Hamilton Act II: A Summary

What’d I Miss: french fry is back, this time with jazz

Cabinet Battle #1: my talents include looking snazzy, quick comebacks, and eliminating all chances for friendship upon first meeting people

Take a Break: I will try to get away *doesn’t try* well I did my best I think

Say No to This: let’s play a game called ignore the ensemble

The Room Where It Happens: I’m going to continue my theory of “maybe if I just stand here nothing bad will happen ever” but this time I’m going to be standing next to senators

Schuyler Defeated: I’m sure he already knows *looks out window to see Alexander lighting Burr’s house on fire*

Cabinet Battle #2: you must be outta your gODDAMN MIND

Washington On Your Side: salt squad assemble

One Last Time: you’re all exhausting I’m taking a permanent vacation try not to kill each other

I Know Him: *gets out a bucket of popcorn* I’m ready to watch your life fall apart

The Adams Administration: in addition to dressing snazzy, having quick comebacks, and being bad at making friends, my talents also include getting fired and not handling it well

We Know: it’s a good idea to tell a bunch of people who hate you something they could use to ruin your life

Hurricane: we’ve established that I don’t make very good choices but just in case you don’t get that yet I must do another stupid thing

The Reynolds Pamphlet: oh shit wait I shouldn’t have done that maybe

Burn: these letters are on fire and you will be too if you mess up again aka FEELINGS

Blow Us All Away: “what if he shoots me” “why would he do that, here take some guns see you at dinner”

Stay Alive (Reprise): get ready folks, once the tears start they aren’t going to stop for a while

It’s Quiet Uptown: no more politics for me they ruined my life

The Election of 1800: ok maybe just a lil bit more politics what could go wrong

Your Obedient Servant: shit that’s what could go wrong aka sass

Best of Wives and Best of Women: meeting means both meeting and gun fight apparently

The World Was Wide Enough: shooting your friends generally results in the realization afterwards that it was a bad idea

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: if you thought you were done feeling things you were WRONG. feelings time lasts until you’ve run out of tears

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Every interview with the cast of Hamilton ever:
  • Interviewer:so this is a rap musical wiLL YOU RAP FOR US PLS DO A RAP IM SORRY(not really though) THAT I PUT YOU ON THE SPOT BUT RAP?!
  • Cast Member:*suppressed scream* *smiles* yeah, no problem!

This bundle of joy and his smooches.

Listen- I don’t know about y'all but Lin’s haircut is giving me life. (Also, Sebastian is adorable.)

I’m sorry, I don’t know who made this, but this is hilarious because this was probably how he was back then.



With all the Pokémon phenomonen currently rising up again,

Here are the cast re-imagined as Pokémon, well from my vision. Tell me what you guys think! Do you agree? XD

Helpless Part Two (Philip x Reader)


Part One

Requests- “Can you do a part 2 of helpless when Alex and Thomas find out about their kids relationship with each other ?”


Hello! I was wondering if you can do an imagine about Phillip Hamilton where he asks the reader to marry him, but the parents don’t approve. Also that the reader has to tell Phillip something very important (you can make it whatever you want). Thank you!! Have a nice night!!!!!!!!!!”

I just read “Helpless” and I loved it so much… You should make a part 2, because the first one was so amazing and ended with me wanting more! Haha! I love your writing :)”


“Plzzzz Can you do eight and 10 with Philip Hamilton where there in love with EACHOTHER but there parents won’t allow it so they start seeing other ppl and y/n gets sick then you finish it “

“Could you please write a part two to Helpless? I really enjoyed the story. But in the second part could you have the reader and Philip sneak around and then make their relationship official with having a dinner with their families or something and Jefferson and Hamilton argue the entire time”

A/N ( IT’S HERE!! All of the plot points in the requests will be incorporated into Helpless eventually, but not necessarily this part. This is probably gonna be a multiple part story OOPS)

WARNINGS- SMUT AHAHAHAHAHAH SEE YOU ALL IN HELL If you want don’t want to read that skip the part in between the little page break line thingies

Words- 3, 986

You stumbled out of the bedroom trying desperately to fix your skirt. You, Y/N Jefferson, had just had sex, in President Washington’s guest room, with Philip Hamilton. You were going to hell for sure. You looked behind you as Philip trip out of the door, adjusting the button on his shirt.

“Oh my god, your hair.” you whispered. You reached up and desperately tried to smooth his hair down.

“Y/N, if you don’t stop soon, we’re not making it back to the party.”

You looked from his hair to his face. He was enjoying this. You rolled your eyes and removed your hands.

