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TMI TUESDAY! My question is: Name the Top 5 tumblrs that, if everything was right (No relationship, LD, Right relgions, ect), you would date in a heartbeat?

Wow, I never even had to say I was open for questions! :P

I gotta say… I’m not a huge fan of the way this question is phrased. What makes you think my life isn’t “right” as it is now? My life is pretty great.

How about this: Here are five Tumblr users that are totally awesome people and that any guy out there would be lucky to have: (take notes, boys!)

Anthony, Tyler, Cody, Sam, and Dustin.

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who, besides Kanye, has been reported as being a diva?

Well then who, on the female aspect if things (other than Nicki) has been reported as a diva in the past decade? I feel like the majority of the high-profile “diva” persona dies with the 90s.

But seriously, un the past few years there have been MAYBE 2 or 3 reported female “divas” compared to one or two male counterparts. I feel like the concept of this might just be over exaggerated by media.

I stated from the beginning how gender doesn’t play a role in how I perceive you actions whatsoever. And Nicki Minaj and Kanye West are the perfect examples of this.

You know… maybe it’s just rap music. The genre full of people who think they’re more talented than they actually are.

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oh god, no my love. it still sounds terrible. the lyrics and Gaga’s vocals were the only good things about the song. so take that away and you have a truly terrible production.

Is it the best production I’ve ever heard? Hell no.

But hearing just the instrumental part was like hearing a million different things in the song I had never heard. Just little nuances and ideas that are rarely ever heard with the vocals on top. Sometimes some of the tones are a little too gritty and distorted and they don’t mesh together perfectly, but this is one of those songs I could gladly listen to with or without the vocals. The heaviness of that driving beat just blows my mind :)