So our car broke down...

On our way through New Mexico my family’s car let out a strange sound and we had to pull over on the side of the interstate. Unable to restart it, we eventually called 911 and they led us to a towing company that took us to a town called Tucumcari, New Mexico. We’re staying in a, fairly nice, motel called Motel Safari. It has free Wi-Fi, so that’s a plus.

Tomorrow morning we’re going to get our car checked out to see what’s wrong with it. Then hopefully we’ll be able to rent a car so we can keep on our trip. We might be able to get to Oklahoma City by late afternoon/evening tomorrow. We were supposed to be home this Friday, but now it looks like it will be Saturday.

We’re all doing well, and everything’s fine now. My mom took it harder than my sister or me, but now that we have a motel room and some ideas of what to do all has settled down.

I do have some pictures to show you guys of other, non-breakdown related instances, so be on the lookout for those. ;]

So the car is not fixed yet.

We got a room at a cheap motel and are staying another night.

There’s no free Wi-Fi either.

I’m tired and I do not want to stay on Tucumcari anymore. I don’t even want to keep going on this trip. Too many wasted days and too much spent money in a town we were supposed to drive through.