anthony shepperd


Block Head - The Music Scene

Amazing: All hand drawn, so much appreciation.


Anthony F. Schepperd, unknown to me as of a mere two days ago, but is one of the most extraordinary artists I would say of this age. Schepperd’s medium of choice is 2D animation, and adds his own unique twist/ touch to his work by using animals, sex appeal, and an almost hallucinogenic style. He has been commissioned by musicians such as Blockhead and Ape School. This particular video completely blew me away (although all his videos are above and beyond any 2D animations I have ever seen and my area of focus at school is graphics and animation) and I will keep an eye out for more of his work as he soars to fame. Keep up the unworldly work Anthony and keep your eyes peeled for shirts and designs with influences from this artist. 

Be sure to check out some of his other work on youtube and his website at