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Forever bitter that Anthony Dimmond was killed - especially after only an episode - cause come on, they could have had at least banged lmao. ALSO, I can't stop imagining Hannibal introducing Anthony to Will in S4 and Anthony being like: "Humm... nice you sure have good taste" and Will being like "Wtf dude stay away from my husband"

The resolution of the image was high quality, Will could see every single strand of hair on Anthony Dimmond’s well manufactured head and his smile wasn’t nearly as sleazy or as boring as Will had hoped. Clicking the mouse for more information on the deceased poet’s life, Will tapped at the trackpad of his computer a little harder than he’d prefer.

The similarities were there at first glance. The messy brown hair. The same scruffy beard Will had maintained for most of the time since knowing Hannibal. The warm clothes meant to bundle up. But where Will’s had been baggy and often hanging from his frame from unintentional weight loss and the stubborn refusal to give in and buy anything smaller, Dimmond’s were tight and form fitting.

With every new picture Will looked at he saw how well those clothes accentuated his form. He had a nice form. Better than the carved up one Will had.

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i know sebastian said that thing about hearing anthony’s voice in his head at night as a joke but honestly the way he was giggling while describing how much he loves working with anthony mackie… i gotta bring this picture back, i’m sorry

they are so necessary


Type & Lettering Advent Calendar

Day 9: Anthony Millard

I met first Anthony at a gathering of lettering and type aficionados in London. Crafting logos and illustrations for some of the world’s leading drinks brands, Anthony draws upon a wealth of experience handed down through generations of top London letterers (just look at those brush skills above).

“I had quite a few ideas for day nine, which I drew as scruffy little doodles. This idea seemed to stand out so I decided to go with it and try and make it look nice, and more importantly festive! It’s a real pleasure to do a job you enjoy, and brilliant to discover so many talented people. I feel very privileged to be asked to contribute. Thank you Ryan and Jamie.”

To follow Anthony’s work head over to his Instagram feed.

About the Type & Lettering Advent Calendar:

About: Each day between the 1st and 25th of December we’ll be revealing a beautiful, custom designed number and artist here on the Type Worship blog.

Since I did one for the places in the Boss series, I’ll do one for the characters. These people are the physical inspirations for the Boss series characters. And this is going to be a really tall post, but I don’t want to hear it because do you know how many times I’ve had that color-of-the-sky post show up on my dash? Exactly.

Sophie Scaife (Naya Rivera) When I started writing the series, I imagined Sophie as looking like Amber Heard, but a couple of people said they imagined Naya Rivera, so… Now I’m really depressed that I described Sophie as being a white woman. But when I write, i just ignore my past stupidity and picture Naya.

Neil Elwood (Anthony Head) Let’s be real, who else was he going to be?

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Hello fellow members of the Dominion fandom! For reference, I thought I’d put together a masterpost for you all.

Official Syfy page

Vega Citizen Handbook

A few Dominion gifs

Dominion fansite

Vaun Wilmott’s twitter (he’s the writer/producer/creator!)

Official twitter

Dominion wiki twitter

Dominion Den twitter

Tom Wisdom’s twitter (Michael)

Christopher Egan’s twitter (Alex Lannen)

Alan Dale’s twitter (General Riesen)

Carl Beukes’ twitter (Gabriel)

Anthony Stewart Head’s twitter (David Whele)

Roxanne Mckee’s twitter (Claire Riesen)

Luke Allen-Gale’s twitter (William Whele)

Shivani Ghai’s twitter (Arika)

Katrine de Candole’s twitter (Uriel)

Kim Engelbrecht’s twitter (Sgt. Noma Walker)

Anton David Jeftha’s twitter (Furiad)

Amy Bailey’s twitter (Clementine)

More to come…but for now I gotta fly…


So it’s Anthony Head’s birthday and I know that through the 4 years I’ve been on Tumblr my blog strayed from him, but I still love him and I made these so I’m just- yeah, but this man is 60, he still looks great and he’s a terrific actor. And yes, I’m going to have an Anthony Head day, like I do, every year, because this man is just- beautiful. Thank you Anthony Head. 

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for your poetically minded friend?

Well, my book is available for £10 from the paypal link in the sidebar of my poetry blog, or you can get a signed, personalised, copy for £12.

It is also available, unsigned, from Amazon UK for £12 (because Amazon charges stupid sellers fees).

It’s a great book, and if you don’t want to take my, or Anthony Head’s word for it, here is a five star review from Amazon: “ These are poems that I feel had to be written or else. They are wrenched from somewhere that all of us know. Or at least from a place we knew and we need help to recall. They come at you like an arrow out of a dream. When I read poetry with this kind of wild and untempered emotion, it makes me feel wild and untempered. Buy this book if you want someone’s heart to whisper to you of all the things you can’t put into words yourself; it will make you feel young again.” - Sue Doran