Winter Break: Part Three

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Anthony Mackie( more to be added)

Word Count: 1,188 words

Warnings: Swearing in French and German(?)

A/N: hey guys, this part is sorta a slow part but bear with me. hope you’re enjoying and PLEASE give feedback. (:

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“Anthony!” you grin when you see the man leaning against the hood of a rental car in the airport’s parking garage.

“Hey there, Little Stan,” he greets you, pulling you into his arms and patting your shoulders. “I think it’s past your bedtime.”

“I think it’s past everyone’s bed time,” Chris says, and Seb yawns.

“We have tomorrow off though, right?” he asks as he takes your suitcase from you and loads into the back of the car.

“You mean today?” Anthony replies sarcastically, getting into the driver’s seat. “Yeah, we do.”

You get into the back behind him on the left side, and Chris and Sebastian soon follow. You pull the jacket Damon had given to you in your carryon backpack out, and put it on before nestling against the window. Sebastian leans against you, head on your shoulder. Anthony starts the car’s engine, and cool air that only makes you colder blasts on your legs, and you shiver.

“Put the heat on,” you complain.

“I’m working on it, LS,” Anthony waves his hand at you, and Chris reaches over him to turn the settings over to heat.

Anthony pulls the car out of the lot, and you look upwards at the morning sky. The sun was rising in the far off distance, so already some of the constellations were disappearing with the inky blackness of the sky. The early morning workers drove alongside you on the road as Anthony took the rental vehicle onto the highway, and the cars sped up or were left behind you.

“The hotel is about ten minutes away,” Chris says to break the silence in the car.
“It’s called the Steigenberger Grandhotel,” Mackie adds, “and it’s pretty damn cool. You’ll like it, Little Stan.”

You hum as a reply, and rest your head against the cool glass. Sebastian is already asleep on your shoulder, and you can hear the beginnings of his soft snores in your ear.

“How long have you guys been here?” you ask quietly.

“I just got here this morning,” Chris tells you. “I slept all day though.”

“I’ve been here since Saturday,” Mackie answers after Chris. “You wouldn’t believe the actual embodiment of hyper I sat with on the plane.”

“Was it a little kid?” you question as you yawn.

“No,” Mackie shrugs his shoulders and chuckles. “It was Tom Holland, the teenage kid playing Spider-Man for this movie.”

“Cool,” you say, because you literally have no idea who this person is.

“Yeah,” Mackie nods, glancing at you in the rearview mirror. “He’s a monster.”

You smile faintly, and watch the highway zoom by, counting the seconds between one lamp post to another until the car was taking an exit off, and the road turned into a street. Restaurants and tourist trap looking shops lined the sides of the street, and tons of German words and phrases lit up in LED lights catch your attention. A four year course in foreign languages, in addition to six years of Forest at your side, comes back to you.

Ahead, you read a sign showing a speed limit mark and then remember you had to tell Damon when you landed. Trying not to wake Sebastian, you wriggle around before you take your phone out of your back pocket and open the text messaging app. You just simply say landed, before turning your phone back off and leaving it to rest in your lap.

“Nearly there,” Mackie announces.

True to his word, only a few moments pass until Mackie is pulling into a large parking lot and cruising down the lanes to find a spot to park in. Eventually, he settles on place a distance away from the front of the building, and you shake Sebastian’s shoulder.

“We’re here Seb,” you say softly, and when he doesn’t stir, you blow sharply in his ear.

Your brother jerks, eyes wide open and you laugh as he wipes at his ear. His eyes meet yours, and when he realizes what you must have done to him, he glares and flicks your cheek.

“Ow,” you pout, rubbing your face, and Sebastian only sticks his tongue out at you.

“Come on, liebchen,” Chris teases, and you open the car door, stepping out.

“Nice German, Captain,” you say to him, “but I’m not your sweetheart.”

Mackie lets out a short belt of laughter, and Seb lets out a tired snort while Chris looks at you, confused.

“What did I say?” he questions.

Liebchen means sweetheart,” you chuckle, slinging your backpack over your shoulder. “I think you were trying to go for kinder, which means children.”

Chris shrugs, and takes your suitcase from you. “Same difference.”

You smile and shake your head, but don’t argue.

The chilly air holds tightly onto you, desperately trying to force a shiver out of you, but you make it into the hotel’s lobby before your teeth begin to chatter.

You’re looking up at the beautiful decorations in the lobby when a body collides with yours, and you yelp, stumbling. For a quick moment, you think you’re going to fall to the ground and you get ready to throw your hands out in front of you, until someone grabs your shoulders, pulling you back upright.

“I’m so sorry,” the extremely young looking man apologizes instantaneously, his thick British accent making his words sound utterly out of place in Germany. His hands are still on both of your shoulders, his fingers digging into your clothes and pinching your skin.

