Esao Andrews . 01.02.2015 . Instagram

“Tb to 2005. "Juturna” 8"x 8" oil on wood. For @circasurvive’s first full album. I used the song “In Fear and Faith” as a focus for the art. When I heard the demo I remember my first impression was, “I gotta work with this band no matter what. Even if they can’t pay me.” It felt like I was about to be a part of something meaningful…. Had no idea 10 years later I’d be working and sharing my paintings with such great people. So cool 💙💎 y'all. #circasurvive #Juturna @anthonygreen666 @brendanxtrom @colincirca @nickcirca @stephenclifford @equalvision #esaoandrews"


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1. …I think that might be true love I see in @maxbemis’s eyes @anthonygreen666. Maybe I should be worried.

Instagram / anthonygreen666

2. Great hangs with my buddy @maxbemis tonight. @sdupreebemis snapped a pic of this pic being taken. So cool meeting little Lucy. She rules, got to have a play date sometime. Hope to see you all again soon. #Familysarecool

Colin Frangicetto . 04.19.2015 . Instagram
“10 years ago this record came out and it changed my life. Thank you to my brothers @stephenclifford @anthonygreen666 @nickcirca @brendanxtrom for this journey. Thank you to @equalvision for giving us the chance and the freedom. Thank you to Brian Mcternan for the wisdom, the sounds and ass kickings. Thank you to everyone who heard something in Juturna and allowed us to be a part of your life. It’s still an honor. xoxo”