“We need to go. People will wonder where we are.” You turned around to leave.  

“Wait.” Philip grabbed your arm stopping. You turned around confused. He pulled you towards him and kissed you. You smiled into the kiss.

“This isn’t gonna be casual is it?” you asked when Philip pulled away. He frowned.

“You’re too hot for casual.”

You rolled your eyes. “I’m gonna leave first, okay? Make sure you don’t come out until after I do.” He nodded. You felt his gaze on you as you walked away. Smirking, you reached the edge of the staircase. The ball had thinned out somewhat, but it was still pretty crowded. Crowded enough for you and Philip to slip back in unnoticed.  

You found your friend and went to sit by her. She looked you up and down and smirked.

“You just fucked Philip didn’t you?”

“No, I think Philip fucked me.” you whispered, wincing. Her eyes widened.

“I was kidding! You didn’t.” She stared you. You smiled sheepishly nodded.

“Hey.” a familiar voice spoke. You spun around. Philip was standing there with a smile on his face.

“Philip!” you smiled. “What the fuck are you doing?” you whispered.

“I came over to ask you to dance. Hi there.” he nodded to your friend. She was staring with her mouth open. You rolled your eyes.

“We can’t.”

“It’s just a dance come on.” He held out his hand to you. The same hand that had just been…

You sighed and placed your hand in his. He smiled and led you out to where several other people were dancing. You put your hand on his shoulder and he placed his gently on your waist. His touch gave you goosebumps. You looked over his shoulder across the room and saw your father staring at you with wide eyes. You looked away quickly, and your gaze happened to land on Philip’s father, who looked enraged.

“Our parents are watching us,” you whispered. Philip spun you and brought you back to him.

“Good. We can test their reaction to us being together.” You turned so Philip now had to look at your angry fathers.

“It doesn’t look good,” you said. You looked up at his face. “Philip you told me nobody needed to know, and you’re sounding like you want to publicly court me.”

“I do want to publicly court you,” You stared at him in disbelief. He looked down at you. “But I know that we can’t.” He looked really upset about it. You sighed.

“They actually are really pissed.” he whispered.

“No shit.” you whispered back.

“Wow, you’ve got a dirty mouth.” he joked. You brought your body closer to his and reached your mouth up to his ear.

“I think we both know how dirty this mouth can get. Or do I need to remind you?” you whispered. He held his breath. With that, the song ended. You pulled away and grinned at him before disappearing into the crowd. He stood there with his jaw slack. You went to the table to get a drink and was met there by your father.

“Was that Philip Hamilton you were dancing with?” There was an icy edge to his voice. You put on a disgusted face.

“That man is insufferable.”  you said with a grimace.

“Ha! I suspected a much, considering his father and all.”

“Of course,” You nodded. “You haven’t had to deal with him your entire life though.”

Your father looked at you. “You’re right. I’m sorry you have, but now you’re old enough to make your decisions and form your own opinions.”

You almost dropped your glass of champagne. “I am?”

“Of course you are,”  he said, confused by your reaction. He stood up straighter, and you looked up to see President Washington walking by with Philip’s father. “and I’m overjoyed you found the Hamilton’s as despicable as me.” You sighed.

“Right.” You took a large swig of the alcohol in your hand.

“Are you ready to leave? I hate staying too long. It makes us appear eager.”

Putting down your glass, you nodded and followed your father over to Washington and Hamilton, saying bye to your friend along the way.

“Play nice with Philip in front of Washington.” your father whispered to you as the two of you walked over to the group. You looked up and saw Philip standing next to his father. He caught your eye and smirked.

“Leaving so soon, Jefferson?” Alexander Hamilton said from beside President Washington. You looked at the President with a guilty expression. He was taken to someone else with a smile on his face. He had no idea what had happened in his guest room moments earlier…

“Yes well, I have some very important business to attend to at home, and it seems Y/N’s tired of undesirable men throwing themselves at her.” your father said with a smirk. You kept your head down, but you could feel Philip eyes burning into you.

“Ahh Thomas! Are you taking your leave?” your head snapped up at the sound of the President’s voice. Your father nodded. Hamilton and your father finally stopped glaring at each other.

“Much work to do, unfortunately.” You father said with a courteous smile. Washington nodded understandably. You looked up and Philip was staring at you. You put a smile that could only be described as “I’m someone who likes you and I’m pretending to be someone who hates you pretending to like you and I need you to play along.”  

