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Spartan Training

I signed up for a challenge called the ‘Spartan,’ a 8 mile obstacle course. I’ve committed to winning.

I’ve never ran more than 8 miles consecutively. In fact the first time I ran over 1 mile was a 5K (3.2 Miles)  I ran 25 days after my kidney donor surgery. For that race I had a goal and a game plan.

Winning this race will require a considerable effort. I am competing with some of the top athletes in the area, many of which have significantly more endurance training. To have a chance I came up with a game plan.

The race is 8 miles with 16 obstacles. I figure every half mile will be an obstacle, so it is more like 16 half mile sprints. I’m not concerned with the obstacles as much as the distance and fatigue. I’ve come up with a game plan to run 16 half mile sprints with exercises between. I’ve calculated that about 40 laps around a football field is 8 miles. I made a mental time line to start to get to 20 laps week 1, 30 laps week 2 and 40 laps week 3. This will provide me the physical and mental endurance I need and I don’t believe anyone is training with the same mentality. The combination of the elements and terrain will give me an advantage. Not to mention on a football field I’m virtually peerless.

This morning I hit 25 laps. I’m considering going back for 25 more.

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My college had a contest to win an iPad for making a commercial advertising their ‘Quality Enhancement Plan.’ I took it as an opportunity to polish my media skills and add something to my portfolio. It took me about half an hour and I did it last minute.

I just got the call that I won! I’m really starting to love being in front of the camera.

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The emotion of love is the highest vibration which exists in the Universe. One needs only to consult their own experiences in life as sufficient evidence. The sensation we feel during and after crying, whether over sympathy (as in the case of death) or joy (as in the case of happiness) is the most genuine emotion man can exhibit. After release of tears, the nervous system is aroused and releases hormones and endorphins that insight exhilaration. I need not go into scientific details about the how and why of this mechanism, only to point out that there are circumstances in which the release of tears cannot be prevented. And since we know that thought and the power of mind is the source of all power, by analysis that love cannot be controlled by thought, demonstrates love as the highest form of purpose. Since the beginning of time man has searched for the answer to existence. Men have searched for purpose and reason, and consideration has resulted in philosophy, religion and science. Evidenced by the innumerable variances and unrest found on all parts of the world, it is easily demonstrated that none of the popular attitudes represent the ideal. For those that are properly trained in the process of critical thinking, it is obvious that if there was one religion that provided salvation and Happiness with more consistency than another, certainly all man would naturally gravitate to the truth and provide for himself that which everyone seeks; happiness and harmony. There would not be the need for discussion or war, just as there is no need to argue that the sun is responsible for lighting the earth, or that the sky is blue. A Pastor told me the reason I felt the way I did when I donated a kidney, is because I had given part of my love. Healing is about unselfish thinking that we can bring about through love and prayer. Happiness is finding inner peace. It sounds so simple, so cliche, but all truth is simple. The same way that when one comes to an understanding of truth the same books, music and art provides us with new insight and satisfaction, is the same way that one can understand his purpose in life. The purpose of life is growth. Man recognizes physical growth but few realize that there is spiritual growth as well. Unlike physical growth this does not take place without ur attention. In order for one to cultivate spiritual growth it must be recognized. Once recognized it must be used and like muscle will be strengthened through use. When we develop sufficient strength the universe will provide sufficient resources. The universal can only manifest through the individual. When man comes to a realization of this fact, is to become a superman.

Scream and people look. Lead and people follow.

Yesterday ended with my father telling me his wife will be losing her job. This is their primary source of income, pays for my dad’s health insurance (who just had a kidney transplant) and has provided them stability.

This morning I saw my dad in the gym. He didn’t know that I was watching him as I worked out. Watching his mannerisms. Watching his posture. Watching his energy and his attitude. Defeat has been written all over him for the last 10 years. Since he lost his monetary status I have watched his self confidence shrivel. I have watched ‘the man’ become less than a man all because of the value placed on money. I have watched it effect his health, his relationships, his purpose in life. In recognizing I cannot help all until I help at home it is my responsibility to be the empowering force. To empower is to gain power. I must be strong enough for all and attract and accept only what I require. Love and harmony.

Towards the end of my workout my dad joined my in the aerobic room. It is a closed room but entirely viewable by gym patrons. The first thing he said to me was that 'we got bad news yesterday.’ I said it’s great news. You and Bi can finally do what you want with your lives. He said what about the health insurance? I said you’re in the gym right now, let’s ensure your health!

I could smell the fear on him, I could see it in his eyes. I told him I would not allow him to be weak. I will no longer accept mediocrity from my own father. That he must assert the individual. I proceeded to tell him that everyone in the gym goes to go. Less than 5% have a purpose or mission to accomplish, it is the same with life. You must assert the I. Assert your individuality and come to a understanding of the infinite spirit within. Then I started screaming at the top of my lungs. To the point I thought the glass windows break. The feeling was exhilarating! My dad felt it. He was also embarrassed. He was so petrified of what others might think. The attention of others was discomforting. And herein lies the tale of the tape. Champions welcome the criticism. Whether love or hate, it is all positive. The energy is around you. The center of the universe.

The universe in which we live does not bend towards the negative. It does not constrict life it enables it. If things were meant to be bad insurance companies would not prosper! What we perceive as catastrophes or problems are nothing more than exactly what is required for growth. Forests remain healthy because of the quality of the nutrients in the soil. Nutrients are obtained from death, occurring naturally and through events such as forest fires. We have been taught to place more value on these fires as a destructive force rather than weigh the benefit of the remains. Certainly if we recognized that the forest is in eternal optimum health thanks in part to that moment just after the fire, we would be more adept to anticipate the future rather than revel in the past.

Events in our own lives are no different. We can analyze what occurred, and then we must move forward. We must create a plan. The sooner we accept our circumstances the more quickly we can think constructively. Construction starts with a blueprint.

I know what it means to be a MONSTER.