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Washingdad: Okay, it’s Thanksgiving, so it’s time to assign who cooks what. I am on Turkey

Washingdad: Herc is on ham.

Herc: Yeah boi.

Washingdad: Laf is on sweet rolls.

Laf: They will be as sweet and warm and fresh as me.

Washingdad: Aaron is on collard greens and corn on a cob.

Hamilsquad: Lame~.

Aaron: Shut up.

Washingdad: John is on baked beans.

John: I make the best beans, sweet and spicy just like me.

Washingdad: Alex is on potato salad.

Alex: why do I have to make potato salad?

Washingdad: Elizabeth makes good potato salad.

Washingdad: James is on sweet potato casserole.

Aaron: We’re going to have diabetes.

Washingdad: Thomas you’re on….

Thomas: *Has sparkle anime eyes*

Washingdad: Macaroni…

Hamilsquad: We’re gonna die!

Washingdad:*whispers* Martha will make the macaroni.

Thomas: Hey!

So your fave is problematic

You’re allowed to like them because they’re attractive and talented.

But if their behavior is unacceptable, offensive, rude, or they just mess up.. it’s okay to call them on it.

It’s okay to be upset. To be hurt. You put them on a pedestal and they betrayed the faith you had in them.

They’re human. They make mistakes.


they might apologize but it means nothing if there isn’t a change in behavior.

Defending their poor action only makes things worse. It’s like cop/lawyer/rich kids that get bailed out of trouble time and time again and refuse to be held accountable then people wonder what happened when they shoot up a school or attack a girl. Even then, there’s still people bailing them out and making excuses.

Your fave can be problematic and you can still like them for whatever reason. But accept the fact they’re not perfect and don’t turn on people who are hurt by what they did or point it out.

Remember when that belieber cut a girls hair just for saying she didn’t like Justin? That’s the kind of immature behavior I’m seeing from some of you. Stop it.

However, this is also referring to things that aren’t directly attacking people. If an apology and behavior change can happen from it, okay. A moment of ignorance and not realizing that the term they used was wrong? Sure. If they’re genuine in their apology and change their behavior I suppose that’s forgivable if they didn’t understand. If they assaulted someone, or deliberately used a slur out of hatred, ect… No. No excuses. They’re dead to you now.


Some people get grumpy that marvel movies are too silly all the time, YET WHAT DO THEY EXPECT WHEN MARVEL CASTS LITERAL CHILDREN IN ADULT BODIES FOR THE SUPERHERO ROLES?!!

For the nights you feel like having a Broadway marathon (Part 2)...

Into The Woods (Original cast members-1987)
Hamilton Act 1
Hamilton Act 2
Finding Neverland (Original Cast) Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Falsettos Act 1
Falsettos Act 2
Newsies (Original Cast)
Peter Pan (Cathy Rigby)
Waitress Act 1
Waitress Act 2
Sister Act
Bring It On
Catch Me If You Can
A Chorus Line (2006 Revival)
Spamalot Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12

the difference between aaron burr and alexander hamilton
  • Burr: *internal screaming*
  • Hamilton: *external screaming*
Listening to Hurricane:

Me: *Almost in tears*
Hamilton: “I couldn’t seem to die-”
Me: *Practically sobbing*
Burr: “Wait for it.”
Me: im sorry wha-

  • we fought with him
  • me i died for him
  • me i trusted him
  • me i loved him