Philip furrowed his brow, but seemed to get the message because he put on a smile that was more of a grimace, and with a look at his father and a sigh, he took your hand and kissed it. You stared down at him with a neutral expression. His gaze turned back to yours with a smile that was…charming, but different from his real grin. You gave him a similar look.

“It was good to see you, Y/N.” he said stiffly. He hadn’t let go of your hand and frankly you didn’t want him too.

“Likewise, Philip.” You both stood straighter than you normally would, and you started to wonder if people were getting the wrong impression about why you two were uncomfortable around each other.

“Oh, is there romance blooming there?” Washington said. Well, that answered your question. The faces of both of your fathers dropped instantly, and you had to try very hard not to laugh. Philip coughed and removed your hand from his. “That would be an interesting match!” The President laughed heartily, probably all too knowing of the rivalry between your own father and Philip’s. You giggled awkwardly.

When you were safely in the carriage with your dad, he turned to you with a very serious face.

“You’d never actually court that fool would you?”

“Of course not dad.”

Someone knocked on your door. You were startled out of your book and set it down on your bed. Opening your door, one of the new maids was there smiling.

“Miss Jefferson! A letter and a note arrived for you!” She held out a hand with an envelope and a slip of paper.

“Thank you, Mary! And I told you, I’m not my father. Please, call me Y/N. All the other maids have learned to.” You gave her a sweet smile. She nodded and left your room. You laughed slightly and closed your door before sitting on your bed and reading the note. It was in Philip’s handwriting, as was the letter. After a few months of communicating mostly through secret letters, you’d come to recognize it quite well. You read the note first.

Our place as soon as possible? I’ll be waiting. ♥︎

The heart was drawn hastily. You frowned, wondering what could be so urgent. You hid both the note and the letter that you would read later in the top drawer of your dresser, with rest you had received from him. You slipped on shoes and hurried out of your house.

You knew the exact spot Philip was talking about. It was the spot where you always…well…met. It was a small field overgrown with trees that had been a plantation years ago. In the midst of it there was a shack that was had plenty of room for…activities.

You got there as soon as you could without breaking into a sprint. You weren’t panting, but your face was definitely flushed. As you walked towards the clearing you knew all too well, you noticed something was different. There were little paper hearts tacked onto some of the trees. They were clearly cut by hand as there were by no means perfectly swarmed, but your heart swelled at the sight of them. You continued until you saw Philip sitting on a blanket right outside the small building you always went in. He was staring off into the distance, obviously daydreaming.

“Philip?” you called out in a quiet voice. His head snapped in your direction and he stood up.

“Hey.” he said softly with a smile. He walked over to you and placed his hands on your waist, giving you a quick kiss.

“What is all this?” you asked. Philip looked like he had stars in his dark eyes.

Philip stepped aside and gestured to the blanket.

“It’s a surprise!” he said excitedly.

“For me?” you asked, looking at the work he’d put in.

“No, for all the other girls I take here.” He gave you a look.

“Not funny.” You spared a thought for his poor mother.

Philip walked you over to the blanket he had been sitting on. An old metal bucket with condensation dripping down the side sat idly.

“Cold champagne.” Philip said behind you. You turned around and he handed you a glass. “I jacked it from my dad.” He wore a proud smirk and you smiled. He reached into the ice bucket and pulled out a green bottle.

“What are we celebrating?” you asked. Philip popped the cork off unceremoniously.

“Us.” he said firmly. You grinned and took a sip of the icy liquid. Philip sat down on the blanket and you followed, letting your skirts billow underneath you.

“So what’s the real reason you did all this?” you asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t know… we never really get to just talk ya know? When we meet here it’s always very physical, which don’t get me wrong, I love that.” He winked at you and you giggled. “And we exchange letters…but sometimes I just want to hear your voice. We can’t go out for walks together and risk being seen, and we can’t have dinner together like normal courters get too, but I’ll be damned if I can’t sit down and have a glass of champagne with the woman I love.”

You smiled and scooted closer to him.

Talk you and Philip did. About everything. Lighter topics like gossip around down, and funny things the two of you encountered when you were apart. You talk about deeper things, like the future, Philip’s father’s affair, your father’s obsession with Philip’s aunt Angelica, your father’s hatred of each other, how complicated everything was. You imagined what it would be like if all of that went away and it was just you and him. You and Philip created worlds together.

You talked with Philip for hours. The sun moved slowly from its midday point. You were being to feel rather intoxicated having drunk somewhere around half a bottle of champagne. You ended up laying down beside him, staring up at the sky.

