anthony heald

I thought, “Tony Hopkins?” Because his film career was in the toilet. Then we did a reading and I sat watching him doing it and I thought, “He’s terrible. He’s terrible! That’s not the way to do it!” Because he wasn’t doing it anything like the way I did it. Then during the shooting of it, I kept—I loved him. I found him a beautiful person to be around. But I just thought he was so wrong for the role. And I had a great time doing the movie, but when I saw the screening, I thought, “This is a disaster. They’re all so excited about this film, but it’s not scary to me, it’s not believable. […] I still don’t like it as much as everybody else. It was the reactions of other people that made me realize that maybe it was better than I thought.
—  Anthony Heald (Dr. Frederick Chilton) on The Silence Of The Lambs [x]