anthony is trying to kill me

The Speed of Christmas Lights (Secret Santa Fic)

Summary: No one else seems to be in the Christmas spirit, so when you’re feeling a bit down about that, Pietro surprises you with a beautiful display.

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Word Count: ~3500 (WHOOPS)

Warnings: Language, Christmas fluff, and SMUT - unprotected sex (be safe everyone & wrap that like a present). Also, probably crappily written smut. 

Recipient: @justapieceofgeekytrash (Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays - I hope you enjoy cutie!) 

Prompt from @marvel-ash and @oneshot-shit ’s Ficmas: Christmas Lights

A/N: This is my first Pietro fic so I’m kinda nervous?? But I promise you that I did try because I love that little speedy sucker. I hope this is still enjoyable for you all and I hope you’re having a happy holiday! 

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If you don’t have it in you to take up arms against the injustice, then you gotta pray another prayer. And you gotta walk in it with conviction. He will provide, but you gotta do your part. You gotta find what it means for you to be a soldier, beat back against those that are trying to kill everything good and right in the world, and talk about making it great again. We can’t afford to be just citizens in a time of war. That’ll be surrender, that’ll be giving up our future, and our souls. Ain’t nobody get to sit this one out, you hear me?
—  Underground — Aisha Hinds as Harriet Tubman in the “Minty” episode
Bless Sebastian Stan for giving us Stackie even when Anthony Mackie isn’t there!
  • “I’m probably gonna facetime him later and tell him how it was” “[He’s] so controlling”
  • “I put Mackie in a chokehold one time, there are some advantages from coming from behind...think about that”
  • "It's Mackie, man. You cannot ignore the Mackie thunderforce” “You either join him or be swallowed up by him”
  • Fan: “Would you ever do a buddycop movie where Falcon and Bucky ...”
  • Sebastian Stan: [Interrupts her] “100%”
  • “Whatever you do, Mackie, please just don’t fart”
Beware of Crimson Peak Chapter 11 (Dean x Reader)

Title: Beware of Crimson Peak Chapter 11

Summary:  An old manor in Maine holds many dark secrets. Can (y/n) and the Winchesters destroy the evil inside the house, or will it tear them apart forever?

Warnings: Possession. More violence. Language

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Coincidence Ch1

In the spirit of Tiva Fic Amnesty ( @jennonthewire, @sharilynn87 ), I’m abandoning letting go of the very first piece of fiction I wrote since the two grueling creative writing assignments my Dutch teacher gave me when I was 14. The only reason they were grueling is because I kept trying to figure out what the teacher wanted me to write…which was, obviously, counterproductive.

This is a Kill Ari AU, vaguely inspired by a prompt I can’t find anymore.

@ninja-mentalista beta read the first chapter a long time ago and was very helpful. After making the suggested changes, I went to work on the other chapters, got extremely discouraged, and I feel like I sort of left her hanging by quitting; I’m sorry, I really do appreciate the effort you put into the first chapter.

I used to like the story idea and wanted to flesh it out more, focus more on Tony and Ziva getting to know each other under these particular circumstances, but after reading it again two days ago…meh.

The story is finished. Although, if I remember correctly, I did consider writing another chapter, sort of like an epilogue.

So, yeah, if you don’t mind subjecting yourself to my first writing attempt in over two decades; enjoy.

I’m splitting up the story in three chapters because it’s long (and this author note isn’t helping), and read more doesn’t always work properly. I’ll post the next chapter tomorrow…unless you beg me not to.

Edit: ended up posting this on FanFiction and AO3 as well

Word count: 2580

Taking shallow breaths, to keep the smoke out of his plague-scarred lungs, Tony lifted his head, his body still covering a girl. The deafening silence and smoke from the bomb blast disoriented him. Was there further imminent danger? Or had the one suicide bomber been working alone?

The girl underneath him stirred.

Relieved she was alive, he decided now was a good time to mentally check his own body for injuries. Coming up with nothing that seemed too serious, or too painful, Tony slowly got up, warning the girl to stay down.

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The Door to Narnia

Dan stops by an IKEA to pick up an old trunk and a stranger suddenly bursts out of a wardrobe exclaiming, “For Narnia!”