“It’s okay,” you scramble to say, and his eyes search your face for only a moment before Mackie speaks up.

“Tom, what have I told you about running and not watching where you’re going?” Anthony scolds him.

Tom, who still has yet to let go of you, blushes. “Sorry.”

“(Y/N),” Chris says. “This is Tom Holland, one of the cast members.”

You tap Tom’s hands, and he flushes a deeper crimson as he takes his hands from your shoulders and returns them to his side.

“Nice to meet you,” you tell Tom, and he gives you an embarrassed smile.

“Tom, this is Seabass’s younger sister,” Mackie adds on, and you smile thinly.

“Awesome,” Tom beams, too bright of an expression for this early in the morning. You take a moment to look more closely at him and realize that he’s wearing a sweater and a pair of gym shorts, white Apple earbuds sticking out of his front pocket. “Do you guys need any help with your bags?”

“Nah, we’ve got it,” Sebastian tells him, offering him a grateful look.

“Well, I’m going to go on my run,” Tom decides, gesturing to his phone that he’s taken out of his pocket with an unfamiliar album cover on the screen. “See you later guys. It was lovely meeting you, (Y/N). Sorry for bumping into you.”

“It’s okay,” you assure him, watching as him as he navigates his way around you, Mackie, Seb, and Chris, and slip out the front doors of the lobby.

“Quit staring after him,” Mackie says, and you jump, not realizing you had indeed been watching the door Tom had left through longer than you should have.

“I’m not staring after him,” you mutter turning a shade of pink, and pull the sleeves on Damon’s jacket down farther on your wrists. “Can we just get our rooms so Sebastian and I can go to sleep?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Mackie bobs his head back and forth sarcastically. “So impatient, just like your brother.”

“It probably runs in the family,” Chris chuckles.

Me, after registering at Wizard World Philly: “Is there a schedule of times for all Sebastian’s photo ops and autograph sessions?" 

Nice lady 1: "Yes, you can find a schedule at Sebastian’s booth inside. It’s in the back on the… left?" 

Nice lady 2: "Yeah it’s on the left, because we moved Mackie to the right to keep them apart." 

Me: "I’m sorry, did you say you have to keep Sebastian and Anthony apart?”

Nice lady 1: “Yes, because they get into trouble if we don’t. They have been silly stringing each other and the staff. We had a volunteer directing people and they both completely covered her head in silly string." 

Me: ”….you’re joking.“ 

Nice ladies 1 & 2, looking slightly disgruntled: "No. We aren’t." 

You guys. The staff of Wizard World Philly have literally been instructed to keep Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie separated. Because they are silly stringing themselves, others and the venue.

Winter Break: Part Four

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman(more to be added)

Word Count: 1.9k words

Warnings: Swearing? Star Trek vs. Star Wars

A/N: hey guys, this was a long part to write, and I’m not too sure if I like the ending very much, but there’s a lot of banter (: enjoy




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The next morning, you wake up to knocking on your hotel room door. You sit up groggily as someone comes into your room, and push your hair out of your face to see a red haired woman standing at the foot of your bed.

“Scarlett,” you blurt out when you recognize the woman, and she laughs, jumping onto the bed. You reach for her, hugging her tightly. “God, I must smell so bad. I probably look like a mess, don’t I?”

“You don’t smell as bad as your brother did,” Scarlett chuckles as she holds you at an arm’s length. Her hair is a dull red color, reminding you of the color of the pumpkin you and Max accidently burned on Halloween, and she appears just as beautiful as ever.

“Sebastian always smells,” you joke, and she smiles wider. “What time is it?”

“It’s about two thirty in the afternoon,” she tells you off handedly. “The Russos want us to keep you guys both on a strict sleeping schedule, so we decided to let you sleep eight hours before waking you up.”

“They want me on a sleeping schedule?” you question, raising an eyebrow.

“They told me Sebastian brought you with him so you could see about getting an internship with them when you graduate,” Scarlett explains, smiling smugly. “Want to tell me about that?”

You blush, and bring the covers up to your nose. “At least let me get dressed first and then we can talk about it with some lunch?”

“Okay,” she agrees, hugging you again even with the covers over your face before she stands. “I’ll be back in twenty minutes.”

You wave at her until you hear the door close, and flop back into your bed, staring at the popcorn textured ceiling. You had forgotten that the entire cast would be here, which wasn’t a bad thing, but you hoped to hell that not all of them had the key to your room.

