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Stuff My Mom Has Told Me During Hamilton (Act 1)
  • Hamilton: "Why do they start out with the end? Spoilers!"
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: "How is telling someone you stalked and punched them a sure way to make friends?"
  • "Mom..."
  • "Who's the random French dude?"
  • "Lafayette."
  • "Where did he come from?"
  • "France, mom."
  • "Is this man having sex with horses?"
  • My Shot: "Didn't that guy sing this on Jimmy? The lyrics were different..."
  • The Story of Tonight: "I would not have told you about nights like that..."
  • The Schuyler Sisters: "That poor Peggy...she sounds adorable."
  • Farmer Refuted: "I have no clue what's being said..."
  • You'll Be Back: "Does this apply to what's going on now?"
  • Right Hand Man: "BURR JUST GOT REJECTED!"
  • A Winter's Ball: "With the ladies? Didn't you say he liked John?"
  • Helpless: "Girl this is gonna end bad for you..."
  • Satisfied: "How do you forget your name then - BAM! - now you remember?"
  • TSOT (Reprise): "They're cute when they're drunk."
  • Wait For It: "Wait - is everyone having an affair? You said Alex does right?"
  • "Mom just listen..."
  • "What does this have to do about Georgia?"
  • Stay Alive: "Did they eat horses asses?!"
  • Ten Duel Commandments: "How is General Lee here? Why do they hate him?"
  • "That's Charles're thinking of Robert E. Lee."
  • "Oh."
  • Meet Me Inside: "Alexander you gonna get grounded!"
  • That Would Be Enough: "A little Hamilton sounds like a bad idea..."
  • Guns and Ships: "Damn he's fast."
  • History Has Its Eyes on You: "That's some deep shit..."
  • Battle of Yorktown: "I LIKE THIS ONE!"
  • "Mom please - "
  • "THEY WON!"
  • "I know they did mom."
  • What Comes Next: "Wait did he - oh my God. 'Awesome. Wow.' That's how I feel when your father talks about sports."
  • Dear Theodosia: "That's an awful name..."
  • "Mom!"
  • John Laurens Interlude (i had to): "Wait...what?"
  • Non-Stop: "How do you go from something so sad to this?! What the hell?!"

Some more throwback for y'all!

  • <p> <b>burr:</b> the stars are beautiful tonight.<p/><b>alex:</b> *nods*<p/><b>burr:</b> do you know what else is beautiful?<p/><b>alex:</b> *blushes* what?<p/><b>burr:</b> theodosia.<p/><b>alex:</b> i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory<p/></p>

creepyfloof  asked:

Can you do "I'm scared," with Theo and Philip?

— I’ve never written these two before, hope this is okay @creepyfloof!

“I’m scared”

A smile pulls at Philip’s lips when he hears the doorbell ring. “She’s here,” he says to himself, as he gets up and heads downstairs.

He hears his father open the door so he runs down the hallway, suddenly worried about what kinds of things he may be saying to her. He wonders if he just enjoys embarrassing him or something.

“I’m sure Philip will be down soon, he’s a bit slow sometimes.”

“Oh my god dad.” He gets to the door in time to hear that.

But his momentary embarrassment soon passes, and he cracks a smile. “Hey Theo, sorry if my dad said anything weird before I got here.”

“I opened the door like ten seconds ago, I didn’t say anything,” he chuckles. “Have a good time kids.”

“Dad I’m fifteen, I’m not a kid,” Philip grumbles, before gently taking Theodosia’s hand. “Want to go downstairs?”

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