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Fic: Sun-Kissed Confessions

Title: Sun-Kissed Confessions
Tags: fluff, getting together, friends to lovers, kissing, jealous!Phil
Words: 2739
Mostly Phil is just jealous of the way Dan seems to be perfectly at ease with the idea of kissing Anthony, but wouldn’t consider it with Phil.

Author’s Notes: Literally all @killingmeitsso2yearsago has to do these days is get me talking about things and then yell PROMPT and off I go… I’m such a sucker for my mutuals man.

I’m aware I’m posting twice in one day but Dan joked about kissing Anthony at the end of ‘Stop saying we look alike!’ and I’m pretty sure Phil was there and… this happened. It was written SOOO quickly so I’m sorry for the errors.

[AO3 Link]

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Me: Wow I sure do love Tony Stark, he’s great! :)

Some asshole: Wow how could you like someone who sold weapons?!? ALSO, did you know he was supposed to die in civil war? He did in the comics! Hopefully they’ll kill him in IW!!!!

Me: Wow, I sure do love Anthony Edward Stark, a man and character I relate to for personal reasons because of certain struggles he has gone through. Also, I love how he is trying his hardest to make up for what his company did even though they went behind his back and continued to sell after he closed it. He’ll never forget seeing firsthand what his company did while being held prisoner for months while his life relied on a car battery and he indured torture because he did not want to make any weapons. Also, I love how everyone ignores Tony’s trauma and how it took him months to get help because no one would even pay attention to him and got mad at him for having panic/anxiety attacks. I love him even though he doesn’t know what a father figure is supposed to act like, he’s still trying his best with Peter because he only wants the best for him. Yes, wow I sure do love Tony Stark :)

The Speed of Christmas Lights (Secret Santa Fic)

Summary: No one else seems to be in the Christmas spirit, so when you’re feeling a bit down about that, Pietro surprises you with a beautiful display.

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Word Count: ~3500 (WHOOPS)

Warnings: Language, Christmas fluff, and SMUT - unprotected sex (be safe everyone & wrap that like a present). Also, probably crappily written smut. 

Recipient: @justapieceofgeekytrash (Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays - I hope you enjoy cutie!) 

Prompt from @marvel-ash and @oneshot-shit ’s Ficmas: Christmas Lights

A/N: This is my first Pietro fic so I’m kinda nervous?? But I promise you that I did try because I love that little speedy sucker. I hope this is still enjoyable for you all and I hope you’re having a happy holiday! 

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Wake Up and Make Up

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Angry sex drabble that haunted me all last night so I had to get it out this morning. Can you imagine angry sex with Seb - he’s good boy act is a front!

Warnings: All the SMUT (18+), language but also some fluff

Reader x Sebastian Stan

A/N: This one is for @bucky-plums-barnes because her blog a) rocks and b) she’s an amazing human being that deserves tp receive a random smile!

I also want to tag @sexylibrarian1, @mellifluous-melodramas, @sanjariti, @bladebarnes, @denialanderror and @yesbucky because your blogs literally saved my sanity these past couple of weeks - such a talented group of writers! 

You had never been so infuriated in your life. Okay, maybe not your life. Maybe the past couple of weeks…whatever - you were pissed. And it was because of one Sebastian Stan.

You knew it wasn’t his fault. He was a proud working actor. Correction, famous working actor. He was talented and he loved the challenge of a new job. You loved that about him, how he liked to seek out obstacles only to overcome them. That he was motivated. That he kept challenging himself to be a stronger actor - a better person.

But dammit if that wasn’t the same driver that wedged a gap in your goddamn relationship.

You got it. You did PR work for Anthony Mackie. You understood the grind. The demands. The constant need to keep moving. It was what had brought you both together in the first place. He had instantly fallen for the sassy and silly girl that could get Anthony to focus. Anthony - the king of turning any phrase into a practical joke. But Anthony liked you - respected you and yes, at times even feared you.

That kind of power drew Sebastian to you like a moth to the flame.

