anthony atlas

FAREWELL - a playlist for Commander Shepard as we say goodbye. Shepard has influenced so many of us, and we will remember them for every way that they inspired us. Shepard will live on in each and every one of us, in our memories and stories. No matter what happens, Shepard will never truly be gone.

This is a tribute to them, to the Commander that saved the galaxy. Thank you, Shepard, for everything.


we dissolve in stars  - immediate music // our only hope - gothic storm // raven rock - m83, anthony gonzalez, joseph trapanese // atlas - coldplay // paint the pictures - of verona // a life well lived - evan carlstrom // forgiven - bear mccreary // memories - dyathon // elegy - brian tyler // farewell and into the inevitable - sam hulick

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Happy birthday to the most amazing lamp, my partner in crime and one of my best friends in the world Al who just turned old as balls!

It’s not the 7th in Hawaii but it is here so tadaa

hope you have a wonderful day and like your loser zebra man.

*smooches your face*

(also everyone go to his blog and shower him in love ok? ok.)