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I randomly decided to look into that Trans kid who got invited to Anthony Stewart Head's farm because I remembered you posting about it back when it happened & it turns out that Anthony has become the kids father figure now. From the looks of his & Anthony's social media they're still really close & Anthony supports him in his poetry (which is his job I think?) & posts about his awards on facebook & twitter, and they go to events together. I just wondered if you knew? Isn't it so wonderful?

I haven’t been keeping close tabs (I tend to avoid celebrity personal life when they’re one of my favs), but that’s super awesome.

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(though that fic was heart breaking. I can’t find it now, but it was the one with Arthur asking if he was a mistake, wasn’t it? Shame on you ;) ) And I think “Britain’s best kept secret” is a very fitting description for Carolyn’s heart of gold ;) I was listening to Zürich again the other day, and it struck me that even Herc seems a bit at a loss, when Carolyn shows a more emotional side. But I love that about their relationship. (3)

I know, I know, I will bear the shame of it forever XD Well, it’s here, if that link decides to work. But anyway.
Oh maaaan, that line of Herc’s. Anthony Head puts this heartbreakingly perfect tone on “Carolyn…”, like…. I feel like it’s the best word he utters in the entire series. This kind of bewilderment, because he doesn’t know what to do with a Carolyn in this state, but so full of sadness for her as well, at the same trying to be hopeful but at the same time despairing because he doesn’t have the answers… Like, that one line is a masterclass on LAYERS.