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random book edits (4/?) - Bridgertons Series by Julia Quinn

Men are sheep. Where one goes, the rest will soon follow. - Lady Whistledown

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Could you write ootp Ron being lowkey jealous of ravenclaw boys who keep fawning over Hermione's skills/smarts during DA meetings? I've never seen a fic like this, and you are an amazing writer, so its a perfect combo! Thank you!!

Thanks for the prompt! And a nice challenge considering I prefer writing DH/post-DH, not them in school. Sorry for the delay!

“Did you see how she performed that Levicorpus jinx?”

“Forget that, how about when she summoned her DA list non-verbally - that’s NEWT level!”

“And the charm she put on the coins!”

Ron picked up his school satchel roughly, flinging it over his shoulder with extra force. He felt his jaw clench as he glanced over at Terry Booth and Anthony Goldstein, staring at Hermione in awe as she bid farewell to students from the DA session. 

He felt a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach as he watched her, her hair almost buzzing with excitement, her cheeks flushed with pleasure. This wasn’t the first time he’d admired her, and though he wasn’t sure what it was, he didn’t like the thought of Terry and Anthony feeling the same.

“’Seriously considered’ putting her in Ravenclaw, she said,” Terry said, shaking his head wonderously. “No idea what the hat was thinking, putting her in Gryffindor instead.”

“She’d have been great with us, don’t you think?” 

Ron cleared his throat uncomfortably, wondering what it would have been like had Hermione in fact been put into Ravenclaw, as he’d desperately wished she’d been back in the first few months of first year. Sure, he’d have been struggling with his homework and school, but apart from that, more importantly, he’d be missing the fun that came from rowing with her, watching her eyes light up with a witty retort, the care and passion she showed those house-elves as she put her all into what she thought was right, the courage and bravery she had as she ventured out with him and Harry into every potential death trap…

“I dunno, the hat was pretty spot on, I reckon,” Ron said, pushing past the two of them and making his way towards Hermione, not waiting to hear any response from them.

“Hi!” Hermione exclaimed, turning to gaze at him with a wide smile. “What a great session, don’t you think? Ready to head back?”

Ron grinned back at her, nodding as they joined Harry and began to make their way towards the Gryffindor tower. Their home. Ron quickly glanced over at Anthony and Terry once more, who were now in conversation with their other friends, Hermione evidently forgotten. And Ron looked back at Hermione, who was excitedly talking about all they’d learnt from Harry in this session and raving about how many students had joined them, improving their skills immensely. Ron stayed quiet, allowing himself to enjoy Hermione’s presence and relishing in the knowledge that however smart Anthony and Terry were, they were so very wrong about her. 

Because the hat had known all along what Ron knew now - Hermione was so much more than books and spells. And she belonged with him.

( 90+ icons ) of the love of my life, Douglas Booth as Anthony Marston in BBC One’s And Then There Were None. I created them merely for RP purposes but feel free to use them to your heart’s desire. All icons were screen capped and edited by me, so please do not repost and claim as your own. xoxo, Penelope.

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Aspect The Unexpected: Chapter 2, Part 2

Rising with the sun, the party left the farm early and travelled to Jolas’ home town of Shadeside, at the edge of what was once the Sanctuary. They took rooms in the nicer of the town’s two inns, the King’s Left Kneecap, and decided to catch up with Jolas’ adopted human son Anthony Warde, who he hadn’t seen since shifting to a travelling business model about a year ago, leaving his in charge of the shop.

The shop, however, was boarded up, and a look inside revealed the back wall to be lined with complex distillation equipment. Deducing trouble, Jolas lead the group to the dodgier inn, the Staggering Goat, correctly concluding that they would find Anthony there.

Entering the inn, they quickly spotted Anthony in a corner booth, though had to delay greeting him as Namira strode boldly up to the bar, passing multiple apparently high individuals, and engaged in a long argument with the barman in an attempt to rent a room, deciding that this was a much edgier place to stay the night.

“Sorry, she’s with us.” Morag cringed, steering the somewhat petulant teen back towards the group, who had discovered in the meantime that Anthony was now creating and selling his own drug, known as “Ichor”. Chris, naturally, immediately purchased a vial, and tucked it into his pocket.

They left him to it, but a debate soon ensued about the ethics of Jolas allowing his son to continue selling this unfamiliar substance, so Morag decided to try speaking to one of the people who had used it.

“Hi. I was just wondering…is ichor dangerous at all?”

“What? Nah! Well, there was Tony, he died. He got shaky, then he got reeeeeeally quiet.”

Unable to get further information on Tony, a plan was hatched to break into the shop and confront Anthony and his number two, a rather nervous halfling named Wilhelm. They snuck into shop without a sound, and then proceeded to implement multiple plans at once.

Chris approached Anthony and began asking him about the drug – what it did, how he made it – while Namira decided that the best plan was to turn herself invisible and pretend to be Tony’s ghost, accusing the pair of killing him.

Wilhelm was spooked and fled. However Anthony was less convinced, telling this apparent spectre that it was Tony’s own fault, that he had binged on ichor like he did on whisky, that it was perfectly safe in a reasonable dose.

This wasn’t enough to convince Roak, who launched a newly-purchased crossbow bolt at the equipment, shattering the largest of the flasks.

“Now people can take a break and decide whether they really want to keep taking it.” He said, leaving the rest of the group to it as he did so.

Jolas gave Anthony some money to buy a new flask and the remainder of the group left Anthony contemplating the direction that his life had gone in, and whether or not he really wanted to continue with what turned out to be a much more risky business venture than he had originally believed.

That evening, Chris and Jolas took some time away from the rest of the group, getting their own table in the King’s Left Kneecap, chatting in low voices over candlelight, though Chris’s rather rambunctious personality did somewhat interfere with the mood Jolas was attempting to set. They would have to wait until a less hectic day to see if there truly was a spark between them.