“God if you would’ve told me five years ago that I’d finally be here with you, I would’ve thought you were crazy,”

“Five years ago?” you asked curiously.

“Yeah… I’ve wanted you for a very long time Ms. Jefferson. You were my first crush.” You sat up and looked down at him.

“Well I’m sorry you had to wait so long, sir.” you said tauntingly.

“S’okay. Now I get to do this whenever I want.” He sat up and met your lips with his. You pushed back desperately. He tasted like champagne. He put his hands on your face and gently pulled you with him as he laid back down. He smiled into the kiss before kissing you back even harder. Your lips moved perfectly in sync and familiar feel of him against you brought joy into your heart.

You pulled away and moved so that you were straddling. Philip smirked up at you. His hands flew to your waist. You kissed him again quickly before attaching your lips to his neck. Your fingers went to the collar of his shirt and worked skillfully to start undoing the buttons.

“Y/N,” Philip breathed. “Wh-what are you doing? Shouldn’t we go in the-”

Shh…” you cut him off. You worked quickly to undo every button his shirt. You pulled it open and stared down at his bare chest with a smirk. You feel his hardness growing in between your legs. You returned to kissing his neck, but not for long. Your lips traveled down to the very base of his neck, to his chest, slowly down to his stomach.

“Y/N don-” You put a hand on his face to stop him. You were doing this here. You kissed and licked and even bit all the way down to the edge of his pants. You unbuttoned those quickly and pulled them, with his underwear down just enough to reveal the very base of his cock. You looked up at him and placed an open mouthed kiss on it. He let out shuddering breath. You smirked and pulled his pants down more, freeing him completely. The possibility of being caught out in the open like this only turned you on more.

 You grasped the bottom of his length and slowly licked the top. You took the entire top into your mouth and let the rougher part of your tongue graze up and down along it. 

“Oh fuck, Y/N…” Philip said breathily. You found it hard not smile. 

You moved your head slowly, making your sure you could feel every part of him inside your mouth. You angled your head forward more so that every time you sunk lower, his tip would rub harshly against the back of your mouth. You felt his body give a shudder every once in awhile, signaling how much he was enjoying this. Soon, you felt your mouth begin to fill with the frothiness of precum. You felt his hand on the side of your face. He lifted you completely off of him. You stared up at him innocently. He swiped a thumb over your swollen bottom lip.

“I need you, in the shed. Now.” he ordered. You nodded and stood up off the ground. He pulled his pants up so they hung loosely around his hips. He smirked at you. The bent down and picked up princess style. You squealed with laughter and he smiled that wide grin you loved so much. He closed the few feet to the door of the shack in less than a second. 

“It’s like your my new bride, and I’m carrying you into our house.” he commented. You felt your bare feet meet the cool wood of the place. 

“Well we should probably consummate this marriage then huh?” you dared. He pressed his lips quickly to yours, his hands forming a vice like grip on your waist. He spun around and pushed you up against the wall. He bit lightly on your lip and you gasped, hitching a leg up around wrapping around his upper thigh, which gave him much easier access. He trapped you against the door with his hands by taking both of your wrists and pinning them above you, and his lips went from your mouth to your neck where he started to suck and bite. One hand remained holding your hands high above you, while the other traveled to your thigh and started rubbing up and down. A small moan slipped past your lips. On instinct, you pushed your hips up against his. He responded by doing the same. With your hands pinned above your head, you had nothing to divert to. You were forced to just sit there and feel everything that was happening. Feel the way his hand was pushing up the material of your dress up. Feel the way he left marks on your neck and and chest. Feel how he pressed between your legs in way that made you-

Philip stepped away so abruptly that you almost fell over. You gave him a confused look. He stared at you thoughtfully for a moment. 

“Take your dress off.” he spoke. “I never get to fully appreciate everything about you and that’s a damn shame.” He was right. The two of you usually just worked around clothes. You reached back and undid the three large buttons that kept your dress up. It’s grip loosened and you let it slide off your shoulders onto the floor. Philip smiled. “Take everything off.” 

You slowly took off all your undergarments. Standing there, completely naked, in front of Philip had you feeling nervous and vulnerable. He looked at you for a long while, and you swear you saw his cock twitch before he stepped up to you. 

“Don’t be self-conscious.” He tangled a hand in your hair. “You’re beautiful.” He smiled and kissed you. You felt his other hand trail down your side and onto your thigh before slipping between your legs. You rested your head on his shoulder, panting heavily from the kiss. His finger pressed between your folds into the wetness growing there before bringing it back up to rub circles on your clit. You lurched slightly at the new sensation and let out a moan. That seemed to edge Philip on further. He rubbed faster, using your own wetness as a buffer. Your fingernails dug into the back of his shoulder. You felt a tightness growing in the pit of your stomach. 

