anthony diaz


#1  “Walk Like An Egyptian” - Emma and Gaby

This is the second season in a row where my favorite routine of the year is tap.

This dance is action packed. I’m forever amazed by Emma’s tapping ability. She’s fast and precise in this routine and I love her energy and charisma. Both Emma and Gaby look like they’re having so much fun with this choreography.

I love the creativity with the spotlights in this routine. I’m always supper invested when Anthony does visually artistic routines. They always end up being my favorite. He’s a genius at rhythms to begin with so when you get a creative production like this with is choreography it blows me away.

(will replace with full video if someone uploads to youtube)


“More” - Lex and Gaby

I think Lex’s tapping in this encore performance was much more refined than it was during his and Gaby’s first performance of this routine. Lex hit those little flaps in the section at 1:24 much better this time around and some of the shuffles looked much cleaner than before. He picked up his feet more and made those moments that I thought he skated through last time crisp and clean. This was a really great dance for Lex to pick because he actually showed improvement and it’s something he’s done this season that no other dancer has.

Also I just noticed those little shuffles they had when they were in hold and I think that’s a really cool element to the choreography that I missed before. I like this version of the dance much better than the first time they performed it!


at the FANTAGRAPHICS table, simon hanselmann sells, sketches and signs at SPX 2014. saturday afternoon, september 13, 2014. MARRIOTT NORTH HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTER, bethesda, maryland. photos by chris anthony diaz and colored by graham willcox


CLOSE YOUR EYES by charles burns, a french release. burns’ homage to other cartoonists from the history of comics. photos by chris anthony diaz