Getting out of bed, you immediately put the chain bolt on the hotel room door, and then turned the shower on. You didn’t spend a lot of time under the hot water, just using the hotel’s complimentary shampoo and conditioner in your hair and scrubbing your face before getting out. You left a trail of wet footprints as you walked back out to the bedroom, which you crisscrossed over as you carried your suitcase over to your bed. You opt for jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt, and pulled on a black shirt with a yellow Star Trek Command insignia emboldened over the right side of your chest.

You went for your shoes just as somebody knocked on the door, and you finished lacing them up before snatching your phone off of its charger on the bedside table.

“Be right there,” you called towards the door, and picked up a few euro bills Sebastian had transacted your American money for at the airport. You stuff the money and the room’s keycard into your back pocket as you took the chain off of the door and swung it open.

“That was twenty-four minutes,” Scarlett says once you step out and lock the door behind you.

“We’re girls,” you say as you fix your shirt. “You should know we take longer than twenty minutes to get ready.”

Scarlett chuckles, and you walk with her down the hall towards the elevator. You’d been put on the fifth floor, and from what you had gathered from Chris last night, the entire fifth, fourth, and part of the third floors were bought out by the cast and some of the crew.

“Where are we going?” you ask when you’re standing in the elevator. Scarlett hits the lobby button as she answers.

“Robert, Don, and Paul all went out sight-seeing, and I know Elizabeth, Daniel, Rudd, and Jeremy went out to lunch an hour ago,” Scarlett begins to say.

“Who’s Daniel?” you question, trying to think of a face to put to the name.

“He’s the guy playing Zemo, the bad guy,” she replies. “He’s cool, you’ll probably get along with him.”

“What about my brother?” you ask. The elevator doors open, and Scarlett steers you off to the left, down a corridor going somewhere away from the lobby.

“Last I saw him, he was closing his room’s door in Chris’ face and went back to bed,” Scarlett tells you as you walk together, and you let out a short breath of laughter.

“Sounds like Sebastian,” you nod.

“Yeah,” Scarlett agrees. “Mackie and Chadwick are still here though. Tom should still be here too, if you haven’t met him yet.”

“I met him last night,” you tell her, thinking back for the first time this morning of the young guy that had almost knocked you over.  “Who’s Chadwick though?” you ask as Scarlett turns a corner.


You look over Scarlett in the direction the voice had come from and find a black haired man standing next to Mackie near a restaurant entrance.

“That would be Chadwick,” Scarlett says, then smiles in greeting towards both the older men.

“Why are we talking about me?” Chadwick asks, and you can already pick up on his dry humor.

“Because I don’t know who you are,” you say to him.

His eyes meet yours, analyzing, and then he cracks a smile. “I don’t know who you are either.”

“(Y/N) Stan,” you introduce yourself, holding out your hand for him to shake.

“Chadwick Boseman,” the older man replies, and takes your hand. “I didn’t know Sebastian had a younger sister.”

“He doesn’t talk about her because we all love her more,” Mackie joins the conversation, and casually throws his arm over your shoulder.

“Hey, it’s (Y/N),” another voice says, and you glance behind you as Tom Holland walks up to Scarlett, smiling with one earbud hanging from his right ear.

“Hey, you didn’t knock me over this time,” you comment jokingly, but Tom blushes despite the lighthearted humor.

“He knocked you over?” Scarlett asks, and ruffles Tom’s already messy hair. “You have to be careful with Baby Stan.”

“Little Stan,” Mackie corrects her, and you roll your eyes, smiling.

“Hate to disrupt your fondling over Little Stan,” Chadwick breaks in, “but I’m starving and if we don’t eat soon, I’m going to eat one of you.”

“You are the Black Panther,” Tom points out.

“And you are a spider, little man,” Chadwick replies, holding his finger up to Tom. “Unlike Anthony, I will step on little eight legged creatures.”

Tom feigns fear, and cowers behind Scarlett. “Protect me, Momma Spider.”

“I am a mother,” Scarlett says, “but not to a strange child like you.”

“Hey!” Tom whines, and you laugh along with Mackie as he starts to walk forward, arm still across your shoulders.

“Chris told me to tell you that he and Sebastian are going to be late since he only just got Seb to unlock his door,” Tom adds, glancing up from his phone.

“To tell me?” you ask, and he nods. You slip out from under Mackie’s arm and walk alongside Tom as Scarlett orders a table from the star struck waiter.

“Mmhm,” Tom nods, and pulls his earbud out as they reach a table. You sit across from Scarlett, and Tom sits next to her, with Chadwick in the seat next to you, and Mackie at the head of the table.

The waiter that had taken you to the table stays to take your drinks, tripping up on his English when Scarlett spoke to him in German. It was cute, until Mackie grumbled something along the lines of she’s married in German, and both you and Scarlett snorted, embarrassing the poor guy. He’d taken the drink order in shame, and hadn’t returned to take lunch orders.

