anthony nichols

Thor: The Dark World


George Kirk as Thor

Queen Amidala/ Padme as Jane Foster

Capt. Nicholls as Loki

Dr. Hannibal Lector as Odin

The Dr. as Malekith

Flynn Rider as Fandral

Marcus as Volstagg

Stacker Pentecost as Heimdall

Max Black as Darcy Lewis

Bootstrap Bill as Erik Selvig


Roy Trenneman as Richard

The cast of Jonathan Miller’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’ stand on a ladder outside the Cambridge Theatre. Anthony Nicholls plays Antonio, Jane Lapotaire plays Jessica, Jeremy Brett plays Bassanio and Jim Dale plays Lancelot Gobbo. In the foreground are Sir Laurence Olivier and his wife Joan Plowright, who play Shylock and Portia. 1970.


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