anthony scroggins

Cover Illustration for BattleCorps Anthology #5: Counterattack

This year’s Anthology cover came together like a dream. No sooner had we realized we were under the gun to come up with a cover really fast, I received an email from BattleTech fan favorite artist Anthony Scroggins that he was suddenly available for anything I could throw him. 24 hours later he had the assignment in hand and was cranking out the awesome. Sometimes the stars just align and everything falls neatly into place.

The design for this one was a bit interesting because while we knew what scene we wanted, we weren’t quite sure how to show it. The scene comes out of the story “Godfather” (specifically pages 250-252.) Anthony made the bold choice to put the POV from inside the battered Rifleman as it charges in at a ragged Awesome. Along the way we tried a number of things from zooming the Awesome in or out and changing its pose, to having the Awesome kicking the Hunchback on the ground at its feet.

You’ll see in the progression of the image how those decisions were made (or changed) along the way.

The final product really looks cool and Anthony did a great job bringing it
to life. I hope you enjoy seeing the progression of this image from
initial concept to final glory.

‘Mech on!