anthony trevino

VICTOR ANTHONY MARTINEZ  michael trevino ( he / him )

AGE & BIRTHDAY: 26 october 31
HOMETOWN: montebello, california
BIRTH ORDER: older sibling

HE’S DEFINITELY: compassionate, humorous, and adventurous
BUT ALSO: stubborn, kind of conceited, and doesn’t really take himself seriously

ORIENTATION: bisexual / biromantic
LOOKING FOR: friendships. hook-ups, professional networking, clients, someone to play ball with, basically, anyone that piques my interest.

  • Victor Martinez was born and raised in Montebello, CA to loving parents Ana Maria and Javier Martinez. From what he could remember of his childhood, it was happy and his family was always close. His parents always wanted excellence for him, and he wanted to make them proud in any way he could. Victor was an exceptional basketball player, and found himself getting a full ride scholarship to University of San Francisco, where he majored in Kinesiology. His parents always instilled in him the importance of having a backup plan. So if basketball didn’t pan out, he had a degree that he could put to use. He knew no matter how good he was, there was a chance that he wouldn’t get recruited to the NBA and he wanted to be prepared for that.
  • Victor had played College ball, and was one of the best on his team. But during his senior year, Victor got injured during one of his basketball games, and wasn’t able to play the rest of the season. Because of that injury, he didn’t get recruited. Victor took the news pretty hard but after talking to his parents, he realized that maybe he was meant to be doing something else with his life. So naturally, he continued his studies and graduated with honors, and pursued his master’s degree in which he worked part-time as a personal trainer in the sports department at his college.
  • The job paid decently and gave Victor more experience. Experience he used when deciding to go into business for himself after completing his master’s degree. He had built up a pretty decent clientele as a personal trainer, so he and a few friends decided to open up a gym. It took a lot of money, time and effort but two years later, they had a grand opening for ‘Raise The Bar Gym.’ He was very proud of what he had accomplished, and even better, his parents were extremely proud of him.
  • As for his personal life, Victor had a lot of clients who became friends later, and he has some college buds and people from his home town he still keeps in touch with and hang out with when he gets a chance. He is close with his family, and puts their needs before his own. He doesn’t have romances, and not because he doesn’t want them, he just hasn’t found anyone to make him believe that he can have what his parents have. And he honestly isn’t looking for that special someone. He has a firm belief that if he is meant to fall in love, it will happen, but until then, he would enjoy life to the fullest measure. So he has been sticking to one night stands and hooks ups, which doesn’t bother him at all. But maybe joining Wink will open up other possibilities.
  • As for his personality, he is funny, active, adventurous. Victor would try any and everything at least once. He is also Charismatic, Charming, Healthy, Dedicated, Flexible, and Passionate Victor has mostly a Humorous mood. He doesn’t take himself seriously at all. And loves laughing with people and bringing joy to their life.