When I was 17, from a kinda terrible home, newly out as Trans, and hugely angsty, Anthony Head took me into his life, and for the first time I was made to feel that I was worth something, he told me that he believed in me and that I should follow my dreams.

He then proceeded to spend the next few years proving those were not empty words. Now I just turned 20, I know that I’m loved, and I followed my dreams. I’m studying at university, a national award winning poet, and this is the dedications page of my second book:

Trust me when I say, life gets better. So much better. And dreams, they can certainly come true.


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel Cast Reunions / Recent Images

I’ve been to a couple cons in the past with James Marsters, and I think my favorite story that I heard him tell was regarding his accent as Spike.

Basically when he first got on the show his British accent was terrible. Anthony Stewart Head basically pulled him aside and was like “Look, I have to go back to England at some point and I don’t want them to run me out of the country, we’re going to work on this.”