Genre: Producer!Dan, AU, Fluff, Actor!Phil

Warnings: none

A/N: Hello everyone! Today while writing my Hogwarts Phan AU I wanted to take a break. The product of this break was this oneshot, based on this text post.  Starring special guests Ian and Anthony from Smosh. I didn’t really edit much, this is just a fic dump. I’m sorry if it isn’t very good, but I do hope you like it! Please enjoy and I would really appreciate reblogs and reviews!

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Who are your favorite musicians?

Flea: Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones…

Anthony Kiedis: At this time, I listen to the Clash again, whose founder, Joe Strummer, died recently. Moreover, we covered some chords of London Calling, one of their hits, in our shows, as a tribute to this great band.

John Frusciante: Hendrix, the Beatles, the Who, Buddy Holly, Led Zeppelin… Actually, old things!

Chad Smith: Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne (he laughs)…no, I’m saying bullshit!

As which animal would you like to be reincarnated?

Anthony Kiedis: As a marine animal… The grace and the mobility of the killer whale fascinates me, but I don’t know if I would be able to kill the other fish.

Flea: I would say a koala.

John Frusciante: A bird…

Chad Smith: A wild horse!

I Love Rock and Roll

Teen!Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean meets the reader at party, and they connect. Circumstances separate them, but will they find their way back to each other?

A/N: I was listening to the radio earlier, and Joan Jett`s “I love Rock and Roll” came on, and I was super inspired to write this about gorgeous Dean. I am making this into a series, and it won`t be AU…Hunter Dean forever!

Warning: Swearing, attempted rape (nothing graphic)

Word Count: 1840 (It`s a long one)

It was a Saturday night in February during 1997, and your best friend had dragged you out of the local library to party. 

You hated to party, and you had a massive paper due on Monday.

“Y/N! Lighten up, this party is going to be dank!”  Y/F/N yelled!

“Yeah… I`m sure its going to be awesome” you sarcastically roll your eyes as you get out of her car.

The frat house that was near the local college was booming with a booming bass, and people were already puking on the garden outside…yay.  

“Hey babe!” your best friends douche boyfriend- and frat member- called from the entrance of the frat lair.

Y/F/N looked at you, and you just sighed and nodded. She was gonna abandon you eventually, at least this way you could hide in a corner, and sip warm beer; she ran away and you trudged inside out of the cold February air.

The house was full of grinding bodies just randomly placed everywhere: against the staircase, the coat hanger, and the kitchen counter…ew hygiene.

Looking around, you saw no one that you knew, just a bunch of horny teenagers. Not your scene.

This was your last year of high school, and boy were you glad the nightmare was nearly done. Four years of torture from relentless teasing…just because you preferred books over boys!

College was just around the corner, and you couldn’t wait to leave this shit town.

Pushing your way through the crowd, you found the beer keg, and poured yourself a drink into the stereotypical red solo cup.

“Hey baby, sup” some blonde frat next to you winked.

“Ugh as if!” you responded, channeling your inner Cher.

So you liked rom-coms- whatevs.

Once again, you pushed through the dry-humpers, and found a nice corner with an armchair you could sit in: thank god this spot wasn’t occupado.

With a huff, you sat down in the chair, trying to ignore the thumping music, and took out your current read: the Odyssey.

A few people around you snickered at your activity, but you just ignored the idiots. 

About 10 minutes passed before it happened: the moment that changed your life forever.

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Save it for Later

Lucy: There’s something I have to tell you… I –er– like you, Lockwood.

Lockwood: I… think I like you too, Luce. A lot.


Cross Your Fingers

I’m going to try to do some serious multitasking today.

I’m writing up House Mates part 11, a oneshot gift for one of our followers, and a request. Then I need to write out a story outline for a series I want to write. I’m also running Anthony on World of Warcraft while I write.

I also need to do some more dishes, and more laundry. I promised the kids we would color some more today, as well.

My workout was already knocked out, thankfully. My legs are killing me. *sobs* XD

The 6k questions will get worked on, as well. If you missed the post last night, I will be reblogging it right after this.

-Daddy B

Weird dream

1. I went to my supervisor’s house which was in Port Huron apparently, because she didn’t receive last week’s paperwork which I dropped off at the office myself. I was so pissed and when I left someone stole my car. After storming around mad as fuck, my car was returned and the one who took it was my co-worker who needed to “borrow” it.

