anthony tudor

The Trail of Fear. Anthony Armstrong. New York: Tudor Publishing Co, 1933. First edition. Original dust jacket.

“Not strictly a detective story, but a good example of the chase after dope smugglers of the type popular in the late twenties … the chase goes on continuously for 275 pages, and it holds the attention surprisingly well … the hero is not a superman, and his strengths and weaknesses are well matched.”


I am the   A  N  G  E  L   of the Sun
Whose flaming wheels began to run
When God’s almighty breath
Said to the darkness and the Night,
Let there be light! and there was light.

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Under the cut is a masterlist of actors and actresses who’ve featured in period pieces; on screen and/or on TV; along with few mentionable titles of theirs. Note that I tried to focus on those who’ve either been in multiple pieces and/or in a bigger role. This list is based on my own knowledge of period pieces and I probably forgot about a million names and titles and whatnot, so this list will most likely be updated all the time


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