Panic (Janthony x Reader) Platonic

Word Count: 717

A/N: I tried my best to write this well. I’m sorry if I didn’t do it justice.

Anthony stood in the doorway of his sister’s room, listening quietly. (y/n) didn’t know he was there, and he wanted to keep it that way. Jasmine appeared at his side, wrapping her arms around him from behind and resting her chin on his shoulder. Anthony tore his eyes away from his sister to peck his girlfriend on the nose.

“She sounds great,” Jasmine said quietly. Anthony nodded, humming along with his sister’s soft singing. He watched as her fingers moved expertly across the fretboard of her ukulele, her other hand keeping up with continuously rhythmic strumming. Her voice was light and pleasant, and the ukulele complimented it nicely.

Anthony had been scrolling through Twitter in the kitchen when he heard his sister start playing the ukulele. He had quietly moved to her doorframe, to avoid disturbing (y/n)’s created calm. Her large window was letting in the golden afternoon sun, giving his sister and her beloved instrument a warm glow. She was content, and so was Anthony.

“If you’re going to stand there and be creepy, will you at least sing with me?” (y/n)’s voice broke through Anthony’s calm thoughts. He and Jas exchanged a smile, moving into (y/n)’s room. Jasmine sat on (y/n)’s bed next to her, and Ant sat on the floor, leaning his head back against Jasmine’s legs. Jasmine immediately and methodically began running her fingers through Anthony’s hair, which was pulled back into a bun.

“Here,” (y/n) handed each of them a lyric sheet. She plucked a few strings, then began strumming. Anthony began singing the first verse, and (y/n) came in with the first few words to give Jasmine the harmony. As very talented musicians, the duet came easy to the pair.

“Lucky we’re in love in every way,
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed,” they sang, as (y/n) grinned larger and larger. When the song finished, the three just sat in silence, in pure bliss.

(y/n) pulled out her phone, one hand still holding onto her ukulele. Anthony noticed her eyebrows furrow and her breathing quicken. Her hands started shaking and tears were forming in her eyes.

“What’s the matter (y/n)? How can I help?” Anthony immediately jumped to his feet, sliding next to his sister on her bed.

“Jas can you get some water please?” Anthony lowered his voice. Jasmine nodded, getting up and moving quickly to the kitchen. Anthony put his hand on (y/n)’s back and started caressing it gently, wordlessly reminding his sister that he was there for her.

After Jasmine brought the glass of water to Anthony, she stepped back out into the hallway, observing the way Anthony interacted with his little sister. It seemed like Anthony had done this before, and knew exactly what to say. After a while, Anthony kissed (y/n)’s head, then stood up and joined Jasmine. He took Jas’ hand and brought her into the small living room. They sat together on the couch, with Jasmine tucking her feet underneath her and leaning into Ant’s side.

“Sorry about that,” he said offhandedly.

“Is she ok?” Jasmine dismissed his apology.

“Yeah, she just gets panic attacks pretty frequently. That’s part of why she lives here with me. Mom and Dad don’t always understand how to help her. I don’t blame them, half the time I don’t know how to help her either, but I at least try,” Anthony said, his thumb moving across Jasmine’s skin.

Jasmine didn’t know how to reply, so she stayed silent.

“Someone from (y/n)’s school posted about their boyfriend. (y/n) got out of an abusive relationship a few years back. She’s doing much better now, but sometimes her anxiety will come back. I hate seeing the damage he’s caused her. He moved to California. He probably doesn’t give her a second thought, while (y/n) is stuck feeling like she can’t breathe and has no control over it. If I ever meet this kid, he’s not gonna know what hit him,” Ant said. Jasmine placed a sweet kiss on his cheek.

“He’ll never be half the man you are,” Jasmine confirmed. A smug smile found its way onto Anthony’s face as he kissed his girlfriend fully and passionately.

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5 with Jasmine saying it plz

hope this is okay :)

“I just want to cuddle and watch Friends.”

With the weather quickly changing and the bright and sunny days being exchanged for cold and dreary days that made you not want to get out of bed, Jasmine couldn’t wait for the next time she and Anthony had the same day off. She had planned to spend it in bed with him, watching movies and TV and not worrying about anything that’s going on around them.

The morning of their first day off together in months brings pouring rain and dark grey skies, which only makes Jasmine more excited. She can feel Anthony’s chest pressed against her back, his arm lazily draped across her as his breathing his hot against the back of her neck. She manages to turn herself over, smiling as she leans forward to lightly press a kiss to the top of his head.

Anthony’s eyes slowly part, smiling as he pulls Jasmine closer, kissing her lips softly. “Good morning,” He mumbles, his voice thick with sleep as he pushes her hair away from her face. “We have a whole day together and it’s pouring. Do you have any ideas?” He asks, knowing full well that Jasmine has been thinking about this day since they’ve known about it for weeks.

“I just want to cuddle and watch Friends,” She whispers, Anthony laughing as he nods, resting his chin against the top of her head.

“How would you feel about moving to the sofa at least? That way we can just get up and go into the kitchen when we have to, and the better TV is out there,” He bargains, and although Jasmine doesn’t really want to leave bed, she decides she can compromise on this one.

They bring their blankets and pillows out to the sofa as Jasmine sets up the Friends marathon for them, Anthony making them tea and finding something for them for breakfast. With no plans for the day the two of them were excited to not have to answer and calls or texts about anything important, instead just focusing on each other.

Jasmine lets Anthony hand her her tea before sitting down beside her. Jasmine shuffles closer to lean against him, her head resting against his shoulder. “This is going to be the best day off,” Jasmine mumbles, turning to look up at him. “It’s pouring rain, the apartment is clean and feels so cozy, and we have nothing else to worry about but each other,” She smiles, Anthony nodding as he leans over to kiss her.

“This is my favorite kind of day,” He agrees, letting her fall back against him as she presses play to the beginning of their Friends marathon.

They spend the day on the sofa making it through far too many Friends episodes for it to be normal, Jasmine dozing in and out of sleep knowing well that Anthony was doing the same underneath her. Neither of them could think of a day that would be better than this, and with their next day off together not anytime in the near future, they were going to savor these moments for a long time to come.