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He had worked twenty-some days in a row, and on his one day off, he felt the need to take me up to the rain forest in the northwest corner of Washington State with his mother and this environmentalist. His mom’s going, “Hug a tree, Tony,” and I’m, like, “I don’t feel good about hugging a tree,” but you know something? I’ve never seen trees like this in my life–they’re 30 stories tall and they’re swaying in the wind and they’re making music, and you hear Rrrrrrrr. And all of a sudden I realized how important these issues are to this family.
—  Anthony Clark (Co-stars; The Thing Called Love, Dogfight)

Rio Olympics’ cauldron: The cauldron proper takes the form of a pot; as part of the organizers’ focus on preventing global warming, it was designed to have low emissions and produce a smaller volume of flame than previous cauldrons. The flame is accompanied by a circular kinetic sculpture by Anthony Howe  representing the sun, with the spirals representing life.


Flag signing. Such a cool team tradition. #RoadToRio#TeamUSA #SwimUnited #GoUSA