Dear Disgustingly Attractive Male Celebrity,

I did not follow you on social media to see your beautiful significant other. That is not what I signed up for, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t have a life outside of my slightly scary love for you. Or at least don’t make it so obvious. So that somewhere in my adorably warped mind I can still pretend I have a minuscule chance of licking your face, smothering you with my affection, and rubbing my preciously average body against your perfectly sculpted, godlike frame. Sincerely, Comfortably Crazy Single Fan-Woman P.S. - Just kidding lol…but not really

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THEIR VOICES IM DEAD (credits to whoever edited the video)


I: What about the scene with you and Mackie in the Volkswagen, there’s gotta be an hour of stories just from the two of you sitting in that car together, and also, how does Bucky not get shot gun?

Also I wanna highlight the ridiculous expressions Seb and Mackie were making in reaction to Chris’ kiss: