anthony diaz

Nothing special, just Anthony Bourdain hanging out with The Diaz Brothers and Gilbert Melendez :)
Picture taken from Anthony Bourdain’s instagram here:


#1  “Walk Like An Egyptian” - Emma and Gaby

This is the second season in a row where my favorite routine of the year is tap.

This dance is action packed. I’m forever amazed by Emma’s tapping ability. She’s fast and precise in this routine and I love her energy and charisma. Both Emma and Gaby look like they’re having so much fun with this choreography.

I love the creativity with the spotlights in this routine. I’m always supper invested when Anthony does visually artistic routines. They always end up being my favorite. He’s a genius at rhythms to begin with so when you get a creative production like this with is choreography it blows me away.

(will replace with full video if someone uploads to youtube)


CLOSE YOUR EYES by charles burns, a french release. burns’ homage to other cartoonists from the history of comics. photos by chris anthony diaz