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Actual conversation i had last week
  • My friend: dude i just drew Alexander Hamilton, what should i put in his speech bubble?
  • Me: Laurens i like you a lot
  • My friend: no he looks sad
  • Me: Laurens i liked you a lot
  • My friend: SHIT DUDE NO
  • burr: after the war i went back to new york
  • hamilton: damn thats what i did too, how can i make it sound cooler???
  • hamilton: A-AFTER the war i went bACK to nEW York

Attorney Daveed Diggs everyone.

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: John Laurens is so underrepresented in history. I had never heard of him before Hamilton, even though he fought for equality before it was even on the radar. America was trying to be free and he focused on freeing the slaves instead of himself and his country. And he had a romantic connection to Alexander Hamilton that is proven in his letters, yet ignored by most historians. Why does no one talk more about John Laurens and all that he did?