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Run To You // Sam Wilson x Reader P4

Pairing: Sam Wilson x POC Reader, Bucky Barnes x POC Reader
Word Count: 2.6k+
Warning: fluff, language, angst, FEELINGS 

Summary: Time Skip: A year and a half! Moving in with the Avengers was the best decision you’d ever made. Things between you and Sam are absolutely wonky. Thor doesn’t approve of anything less than complete honesty. It looks like there’s someone else who might want a chance to earn your heart.

A/N: I have no self-control. None. Not even a little bit. If no one stops me I might end up writing 200k words and 20 chapters lmao. This whole thing is already 10k+ in my docs There’s definitely going to be more parts to this.

Inspiration: “Over You” ~ Daughtry

“I’m slowly getting closure,
I guess it’s really over,
I’m finally getting better
Now I’m picking up these pieces,
From spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together,
‘Cause the day I thought I’d never get through,
I got over you…”

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Listening to Hurricane:

Me: *Almost in tears*
Hamilton: “I couldn’t seem to die-”
Me: *Practically sobbing*
Burr: “Wait for it.”
Me: im sorry wha-

  • Me: I feel sad
  • Jasmine cephas jones: *talks with an English accent*
  • Me: WOW suddenly I am healthy, my skin is clear, I'm passing my classes, I'm eating healthy, the birds are singing, my smile has never been brighter, I'm drinking 8 glasses of water a day, I have a reason to live, I get 11 hours of sleep, and life is perfect
What'd I Miss ??

Alexander: wow my life is going GREAT right now! I can’t believe I have the best wife in the world, a free country, Washington on my side and my beautiful children!

Thomas: *jaws theme*