anthony j. branco

We all have favourites. I know W.E. says he never favours one photo over another. I wish I didn’t.

This is Denise’s favourite from our recent trip to “‘Modern’ Day Cuba”. I had to save the best for last. “'Modern’ Day Cuba” is really not so modern. You see glimpses of it, but the old definitely vibrates more than the new. It’s simple in Cuba. It’s controlled.

I mean most don’t use the internet. It’s illegal. Tumblr? unheard of. I enjoyed the simplicity. An analog life. It’s amazing how quickly you realize you don’t need all this web-hoopla when you don’t have access. I also remember turning my iPhone on once I landed back in Canada and switching right back into “connected” mode. Checking all the different networks, email addys, txt msgs, missed calls… Poof! I didn’t shake my head, but now I do.