“So, (Y/N),” Scarlett says as a waitress sets down everyone’s drinks. “Tell us about your internship scouting?”

You flush and duck your head, taking a long sip of water before glancing up again.

“I, uh,” you struggle to find a place to start with, but you’re saved when your brother sweeps in behind you, throwing his arms around your neck and resting his chin on top of your head.

“Good morning, little sister,” Sebastian says, and you squirm under him, trying to push him off.

“Get off of me, you big oaf,” you laugh, and he gasps, releasing you as he pulls up a chair so he can sit on the edge of the table between you and Mackie.

“Are you calling me fat?” he asks as he crosses his legs under the table. Chris, who’s sits at the other end of the table, across from Mackie, chuckles.

“If you’re talking about pre-puberty,” you purse your lips, teasingly, “then yes.”
Sebastian pouts and you offer him your water as an apology, and he takes it from you, muttering in Russian. Scarlett kicks him under the table, and you hit his arm, despite not having any idea what he’s said.

“Ow!” Sebastian yelps, and Tom chokes as he laughs, root beer dripping down his chin.

“I think we should be more careful with Older Stan than Little Stan,” Tom says, and you groan at your nickname.

“No,” Chadwick shakes his head, quirking a smile. “I’m enjoying this.”

“Me too,” Mackie adds, smirking slightly.

“Oh come on,” Sebastian whines. “Steve, I thought you were supposed to protect me from them.”

Chris chuckles, and leans back in his seat. “Steve isn’t available right now.”

“Asshole,” Sebastian scoffs, but he’s smiling.

“Isn’t the Black Panther and Black Widow on Team Iron Man anyways?” you question, teasing your brother, and Sebastian gives you a glare out the corner of his eyes.

“Actually,” Chadwick starts to say, but Tom practically leaps across the table to slam his hand over the older man’s mouth.

“Shhhh,” Tom hushes him, his other index finger over his lips. “Spoilers are bad.”

“Geht hoore hann awf oov meye hace,” Chadwick says into Tom’s palm, glaring at the teenager.

Tom gives an awkward laugh, and slowly retreats back into his seat, wiping his hand that had been on Chadwick’s mouth on his jeans.

The waitress comes back a moment later, asking if everyone was ready to order. You catch her staring at Tom while he orders, a truly awkward ten second conversation with the confusion of his accent and her limited English, and notice how Tom blushes pink.

When she leaves, Seb nudges you, leaning over and sing-songing quietly, “Somebody’s got a crush.”

You push him away, and flick him in the cheek, your face flushing.

He sticks his tongue out at you, and Scarlett claps her hands over the table, capturing everyone’s attention.

“Would you men shut up for two minutes?” she asks sarcastically. “(Y/N) needs to tell us why she wants an internship.”

“I thought it was obvious,” Sebastian snorts. “She wants to boss our asses around set after she graduates.”

You roll your eyes at your brother.

“You want to be a director?” Tom asks, sounding surprised. “That’s so cool.”

“Thanks,” you say truthfully.

“So you want to work with the Russos?” Chris asks, and you nod.

“The Russos, Steven Spielberg, Johnny Depp,” you list. “Whoever would help me.”

“Joe and Anthony already like you,” Mackie points out. “They’ll help you.”

The conversation goes like that, constant streams of questions and Sebastian revealing your obsession with movie watching, which leads to a debate on what movie series was better, Star Trek or Star Wars.

“It’s definitely Star Trek,” Tom shakes his head at Chadwick, who had argued for Star Wars.

“Star Trek,” Chris agrees.

“Guys,” Scarlett cuts in. “Food.”

You thank the waiter that sets your sandwich down in front of you, and he smiles warmly at you as he hands Sebastian his salad. The waitress that had been serving the table places the rest of the food down, and leaves with a quick wave to her waiter helper.

“You’re Sebastian’s little sister,” Mackie says, bringing the conversation back, “so of course I’m going to say Star Wars.”

“Oh shut up, Mackie,” Scarlett rolls her eyes. “We all know you have a crush on Chris Pine.”

Was that Chris Pine? Was that Chris Pine?” Sebastian mocks an old interview.

“Screw you two,” Mackie huffs, and you, Tom, Chris, and Chadwick laugh at Mackie’s pouting.

A few moments go by where no one says a word, mouths full with food, and then beside you, Sebastian says:

“Soo…I say Team Iron Man pays the bill.”

crazycatchick4Finally caught up with Anthony Mackie- I asked security to ask him at his booth if he wanted to meet “THE baby”, and he immediately turned around and was like “wait, where’s the baby?” and walked over and reached out to hold her. She of course loved him, and the feeling seemed to be mutual :)

I CAN’T!!!!!! This is the sweetest picture.