“Superman and Cleopatra”
Superman Sunday Newspaper Strip Feb 22 to Apr 25 1948

Add to Superman’s increasing raft of historical interventions that he has romanced the legendary beauty of Cleopatra, briefly stealing her affections from a henpecked but infatuated Marc Anthony. 

Having accidentally exceeded the limit of his own tremendous powers, Superman has inadvertently traveled back in time while saving Earth from a passing comet. What prevents him from immediately returning to his own time is his own sudden twitterpation at the hands of the beguiling queen. The Man of Steel even dedicates some of his tremendous powers towards routing the armies of Caesar - this can’t be good for the timeline.

One of the appealing elements of the early Superman is that he is, for lack of a better word, a tremendous wise-ass. His romance with Cleopatra begins with friction, as he - initially unimpressed with her station - wryly tells the legendary queen that she’d be a big hit in Hollywood. 

 A little fraternal commiseration with Marc Anthony clears Superman’s head and, with thoughts of Lois Lane on his mind, Superman returns to the modern day and the gratitude of a world left unsmashed by passing comets. All in a day’s work.

Yonderland Series 2 Episode 7

One can’t never have enough dick jokes

Love Larryx the Gaul

I think the band of the village played once on my neighborhood’s fair. Or at least they sounded like them.

Deb Beh sat as a Queen on the Elders Chamber, she’s taking her father’s place

And as accostumed, love your style Deb.

I have two friends whose relationship is exactly as the two Fahl’s.

Anthony Head has been in two of my favourte series, and one of my brother’s, that’s impressive.

Frank ‘My wife didn’t run away with another man’ - Cue to Jamie saying Claire pretty things with that buttery Scottish accent of his.
Pete 'My wife is not hanging out with strange men’ - Cue to Monster Hunter Jim horribly flirting in a weird Scottish-ish accent with Debbie.

Jim flirting with Martha is becoming a tradition, looking forward Series 3.

I want a plushie of Jim’s bird

Negatus, they need someone on my job. And you’re smarter than the most of the people who are working right now. Give it a shot. (That says a lot about the people I work with)

The Series can’t finish next week, they’re so many things about Imperatrix we don’t know.

Please be Series 3, Please be Series 3, Please be Series 3.

Taster's Choice Coffee's corniest ads

Taster’s Choice Coffee’s corniest ads

image property I’m sure you remember Anthony Head, the suave Englishman in a set of corny-as-heck serial ads from Taster’s Choise. We all swooned when beautiful Sharon Maughan showed up at his door in dire straights because she’d run out of coffee and of course he obliged- with coffee. Tony and Sharon, the ‘Gold Blend Couple‘ as they were known, made corny 80s history from…

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Dead end. Definitely in the top 10 of wrong turns we’ve made. (Up there with the climb over the hill above the two tunnels in the dark). #Kernow (at St Anthony’s Head Lighthouse)