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Bless Sebastian Stan for giving us Stackie even when Anthony Mackie isn’t there!
  • “I’m probably gonna facetime him later and tell him how it was” “[He’s] so controlling”
  • “I put Mackie in a chokehold one time, there are some advantages from coming from behind...think about that”
  • "It's Mackie, man. You cannot ignore the Mackie thunderforce” “You either join him or be swallowed up by him”
  • Fan: “Would you ever do a buddycop movie where Falcon and Bucky ...”
  • Sebastian Stan: [Interrupts her] “100%”
  • “Whatever you do, Mackie, please just don’t fart”
Top 10 August

The first top 10 rec list! Hope y’all enjoy!

The King in the Iron Castle- courgette96, T, Chose No Warnings
It is the luck of every King to have a loyal servant at his side.
Tbh this was interesting in a very twisted way, and its been a favorite for a while.

Loki’s Lullaby- BlanketFortAvenger, G, No Warnings
That’s when he hears it. A simple loop of lilting song in a resonating language that couldn’t be anything natural to earth. His enemy’s voice shouldn’t sound so lulling. It’s one of the saddest and most pleasant sounds Tony has ever heard, and it’s only seconds before he’s slipped into a sound sleep.
Absolutely one of the sweetest things I have ever read, and the author wrote it when they were drunk? Damn guys, I wish I had that kind of talent lasdhfj

The Quest For the Missing Tesseract- Arvari, M, No Warnings
A few months after the Civil War, Thor shows up in Tony’s living room with Loki in tow (and wasn’t that guy supposed to be dead or something?), news that the Tesseract was stolen (and maybe it even wasn’t Loki’s fault) and a plea for Tony’s help in retrieving it. And that is the story of how Tony Stark (aka Anthony) and Loki Laufeyson (aka Lo, Ruby eyes or Bluebird) ended up on an undercover mission in Jotunheim, trying to find a stupid glowing cube neither of them really wants. And if Loki doesn’t kill someone before the week is out, it will be a miracle…
Developing relationship? Eneies to friends to lovers? Secret mission from on high?? Sign me the fuck up, please, I want 10 more lakjhsdf

Good, Giving, Game (series)- hannahrhen, E, No Warnings
Loki kidnaps Tony Stark and persuades him to work through the items on an unusual–and very adventurous–list.
A warning: in part 10 of this series, there are some miscommunications, and there is some… minor abuse, I guess I could call it? Pretty much a light BDSM scene gone wrong. But it (their relationship) gets fixed later on in that same piece. If that is a problem for you, please, please, please think of your mental health first, it’s not absolutely necessary to read this installment, but if you’d still like to know what happens, just message me or send in an ask for a summary of that fic, and I’d be delighted to give it to you.
NGL, I’ve re-read this series a couple of times, but hannahrhen is just one of my fave authors? And I don’t think I’ve actually recced much of their stuff on here, so here you go guys. Enjoy this smut and kink fest lakfhjasdf

Double Done- Shi_Toyu, T, No Warnings
When Loki was captured by Thanos, he sent his daemon as far away as he could… and it changed a few things.
Tbh, for never having read the “His Dark Devices” series, I sure am obsessed with the fics that are based off of it. And this one? This one is an amazing one, it’s absolutely wonderful. Just. Aaaaaa

Burning Through an Ice Storm- ChaoticTrickster, G, Chose No Warnings
Loki contemplates Stark’s fighting style.
This one is more on an introspective fic, but it’s great nonetheless. Not everyone enjoys them, though honestly I love them, but if they aren’t for you, I still think you’d like this one!

Shards of Ice- melonbutterfly, T, No Warnings
Tony tries not to look into anything relating to Loki’s children too much. Maybe he should have; he might have been better prepared.
While this one didn’t make me cry, it does still need a feels warning bc oh my lord, Loki not being able to rescue/see his kids kills me every goddamn time I read something abt it.