2. So I get my car back and I’ve got my bffs with me: Lou, Nathan, Anthony, janell, and possibly more. I realize my brakes have been cut. Then I realize someone is trying to kill me. Brakes being cut I accidentally drove my car into a lake. Anthony was so mad at me he lost control. He grabbed me by my hair and was screaming at me about how I could have killed us. He didn’t understand it wasn’t my fault and someone was trying to kill me.

3. I found out the person who was trying to kill me was a girl I went to high school with, a tumblr mutual. She said she was jealous of me. She made a burn book about me. I found out about the burn book, was blogging about it, but I didn’t realize it was about me. She was mad I blogged about it. She said I was fake cause I was selling my roaches 2/$1 only to my best friends. I kept trying to punch the hell out of this girl but I was doing no damage. Janell started siding with her so I tried punching janell too.

The whole dream was weird and full of anger. It was scary driving with no brakes into a lake though.

Let’s Talk About The Head Kiss.

I know this happened on Friday, but I still CAN’T EVEN and I want to share my CAN’T EVEN thoughts with you guys because I’m bored and CAN’T EVEN. Also, @taytaytaysmosh covered a theory on what I’m about to say, but none of this is a theory. Just some thoughts!

So, we all know about the HEAD KISS, I assume. If not, let me refresh your memory real quick.


Anyways, this probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever witnessed! Yes, we have their KISS, but to me, this was cuter and felt more genuine. It was just so sweet and pure, but that’s the thing. It was EXTREAMLY natural. You’d think that when a straight guy kisses the top of his straight best friend’s head that it would be awkward and tense… but it’s not. IT LOOKS PERFECTLY NATURAL! It was just so smooth and calm! I’ve always pictured an Ianthony head kiss, but this exceeded my expectations! I now have an image to match my imagination and I LOVE IT! <3

This looks like Anthony always gives Ian small little kisses and this one is no different. Olivia could’ve written it into the script, but might I mention that they said that she wrote the ROUGH DRAFT which means that Ian and Anthony wrote the final copy. So, if she did write this kiss, then Ian and Anthony had the opportunity to cut it out of the script… BUT THEY DIDN’T!

Also, the way he presses his nose into Ian’s hair makes my heart flutter! The kiss itself is amazing, but the snuggle after it is KILLING ME! He also squeezes Ian a little tighter which is also the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I can just imagine Anthony whispering “love you” to him, but what this looks like to me is like what @llamafabbiness said about it.

It honestly does look like this! It looks like Anthony’s upset and is finding comfort in Ian while also trying his best to comfort Ian that is still in shock. It breaks my heart to think about it like this, but that is seriously what it looks like!

So, in a nutshell, this kiss is AMAZING, there’s a lot of FEELS behind it and three days later, I still CAN’T EVEN!



Gilmore Girls Favorite Scenes Meme - Guilty pleasure (5.10)

“Rory, you can’t just walk out like that. Not after everything we’ve been through. You just left. I was still in bed. I mean what is that all about?”
“Okay, you need to do this later.”
“I can’t do this later. Rory I love you. I love you, dammit! How many times to I have to tell you? God! Just talk to me.”
“Okay, out right now! Out! Just get - ”
“Colin! What are you doing, man?”
“Get the hell out of here!”
“She’s with me now. I told you that. Let it go.”
“I will not let it go!”
“She doesn’t love you. Rory, tell him you don’t love him!”
“Everything was fine until you came along!”

“Oh, don’t blame me because you couldn’t keep her.”
“I swear to God, I’m gonna kill you!”
“Oh, I’d love to see you try.”
“Stop it! Stop it, right now! Anthony, get security! Break it up! What are you – Gentlemen, you are losing control! You are in a classroom!”
“All right, that’s enough! Break it up, you two! Rory Gilmore, you should be ashamed of yourself, toying with these boys like this! They used to have pride! They used to have dignity! They used to have balls! Dammit Gilmore, give them back their balls.”


My favourite male and female Youtubers of 2013♥

Thank you so much guys for making me smile, for brightening up my days and for being closer than other people that I used to call “friends”.

I love you all from the bottom of my heart♥

I’m working on a light SteveTony size difference comic and it KILLS Me that it’s so hard to use MCU as a reference because the height difference is SO inconsistent with RDJ’s insistent use of heels LMAO sometimes he’s even slightly taller than Chris and I’m dying

Even here RDJ is trying so hard with my baes Anthony and Chris and he’s still  in platforms

As a 4′11″ small & thin boned Asian girl I can relate so much but seriously embrace your tiny self RDJ, we love you