Carl Barât, Anthony Rossomando and Drew McConnell

-Truth Begins June 6th 2009 at the Monarch   (ccaammyy’s video).

(also the guy behind them is the tumblr fanbase)


‘I first met Kate Moss up at Sadie’s. There was a kiddie slide, and in the morning, we’d be all high on MDMA [Ecstasy], in a little kiddie house playing guitars,’ he said.

'I was involved with some very weird things at her place, like a threesome on the top floor with her friend, and I look up and there’s pictures of Jude Law and her and the kids on the wall, and I’m like, “What am I doing…”

'She was so up for it, those Londoners are up for it. But Kate, I cheated on my girlfriend with Kate. I f****ed up in the biggest way possible. So why did I do it?

'Because Brendan Benson and Jack White grabbed me at the bar at the Dorchester and said: “You’re the one, do it for the USA.”

Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001-2011, by Lizzy Goodman.

anonymous asked:

Will you some day write a new carl/stan fic? a prompt if it can be helpful: something fluffy and h/c, how anthony helped carl when his collarbone was broken, he helps him to dress or something,idk, I'd love to read it...

well this was supposed to be much longer and much less contemplative but as usual i can’t seem to listen to prompts. so here’s a bunch of thoughts i guess! (mostly set in some ill-defined 2006 where carl & annalisa broke up much earlier) (the dates might as well be fictional with how much time i put into research but carl & stan did indeed meet at a wedding last year!):

It was another world. It feels impossible now. When Carl thinks of the great loves of his life, when he contrasts, compares, regrets, rejoices, Anthony is never among them. He hasn’t yet figured out why.

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Submitted!: Pete Doherty is one of the greatest songwriters and poets of our time. Only Kurt Cobain could describe pain and longing as beautiful in his lyrics as Pete does now. Obviously, people are too ignorant to see that, because they only care about whom he sleeps with and what kind of stuff ever rushed through his veins.