Sex Magic (series)- hannahrhen, E, No Warnings
Loki needs a little something from Tony.
This. This series has no redeeming value besides really well written sex, guys. And the one-liners? Top notch, bros. Um. I can’t think of anything else to say aldhf. Just. Let me read porn in peace guys ksdhfjk

Mistaken Meanings- MadcapRomantic, E, Chose No Warnings
Three candles are lit, each sitting atop a polished silver dais. Their scents are mellow and sweet, like buttercream cake frosting, like petrichor, and their glow is warming. A hand-crafted wooden box sits, hidden, pushed under an arrangement of flowers, directly across the table from the candles, the treasure inside quietly awaiting revelation. A meal has been prepped and is ready to serve; the only thing the night lacks is the company of a single man; Anthony Edward Stark.
This is. It’s proposal angst and fluff and I lived and died several times while reading this kladhfl

Bad ideas sometimes lead to good things- Selana, E, Chose No Warnings/No Warnings
Tony has a bad idea during a battle that leads to him being helpless at Loki’s mercy - and Loki surprises him by not taking advantage of it.
A great premise, and a greater series. The more human side of Loki that is seen here is really one of my favorites, and the author executes it wonderfully.


Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Word Count: 1,446

Writing Prompt #7. “How about we put the gun down and talk about this?” // #1: “Believe me, I’m not a subtle person. If I were holding a grudge against you, you’d know.” 

 Warnings: 1 (glue) gun mention. Other than that, just fluffy fluff!

 A/N: Yeah, this almost killed me. 1. Because I had to squeeze in writing this whenever I had time 2. Because it’s SO CUTE in my opinion. 3. Sleep loss. Also, I’m not a professional! Constructive criticism is always welcome!

 Tagging: @hellhole-of-musicals @weirdojade101 @bjwrites @herfirstrefrain @musicalmoriarty @daveedish @thepusheenqueen @mysterywriter36 @h3dgehogjohn @laureninthewoods @ladysongstress-blog @trying-to-do-stuff @mittensandpancho @serkewen12 @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens

           This day started out like any other day that you and Anthony had a break. He had finished filming Godzilla: King of the Monsters and was at your shared apartment sitting on your couch, scrolling through his Twitter. His head was resting on your lap as you nonchalantly ran your hands through his short hair.

           “Y/N, babe, do you wanna do something?” he asked, as you put your phone down to respond. “Yeah, I mean, I don’t know what we could do, but I’m down with doin’ something”, you responded. “We could, uhhh…” he trailed off. An idea came to your mind. “I KNOW!” you exclaimed, hopping off the couch, leaving Anthony lying flat on your couch, with nothing to lay his head on.

           “I feel betrayed.” He said in a posh dramatic voice. “Well, Mr. Actor, you can suck it up: I have an idea.” He raised his eyebrows, surprised you came up with one so quickly. “We can do crafts!” you exclaimed, jumping up and down like a little kid.

           “Crafts?” he asked, surprised that you had said something like that. “I mean, that’s fine with me.” “Awesome, but I wasn’t really asking.” You said, winking at him. “Just give me a minute to change my clothes and get my shoes and purse, and we can go.” “Okay, I’ll be here.” He said, as he motioned wildly to the couch then plopped down.

           You walked to your room and shut the door. You threw on a sundress and a pair of converse. Grabbing your purse, phone, keys, and sunglasses, you walked back out of your bedroom.

           “Alright, ‘m ready to go.” You tossed him your keys. “You, my lucky boyfriend, get to drive.” You said, smiling widely. “Okay, where to?” He said, getting off the couch. “The nearest craft store!” You announced, putting your hands on your hips in a superhero pose. He laughed. “Okay, let’s go.” You both walked out the door, locking it behind you.

           Fast forward to 2 hours later, when you both came home, struggling to carry all your bags containing things such as 7 different colors of glitter, glue guns, and yarn. Plopping them down on your kitchen counter, you and Anthony ran into your bedroom to change out of your nicer clothes.

          You both returned to the table, wearing clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting ruined. You took a quick selfie with the supplies and posted it to your social medias.

           “So, let’s have a competition. We’ll both make something, and we’ll let Twitter decide who won”, Anthony proposed. “Deal.” You said, shaking hands to seal the deal.

