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The Truth About Tony Stark

My love for Anthony Edward Stark is deep and platonic. I have been there with him through alcoholism and his struggle for sobriety, through the loss and betrayal of friends and loved ones. I’ve watched him lose and rebuild his company, his fortune, his BODY. I wept for him as he deleted his MIND, his SOUL, to keep others from harm. I’ve seen him die more times than I care to remember. Through it all, I have stood with him, my Invincible Iron Man. But I’m not saying he is without fault.

Tony Stark is not perfect. He is not a god, nor is he infallible.

Tony Stark (superpowers or not) is a hero, and he is a man. He is the embodiment of the best and the worst traits of a human being.

He often makes rash, misinformed, or highly ill advised decisions. He lies and makes promises he can’t keep, whether to save face or keep peace. He doesn’t communicate with others enough. He sometimes lets his emotions control him too much, and other times he hides too much behind cold logic. He’s self destructive, self-deprecating, the most selfishly selfless person I know, and his own worst enemy; but he has also WILLINGLY accepted the weight of the world – of the UNIVERSES – onto his shoulders WITHOUT COMPLAINT more times than I can count.

He is not “invincible” because he cannot be beaten or because he never makes mistakes or because his life is easy. It’s because each and every single times he is knocked down, he gets back up again. He picks himself up and keeps going. He may stumble and he might fall, he might wander off in the wrong direction before finding his way again. But he Never. Gives. Up. And THAT is why I love Tony Stark.

Body Image_ Thor x Reader

Pairing: Thor Odinson x Reader
Word Count: 697 Eh…
Warnings: Depressed/Self-Conscious Reader, mentions of nudity
Disclaimer: All mentioned avengers belong to MCU
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    You sank to the shower floor, panting and shaking. You tried, your really did try, to forget. To forget how you felt, to forget the scars. But they always came back. Tears stung your eyes and you blinked, feeling the salty streaks mix with the water from the fancy shower head. A choked sob made it past your lips and your bare form curled up tighter. No one had ever said these things about you but still you felt like this. Fat and shy and ugly. You took deep breaths, trying to calm yourself down but the battle scars stared back at you, mocking you. More strangled sobs fought their way out of your mouth. You dug your nails into your palms, almost drawing blood and your whole body tensed. Your shoulders shook with each shaky breath and your hair plastered itself to your scalp. You stopped trying to choke them down and your sobs echoed off the tiled walls. You started to hyperventilate, becoming light-headed quickly. You tried desperatley to calm you lungs but failed. The last thing you heard was JARVIS sounding alarmed before you fainted.

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Tony Stark x Reader - Are you just as madly in love as I am? Part 2

Summary: I have written this drabble series part 2 of 6 parts for the Movie AU challenge of @hunters-from-stark-tower. I chose to do the Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton) AU. The summary is basically the same as the movie. Tony will be The Mad Hatter and you (reader) will be Alice. They will eventually get together.

Pairing/List of characters: -Tony Stark x Reader (Mad Hatter x Alice), Natasha Romanoff will be the Red Queen and Storm as the White Queen. They will not be having their superpowers by the way.

Warnings: A curse word, maybe. Oh and also alot of…weird stuff like a floating cat <3 

Word Count: 702

A/N: Hii! I hope you all like this part! It took me a while, sorry! I know it’s not long but I wanted to post something at least <3 

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[Afternoon, after Hamish had proposed to you]

‘’Help!’’ you screamed as you fell down the deep, strange hole in front of your favourite tree in the royal garden.

Eventually you landed softly on the floor what suprised you. You groaned and blinked a few times before you could see everything properly again. ‘’Huh?’’ you mumbled under your breath and wondered where you were, never have seen this before. 

You were confused as you stood up. When you looked around, all you could see were doors. Alot of doors. Small ones, tall ones, red and blue ones. 

You stood up and straightened the dress you were wearing, wiping of the dust as you walked towards a door, trying to open it but sadly, it was locked. ‘’Damnit,’’ you cursed softly and looked behind you, seeing a table that wasn’t there before with a small key on it which made you frown once again.

The key looked very strange tho also familiar as you grabbed it, trying the lock of a round door but it didn’t work, sighing. You tried every door, feeling like you were busy for hours as in reality, it were just five minutes. When you had failed to unlock a door, you sat down on the floor, sighing as you were about to give up until you saw a tiny, tiny door, hoping the key would fit. You crawled towards the tiny red door and opened it, gasping in happiness. ‘’Yes!’’ you mumbled but then realized you would never ever fit through that door.

You were just about to give up until you saw a little bottle on the table with a paper saying; Drink Me. This couldn’t be just a coïncidence, right?

The potion was pink and looked like something you would see in a movie and opened the small bottle before you took the risk and took a sip.  Hmm, tastes weird.

You drunk the full bottle and suddenly started to shrink. ‘’Oh my god, help!’’ you yelled and soon, you were standing on the floor, looking up at the table that looked like a giant castle.

‘’Woah,’’ you whispered to yourself but wasted no time to walk towards the door, crawling through it. When you entered, you couldn’t believe what you saw. Flowers that were talking, oh, and there was the bunny again with his pocket watch, muttering that he was late, again.

You decided to follow him from a distance as you looked around you, trying not to freak out over everything you saw. ‘’This is crazy,’’ you said to yourself, flinching when you heard another voice. 

‘’I know, right? But you will get used to it,’’ Chessur explained and chuckled. You turned around and squealed, eyes widening. ‘’You, you’re a floating cat!’’ you pointed out and shook your head, taking a deep breath. ‘’I’m becoming insane, this is all a dream,’’ you murmured and walked on but then the cat appeared in front of you with a -not so innocent- smirk. ‘’Ohh, please don’t leave yet! You haven’t had a cup of tea, my dear,’’ he mumbled and you frowned, wanting to push him aside but he dissappeared at once. ‘’Wha-’’ you said in confusion and then bumped into another person, turning around to take a look at who it was. 

‘’Well, hello, my lady. How can I be of any assistence to you?’’ a strange looking man asked and pressed a kiss against the clear skin of your hand, making you blush. ‘’I-uhh, who are you?’’ you asked and swallowed nervously as you pulled your hand back. 

‘’You don’t know me yet? Oh dear, my name is Tony. Tony Stark. Could I perhaps offer you a cup of tea?’’ and as he asked that, Chessur appeared behind the man and winked at you before disappearing in thin air again. All this confused you and you almost fell until Tony wrapped an arm around you, seeing you weren’t doing okay; it got too much for you. ‘’I think you are in need of some medicines, my lady,’’ he mumbled and you nodded, leaning onto Tony as he continued his journey to his friends where you could have some tea. What you didn’t know was that the white rabbit would be there too.

To be continued…