anthony o'hare


With this application, an image or detailed description of applicant must be submitted.




Personal Interests:


Reasons as to Why You Think You Deserve to Date My Son:

What Are Your Plans for the Future:

What Will You Do to Try and Win Anthony Over:

What Will You Do to Try and Win Sam and I Over:

What is it Exactly That You Like About My Son:

Applications will be looked over by me, Joshua O'Hare, as whom I think would be the most suitable person for our beloved and adorable son.

If we find you considerable, you will be contacted by Sam and I shortly and an interview and test will be scheduled to prove your worth.

Thank You.

Joshua O'Hare

Short Suitor Fic

P.J. whined softly as he pulled on his sisters arm. “Please Jenny? Please? I really like him!!” He said as he latched himself onto her leg. “Rae help me out here, please get him off.” Jenny said turning to her girlfriend that was sitting at the island in the kitchen. “Nope, he’s your brother, what do you want her to do anyway P.J.?” she asked as she sipped her coffee. “I need her to write a boyfriend application to Mr. O'Hare so that I can date Anny!! He’s so cute, very nice, we both like art stuff and I think he’s just so perfect. She needs to write it because I want him to think I’m kinda smart, but I want to put that he’s not something to be won, Anny is too good for that.” He said blushing as he looked up at Jenny with pleading eyes. She sighed and pushed him away. “Aww he’s in love Jenny, just write it for him. It would be so cute to see them going on little dates and what not.” Rae said as she walked over and kissed her cheek before ruffling P.J.s hair. Sighing she pulled P.J. to the living room and sat him down. “Alright I’ll write it, but your chores are doubled for two weeks.” P.J. nodded vigorously and grinned. “I’ll do whatever chores you want me to do, hurry though! I want Anny to know I love him.” He said happily as he watched Jenny start the application.


Suitor Application

Name: Patrick James “PJ” Micheals

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Personal Interests: Soccer, Cooking and Art

Dislikes: Math and generally anything I believes is boring

Reasons as to Why You Think You Deserve to Date My Son: I would cherish him and support him in anyway I could. Cook for him and be there when he needs me as well as help him shop for clothes because it’s really cute.

What Are Your Plans for the Future: Have a career in Art History, maybe as an Assistant Professor. I would also like to go to the major leagues in soccer.

What Will You Do to Try and Win…I will be willing to do whatever it is that you ask of me, but your son is not some prize to ‘win’ I would just like to be able to have a chance at giving him my heart and in return having him give me his.

Description: Normally wears a graphic t-shirt that’s either purple or blue, tight black ripped at the knees jeans, purple converse and a gray beanie. Wears his soccer uniform when playing games and practicing with the team or by himself.

Height: 4’'6 

(5’'7 ¼ when he grows up to be 19)

Weight: 106 ½ lbs

Eyes: Golden Brown

Skin: Slightly tan from practicing during the summer

Hair: Dark blonde with some natural brown highlights

Anthony (Anny) O'Hare (or Owensby, THAT HAS YET TO BE DECIDED)

Little Anny is 9 years old and was adopted by Sam and Joshua at the age of 6 and a half (as he so often reminded everyone at that time). Anny was always curious about girls clothes, but finally started wearing them after the older girls in the orphanage he lived in started to dress him up. 

He’s a happy little boy that is mature for his age, but very blunt and gets to the point very quickly. He loves to make new friends and dressing them up, too. He sometimes gets teased for his dressing preferences, but has some wonderful friends that come to his rescue. He has no desire to actually be a girl, he just really likes how the clothes look on him.

He has four “cutie marks.” Two under each eye (as seen above). 

Anny is very attached to his fathers. They try to spend as much time together as possible. He wants to grow up and be an artist just like them! He likes to watch how cute they can be towards one another and hopes to be in love like them someday! 

Strawberries are his favorite food, but he can do without carrots… Blech!


If there’s anything else you want to know, please let me know!

PJ's Love Letter

Jenny sighed as she watched PJ roll around on the living room floor holding a pencil. “PJ, not that watching you roll around isn’t amusing but, what the ever loving deep fried twinkies are you doing?” She asked staring down at him from behind her lap top. Blushing he stopped and looked down at the piece of paper he had yet to write on. “I’m trying to write a love letter to Anny. One of the kids in my class said that Arthur Clawson put candy and a note in Anny’s desk, so I’m trying to step up my game.” “Where did you ever hear step up my game?” “You said it when Rae also had that Rachael girl wanting her.” Jenny frowned and turned her attention back to her work. “Just write what you feel, and stop rolling around.” PJ pouted and stared at the paper. Suddenly an idea came to him. “I’m going to use one of my canvases to paint him something.” He said excitedly as he jumped up and ran to his room. He spent three whole hours painting a 10 year olds rendition of a red rose on top of a light blue background. The painting had four small strawberries on each corner. “I hope he likes it.” he said before grabbing his pencil and another piece of paper. PJ spent another two hours trying to make the letter perfect without any mistakes, in his mind he couldn’t afford to make even one. The next day he placed the painting and the letter next to the O'Hares front door.

The Letter:

Dear Anny,

I really like you a lot and I know your dad is wanting you to have a good person for you to date. Arthur really likes you too but I hope you like me more, The way you dress is really cute and I really like your smile. I had my sister Jenny write that thing for your dad and had her read this over so there wouldn’t be any mistakes. This painting is of a rose because it reminds me how beautiful you are and the strawberries are because you really like them. I hope your dad lets you choose instead because I really really like you.


PJ Micheals

P.S. I hope to be by your side and love you forever