.


I brought the locket too

Today is the first Whose Line taping for season 11 (or 3, depending on how you’re counting them). Are you excited? I am!