Carl Barât & Anthony Rossomando

Anthony: You know what I hate? Cuts under my fingernails. No one can see how much pain you’re in. And you feel worse than if you’d broken your arm! Carl, what do you hate?
Carl: Erm… Drowning?
Anthony: Drowning! I fucking hate drowning! Last time we had to reanimate him. I tried to wake him up but he was having a sort of lucid dream - he tried to slip me the tongue when I gave him mouth to mouth
Carl: Don’t go swimming when you’re drunk and can’t swim!


Interviewer: Carl, when was the last time you spent a lot of money on something less than a foot in length?
Anthony: Your trumpet?
Carl: NO… Sorry, notice a bit of bitterness there because er, Anthony threw my trumpet that I used on both Libertines albums and was my pride and joy, into the audience.
Anthony: I feel terrible. I decided I was done with the trumpet so I hurled it into the crowd at Leeds…
Carl: But watch this space kids, ‘cause Anthony’s pride and joy trumpet is coming your way soon.