anthony is bored

Another Hamiltrash™ question time:

1) Wich character do you identify with? Why?
2) Angelica~ Elizaaa~~~…
3) Adopt, punch, hug
4) The most boring song?
5) Jeffmads????
6) Normal shipper or multishipper? (Or nonshipper)
7) Do you think Lams was real? (Or It just was no-homo/bromance?)
8) Do you support this constitution?
9) Eliza deserved better. Thats all.
10) ANTHONY RAMOS???!!!!!! (yes, Anthony Ramos).
11) What would you do if Lin Manuel Miranda was in front of you?
12) Jefferson = flawless or Jefferson = flawless Dick™?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Show Recap – 04/03/17

I’ve seen the show a few times now, so at this point I’m fairly picky about what I want to see. I have favourite versions of scenes and lines. I have favourite actors and actresses in the various roles. While every performance is always amazing, I have two main criteria for what constitutes a Good Show, as in, an above average performance of the play. 1. I want it to make me feel something. I want someone to make me cry, or flail, or laugh uproariously, or have to bury my face in my scarf to contain all my emotions. 2. I want to gain new insight into the characters, or the story, or the show itself. During this particular performance, both criteria were absolutely and completely met. 

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Hi my name’s Anthony Lockwood and I’ve had more near-death experiences than your grandfather HUHHHHHHH

Hi my name’s George Cubbins and I tell jokes during cases to cover up the fact that I’m scared as shit HUHHHHHHH

Hi my name’s Lucy Carlyle and I left Lockwood & Co. because I thought it’d be the best way to solve problems but in reality it backfired HUHHHHHHH

Hi my name’s Holly Munro and I’ve cleaned the dishes before you even eaten on them HUHHHHHHH

Hi my name’s Skull and tell death threats to everyone because I’m lonely HUHHHHHHH

Hi my name’s Quill Kipps and I make fun of people because I basically gave up on life HUHHHHHHH

Hi my name’s Penelope Fittes and I like to screw around with the Lockwood & Co. kids because I have nothing better to do HUHHHHHHH