Submitted!: Pete Doherty is one of the greatest songwriters and poets of our time. Only Kurt Cobain could describe pain and longing as beautiful in his lyrics as Pete does now. Obviously, people are too ignorant to see that, because they only care about whom he sleeps with and what kind of stuff ever rushed through his veins.


Carl Barât & Anthony Rossomando

Anthony: You know what I hate? Cuts under my fingernails. No one can see how much pain you’re in. And you feel worse than if you’d broken your arm! Carl, what do you hate?
Carl: Erm… Drowning?
Anthony: Drowning! I fucking hate drowning! Last time we had to reanimate him. I tried to wake him up but he was having a sort of lucid dream - he tried to slip me the tongue when I gave him mouth to mouth
Carl: Don’t go swimming when you’re drunk and can’t swim!


Interviewer: Carl, when was the last time you spent a lot of money on something less than a foot in length?
Anthony: Your trumpet?
Carl: NO… Sorry, notice a bit of bitterness there because er, Anthony threw my trumpet that I used on both Libertines albums and was my pride and joy, into the audience.
Anthony: I feel terrible. I decided I was done with the trumpet so I hurled it into the crowd at Leeds…
Carl: But watch this space kids, ‘cause Anthony’s pride and joy trumpet is coming your way soon.