anthony atamaniuk

For Gethard: Anonymous asks - Who is the Keeper? I need more the Keeper!

The Keeper is played by one of my best friends and my biggest comedy crushes, Anthony Atamaniuk. He is a dynamite improviser, actor, and writer in NYC. You can see him in Death by Roo Roo every Saturday at UCB, co-hosting Asssscat alongside myself each Sunday at UCB, you can see him host the Tony and Johnny Show every Tuesday at UCB East, you can often see him appear on the hit television show 30 Rock, and if you are lucky enough, you can someday take an improv class from him as he’s one of the best and toughest teachers in the game.

Any time I get to co-host Asssscat with Anthony, it invariably winds up being ten of the best minutes of my week. I have such a love for and bond with the guy, and while casting him as the Keeper of the Battledome (he is a huge sci-fi nerd) was a pleasure, the true joy was in watching him take that ball and run with it and fill out the world of that character in a way that I would argue was a complete clinic on how to improvise comedy.

- Gethard