anthony booth


Pairing: Anthony x Reader

Words: 1.5k+

Prompt: Anthony has never been to Rockefeller Center. It’s up to you to correct this horrible mistake.

A/N: Andddd we are back! Here’s my Worldwide Day fic! Also my first Anthony imagine, he deserves so many imagines I love Anthony. Thank you to @helplesslylins and @secretschuylersister for being the best proofreaders ever. Enjoy!

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“So you’re from Bushwick, literally one borough over, and you’ve never been to Rockefeller Center?” You lifted your head from Anthony’s chest to look at him, eyes wide in disbelief.

“I just never felt a need to go.” He shrugged, looking down at you.

“Nope. No. Unacceptable. Get up.” You left his warm embrace and got up from the couch though Anthony protested.

“Babe, we said it would be a chill day indoors, it’s so cold outside. Can’t we just stay in?” Anthony whined as you pulled him off the sofa and down the hall to his room.

“Dress warm, we are going right now.” You commanded, crossing your arms over your chest. Anthony could tell you weren’t going to budge so he went through his drawers and pulled on a few extra layers of clothing. Once he was sure he would be warm, he walked into the living room where you were sitting on your phone.

“There’s nothing I can say to change your mind?” He tried once more to bargain with you but you shook your head no, pulling on your beanie.

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Pretty neat telling.
Its a bit Biblical and bit Lord of the Rings.

All the criticism about the movie is kind of jumping the gun by all the stuck up elitist christian folks.
If I believed in it. I’d say this isn’t far what the story truly might have been.
No glossed over picture bible Bullshit.
Life biblical or otherwise is much grittier than the bible is usually ‘painted’ in imagery by the majority view of pretty drummer boy-esque claymation stories.

( 90+ icons ) of the love of my life, Douglas Booth as Anthony Marston in BBC One’s And Then There Were None. I created them merely for RP purposes but feel free to use them to your heart’s desire. All icons were screen capped and edited by me, so please do not repost and claim as your own. xoxo, Penelope.

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anonymous asked:

who would you want on your zombie asskicking team? pick five.

   ❝  Hmm, that’s a tough one, since I didn’t really trust any of you. Maybe Nate H since he’s a Marine and all but doesn’t seem much for the way of conversation. Jac, because I’ll need someone to stitch me up—trust me, there’s a reason why I stay in the booth. Anthony, even if the dude seems pretty sketchy and I definitely wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him, he’d kick some ass. Wren made a living out of kicking ass and seems slightly more trustworthy than Anthony, so I’d keep her around in case he starts to act up. And then Florence, not because she seems like she kicks ass or anything, just because she seems super… interesting and I gotta figure her out, it’s killing me.  

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