           Grabbing a pencil, you said “I’m a professional. I’m tracing my masterpiece first.” Rolling his eyes, he responded “just because you trace something, It doesn’t make it a masterpiece Y/N.” You stuck your tongue out at him in a childish way.

          “Oh, so that’s how you wanna play it?” He asked, cocking an eyebrow. “You bet your cute self, Ramos.” You retorted. “Shame; I thought I was roguishly handsome.” He said, flipping his hair.

          “Eh.” You said, as you continued to trace out your ‘masterpiece’. You peeked over to Anthony’s project, just to have him look up at you. “NO PEEKING, Y/N!” he screeched in the most manly way possible.

          “OKAY, OKAY!” you yelled back at equal volume. After tracing your project, you started to color it with colored pencils. You started humming to yourself, taking your time to make it look good.

          Being so engrossed in your task, you didn’t see Anthony stop working. You didn’t see him as he just… stared at you. As seconds became minutes, he thought of how beautiful you were, and how dearly he loved you. He thought of your kind, playful spirit and how he could never have imagined being lucky enough to get to love someone like you. He watched as you tucked your hair behind your ear, as you continued to work diligently.

           He watched as your mouth just barely opened, as your tongue peeped out as it did when you were distinctly focused. He watched every careful stroke of your pencil as he imagined spending the rest of his life with you, having an amazing family to do crafts with and growing old with you.

           He was so lost in fantasizing that he didn’t see you look up from your work. “Hey, Martinez, whatcha doin’ over there? You need to get your head out of the clouds or I’ll have an unfair advantage. And we both know I don’t need that to win” you said, winking.

           “You’re wrong, you need a lot more than that to win.” He said. He stuck his tongue out childishly like you had done to him before. You rolled your eyes, obviously annoyed with him.

           “ANTHONY RAMOS MARTINEZ, THAT’S IT!” You yelled, shoving yourself away from the table. Grabbing a still-plugged-in glue gun and pointing it at him, you said “get up from the table, with your hands in the air.” Y/N, baby, how about we put the gun down and talk about this?” he tried to reason. “Hmm,” you said pretending to think about it, “nah.”

           “Have you been holding a grudge since this competition started or somethin’?” He said. “Believe me, I’m not a subtle person. If I were holding a grudge against you, you’d know.” You responded sassily.

           “Well, let’s both just, uh, talk about this!” he tried to reason for a second time. “Nope. When you mess with fire, you’re going to get burned.” “I mean, you are pretty hot…” he trailed off, smirking. You weren’t impressed.

           Anthony just stared at you, until he said “yo, babe. Don’t panic, but there’s a spider behind your head.” Quickly spinning around to check, you didn’t see Anthony pick up a container of gold-colored glitter and put it behind his back.

           “You liar, there was no spider behind me! You scared m-” you were cut off by Anthony pulling you closer and bringing his mouth to yours. Caught up in the impromptu kiss, you dropped the glue gun you were wielding. In one swift movement, he dumped glitter all over you and ran around the table, out of your apartment.

           “ANTHONY, GET BACK HERE!” you yelled. You chased him all around your apartment complex, glitter trailing behind you as you went. Just as you were losing hope of catching him, he tripped on a crack in the sidewalk, falling onto the grass.

           “I… call a… truce.” Anthony panted, laying on his back. “Fine.” You said, laying on the grass beside him. “Why are you layin’ beside me?” He asked. “Well, you dummy, you fell and I had to make it look like we’re chilling. Simple.” You said, kissing his nose.

           “Let’s go back inside. This grass is itchy.” Your boyfriend proposed. “Alright. Oh, one more thing.” You said. You stood above him, and quickly fluffed your hair out all over him. “Ack! Y/N!” he said, distressed. “Love ya!” you said, as you raced back up to your apartment screaming with laughter. As soon as you got there, you called ‘first dibs’ on the shower.

           After coming out of the shower, you were greeted with a still-glitter-covered Anthony holding a homemade sign (made with hot glue and glitter, of course.) It said ‘I’m sorry for dumping glitter on you and being better than you are at crafts. :(’

           You laughed and proceeded to put the sign away and give him a kiss.