“Philip…” you breathed softly. 

“Say my name.” he whispered. 

“Ph-Philip.” you moaned louder. You said his name over and over again, louder and louder. You could hardly take it anymore. You stopped and moved to the area of the floor where Philip had stowed a pillow after your second time here. You laid down and felt the damp wood pressing against your heated body. Philip looked down at you with a glint in his eye and a raised. 

“Stop staring, get over here, and fuck me ‘till I can’t walk.” you told him. Philip laid down and hovered over you. He pushed his pants down, revealing himself once again and position himself between your spread legs. Without breaking eye contact, he slowly pushed into to you. Your mouth formed and “o” as a sound caught in your throat. He rocked his hips out and back in as his hand grazed over he cheeks and into your hair. Sex with Philip always felt so intimate. He looked at you like you were everything to him,  and he knew that you were. His pace began to quickly slightly. You closed your eyes and threw your head back. Philip supported himself on one hand and moved his other to your bare chest, pushing on your breast with his palm. You arched your back at the new sensation, which in turn gave Philip a new angle, and he hit a sensitive spot inside you. Your eyes shot open. 

“Holy shit!” you practically screamed. Philip smiled and quickened his pace, hitting the spot again and again. You were even sure if what was coming out of your mouth were words anymore; all you knew was that you didn’t want him to stop. His hand moved from your breast to your clit. It was all too much. You felt your muscles tighten. 

“Philip! Philip I’m-”

“Do it.” he grunted. You let yourself fall over the edge. The orgasm washed over you with the loud moan, and you became hypersensitive. Philip sat up into a kneeling position. He grabbed onto your waist and lifted it up in the air. He slammed into quickly with his head lolling back. Damn, that was a sight to see. He looked like some Greek hero someone would draw put into a book. His rhythm became inconsistent. His held his breath and pushed completely into you.

“Oh god. Oh my god.” he breathed with his eyes closed. You felt the warmth of his cum fill you. You both stayed there for a moment. Trying to catch your breath. Philip moved to lay down beside you. You whimpered as he pulled out of you. You felt raw.

“Are you gonna be okay?” he asked. 

You nodded. “I said I didn’t want to walk didn’t I?” 

“Sorry…” he mumbled. You turned on your side and looked at him. 

“Never apologize for doing that.“ you said, impressed. He smiled and turned on his side as well. You didn’t know how long you two laid there, just looking at each other. Philip placed a kiss on your forehead. 

“I love you so much.” he whispered. 

“I love you more.” you whispered back. 

“Not possible.” he pulled you into his chest and rested his chin on top of your head. You drank in his scent. Suddenly, you had a bad feeling. A terrible one actually. You sat up and looked out of the small dingy window of the abandoned shack. It was already very dark out. 

“Philip, we need to go.” you said sternly. He turned and looked to. He cursed and pulled up his pants. You reached across the floor and grabbed your dress, pulling it on and choosing to leave you undergarments there. Philip ran out and grabbed his shirt, the blanket, and the empty ice bucket and bottle. 

“I’ll walk you home.” he said. 

“Philip no! Someone could see!” 

“It’s dangerous for you to walk alone this late! Besides, no one important is out at this hour.” You looked at him calculatingly. “I’ll hide when we get close to your estate okay?” 

You reluctantly agreed and grabbed your shoes in your hand. You and Philip ran part of the way to your home, laughing the whole time. When you turned onto the road that led to the large house you lived in, Philip stood off to the side. 

“I’ll wait here until I know you’re inside safe.” he whispered. You nodded. 

“I love you, Philip.” you whispered. 

“I love you too, Y/N.” 

You smiled and kissed him quickly before hurrying down to your house. You decided to sneak threw the back door. The floor was less creaky there. You breathed a sigh of relief when you opened the door and were met with darkness. You felt your way to the staircase and climbed up. 

Your breath stopped. 

There was a soft light coming form the crack under your door. 

You pushed it open slowly and saw your father there, still in his fancy work clothes. He was sitting on your bed with papers clutched in his hands. You dared a glance, and sure enough, the top drawer of your dresser was ajar. You father stared at you. 

“Where the hell have you been?” He held up the love letters. “And what the hell are these?”


 Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo and Leslie Odom Jr.- One Last Time.

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The bright faces of Hamilton (Part 3/?)