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[Steve, Bucky, Sam and Scott are driving back to the Avengers compound]

Scott: Barnes, can I ask you a question?

Bucky: Sure.

Scott: [about Tony leaving with Wolverine] Are you bothered by the fact that your former boyfriend left the gala with what is probably the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in my life?

Bucky: [grumbles] No. Why do you ask?

Scott: Because you’re going 120 miles per hour.


Timeless Scenes for every episode (1x13)

First off I just want to say that I know that it makes me cruel but I’m glad Wyatt didn’t get Jessica back, it would have just made so much unnecessary drama and that’s not what this show is about.

I loved all of Rufus’s references and fangirling in this episode, and I love that we got to see more of Anthony’s character development (I still have a hard time believing that Flynn killed him). I love that Lucy trusts Wyatt so much that she’d go with him seconds after saying that his idea was ‘insane’ and then again I love her even more for wishing him luck on getting his wife back (as painful as that was). Wyatt also had a lot of really good lines through all of this craziness and when he wasn’t being stupid I was laughing along side him (the picking out of their outfits was defintely a favorite). And Agent Christopher- this episode REALLy proved how much she loves her team and would do anything for them, even support Lucy’s crazy ideas; and on top of that she never doubted Lucy after finding out who her father was, which to me means a lot.

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Bonus (credit @lyattgifs)

This moment between Lucy and Jiya AFTER Lucy had already realized she loved Wyatt, was killer. She knows he trusts her but Jiya’s words had a sting because she knew he chose Jess; but the best part is that it doesn’t make her angry, if anything it softens her heart more to Wyatt’s pain. And of course she feels bad the boys didn’t tell Jiya. There’s so many things going on in this scene even though there are very little words said.

Break Dance AU

Just hear me out
There’s this one all-star team. One if them is a DJ at the club and the other is a small-time rapper. They’ve been dancing for a long time and have quite the reputation.
They’re Team Analogical. Anxiety and Logic.
Anthony and Logan, best friends since pre-k. They’ve been the champs for a long time, ever since they beat Tag Team, one of their favorite rivals.

Then, there’s this new team.
Prince and Morality.
Not much is really known about them??
Anthony is convinced that Prince is that one rich kid what was his name? Roman?
Logan rolls his eyes and says he’d be just as pompous here as he was in school if they were one in the same.

Roman is /panicking/
Patton the cute boy in math class is there and he’s really good and oh my god he likes me but he’s not a fan of me at school and oh gosh he’s so talented and Patton are you listening
That Logic is pretty cute huh

Basically these two “mystery characters” are total nerd pining over their self proclaimed arch rivals (thanks Roman) (I apologized!)

Tag Team gas figured all of this out and is trying to get them together but it’s /not working/
Missy we gotta do it
Peter no this is a terrible idea
No, no it’s great
We are not using my little brother in one of your schemes

Peter and Missy are in their study group
At first none of them have any clue
Missy figures it out first
Hey most amazing little brother
Oh, god, what
We ship these guys together right-
You mean Prinxiety and Logicality?

The internet, Miss. The internet. So, you two know my price, right?
Missy looks at Peter
I’ll get it to you tomorrow. /After/ you’ve done the thing.
Steven (Imaj) smiles

Later that night

… Oh no
*high pitched screaming*

… I don’t know where to go from here but Imma write somethin’ up during Creative Writing.


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