           Anthony showered while you cleaned up the craft supplies and you both and curled up on the couch together.

           “We’ve had a very eventful day.” “Indeed we have, ‘Glitter boy’.” “Glitter boy? Does that mean that I bring sparkle to your life?” he asked. “Definitely.” You said, scrunching up your nose.

           “I think I’m gonna call you ‘Crafty’.” He announced. “That’s fine with me, Glitter boy.” You said. “Wow, I love you.” You both said in-sync.

           Laughing, he kissed you. “This has been an amazing day, Y/N. I can’t imagine dumping glitter on anyone else.” “Same here.”

If you don’t have it in you to take up arms against the injustice, then you gotta pray another prayer. And you gotta walk in it with conviction. He will provide, but you gotta do your part. You gotta find what it means for you to be a soldier, beat back against those that are trying to kill everything good and right in the world, and talk about making it great again. We can’t afford to be just citizens in a time of war. That’ll be surrender, that’ll be giving up our future, and our souls. Ain’t nobody get to sit this one out, you hear me?
—  Underground — Aisha Hinds as Harriet Tubman in the “Minty” episode
My Heart Bleeds For You-Part 9

Ayyyyyeeeee. I’m still alive so at least no one killed me over that cliff hanger lmao. (this one is gonna be worse and I’m prepared in a secret bunker y’all)



Also my friend Chloe helped contribute her bad influence too, her exact words were “ANGST TO THE MAX”. So blame those two is what I’m saying lmao.

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Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10

Chapter 9: All We Do

Song rec: All We Do by Oh Wonder if you ever listen to only one of my song recs PLEASE make it this one, I feel that the vibe of it goes so well with this chapter.

Word count: 3,552 (not including italicized paragraph in the beginning)

Warnings: Swearing, character in shock, blood, talks of death/murder/assault, non-sexual nudity, angsty as fuck.

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 30/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 29

“You’re too young,” Steve whispered to his son as they walked the long hallways towards the exit that led to the palace grounds, his hand firmly on the boy’s shoulder as they moved, “this isn’t okay, Ant.” He was trying to fight the urge to be proud of his son for having this outgoing side and confidence that he himself had none of at the same age, but he had to let his fatherly instincts take over on this one, as difficult as it was.

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Beware of Crimson Peak Chapter 11 (Dean x Reader)

Title: Beware of Crimson Peak Chapter 11

Summary:  An old manor in Maine holds many dark secrets. Can (y/n) and the Winchesters destroy the evil inside the house, or will it tear them apart forever?

Warnings: Possession. More violence. Language

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Who are your favorite musicians?

Flea: Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones…

Anthony Kiedis: At this time, I listen to the Clash again, whose founder, Joe Strummer, died recently. Moreover, we covered some chords of London Calling, one of their hits, in our shows, as a tribute to this great band.

John Frusciante: Hendrix, the Beatles, the Who, Buddy Holly, Led Zeppelin… Actually, old things!

Chad Smith: Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne (he laughs)…no, I’m saying bullshit!

As which animal would you like to be reincarnated?

Anthony Kiedis: As a marine animal… The grace and the mobility of the killer whale fascinates me, but I don’t know if I would be able to kill the other fish.

Flea: I would say a koala.

John Frusciante: A bird…

Chad Smith: A wild horse!

I Love Rock and Roll

Teen!Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean meets the reader at party, and they connect. Circumstances separate them, but will they find their way back to each other?

A/N: I was listening to the radio earlier, and Joan Jett`s “I love Rock and Roll” came on, and I was super inspired to write this about gorgeous Dean. I am making this into a series, and it won`t be AU…Hunter Dean forever!

Warning: Swearing, attempted rape (nothing graphic)

Word Count: 1840 (It`s a long one)

It was a Saturday night in February during 1997, and your best friend had dragged you out of the local library to party. 

You hated to party, and you had a massive paper due on Monday.

“Y/N! Lighten up, this party is going to be dank!”  Y/F/N yelled!

“Yeah… I`m sure its going to be awesome” you sarcastically roll your eyes as you get out of her car.

The frat house that was near the local college was booming with a booming bass, and people were already puking on the garden outside…yay.  

“Hey babe!” your best friends douche boyfriend- and frat member- called from the entrance of the frat lair.

Y/F/N looked at you, and you just sighed and nodded. She was gonna abandon you eventually, at least this way you could hide in a corner, and sip warm beer; she ran away and you trudged inside out of the cold February air.

The house was full of grinding bodies just randomly placed everywhere: against the staircase, the coat hanger, and the kitchen counter…ew hygiene.

Looking around, you saw no one that you knew, just a bunch of horny teenagers. Not your scene.

This was your last year of high school, and boy were you glad the nightmare was nearly done. Four years of torture from relentless teasing…just because you preferred books over boys!

College was just around the corner, and you couldn’t wait to leave this shit town.

Pushing your way through the crowd, you found the beer keg, and poured yourself a drink into the stereotypical red solo cup.

“Hey baby, sup” some blonde frat next to you winked.

“Ugh as if!” you responded, channeling your inner Cher.

So you liked rom-coms- whatevs.

Once again, you pushed through the dry-humpers, and found a nice corner with an armchair you could sit in: thank god this spot wasn’t occupado.

With a huff, you sat down in the chair, trying to ignore the thumping music, and took out your current read: the Odyssey.

A few people around you snickered at your activity, but you just ignored the idiots. 

About 10 minutes passed before it happened: the moment that changed your life forever.

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Save it for Later

Lucy: There’s something I have to tell you… I –er– like you, Lockwood.

Lockwood: I… think I like you too, Luce. A lot.


Let’s Talk About The Head Kiss.

I know this happened on Friday, but I still CAN’T EVEN and I want to share my CAN’T EVEN thoughts with you guys because I’m bored and CAN’T EVEN. Also, @taytaytaysmosh covered a theory on what I’m about to say, but none of this is a theory. Just some thoughts!

So, we all know about the HEAD KISS, I assume. If not, let me refresh your memory real quick.


Anyways, this probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever witnessed! Yes, we have their KISS, but to me, this was cuter and felt more genuine. It was just so sweet and pure, but that’s the thing. It was EXTREAMLY natural. You’d think that when a straight guy kisses the top of his straight best friend’s head that it would be awkward and tense… but it’s not. IT LOOKS PERFECTLY NATURAL! It was just so smooth and calm! I’ve always pictured an Ianthony head kiss, but this exceeded my expectations! I now have an image to match my imagination and I LOVE IT! <3

This looks like Anthony always gives Ian small little kisses and this one is no different. Olivia could’ve written it into the script, but might I mention that they said that she wrote the ROUGH DRAFT which means that Ian and Anthony wrote the final copy. So, if she did write this kiss, then Ian and Anthony had the opportunity to cut it out of the script… BUT THEY DIDN’T!

Also, the way he presses his nose into Ian’s hair makes my heart flutter! The kiss itself is amazing, but the snuggle after it is KILLING ME! He also squeezes Ian a little tighter which is also the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I can just imagine Anthony whispering “love you” to him, but what this looks like to me is like what @llamafabbiness said about it.

It honestly does look like this! It looks like Anthony’s upset and is finding comfort in Ian while also trying his best to comfort Ian that is still in shock. It breaks my heart to think about it like this, but that is seriously what it looks like!

So, in a nutshell, this kiss is AMAZING, there’s a lot of FEELS behind it and three days later, I still CAN’T EVEN!



anonymous asked:

Another thing that makes me "❔" when it comes to the impressions Luke makes on the fandom-people calling him a misogynist. Yes,he was shitty with women,but I don't think changing their gender would change anything. If Annabeth was Anthony Chase,he'd be manipulated all the same,for example. Not to mention he's an asshole to men as well(trying to kill Percy after pretending to be his friend). Besides,I never saw him treating women badly based on gender. His asshole behavior was gender-neutral.

Huh? I’ve never seen this been said before, that’s weird. I get that he was shitty towards annabeth, but if you look at how he treated them in the diary of luke castellan then you can see that he isn’t. that’s a really strange thing for people say, I never knew that.